Arlington Pet of the Week: Lou

Meet Arlington’s newest Pet of the Week, Lou, an adopted cat who just celebrated turning 4.

Here is what Lou’s owner had to say about his life here in Arlington:

“We can’t guarantee he’ll make it to 4 years old,” the adoption counselor told me. He was 2 already. As an adult cat diagnosed with Feline Leukemia, he was barely noticed in comparison to the shelter’s kittens. Under lots of goop, crust, and a squint that looked painful, you could catch a glimpse of his sparkling green eyes. There was no way I was leaving without him. I named him Louis, and talked to him the whole ride home about how we would turn my apartment into a castle for him. My plan was to spoil him with endless love for as long as I could. After lots of research, hard work, and medicine, he transformed so much that I often forget he used to be sick. The real Lou began to shine as he got healthier, and getting to know him was an adventure full of surprises. I am beyond happy to report that Lou turned 4 on July 25th!

Lou’s most predominant feature is that his tongue is ALWAYS sticking out, giving everyone he meets lots of questions but even more smiles. The vet confirmed this was simply a goofy quirk of his. He loves being picked up and bounced like a baby. If it’s been too long since he was last cradled, he’ll meow and stand on your feet. He asks for belly scratches by fully extending his legs into a gymnast-like split complete with pointed toes. When home alone, if you look through the window into our living room, you’ll see him sitting patiently right behind the door staring at the handle. As soon as I get home, he’s eager to ask me about my day and tell me all about his. You can hold entire conversations with him like he really understands you. He doesn’t care for catnip but is a madman for mayonnaise and butter. If you leave the fridge open too long, he’ll swipe a stick of butter and carry it off to lick it like a popsicle. He sleeps in bed like a human with his head on a pillow and his body tucked into the covers (taking up as much space as a human, too).

He’s been thrilled that COVID caused me to be home all the time. During the day time he insists on helping with chores, like using his paw to guide the broom while you sweep or carefully inspecting tabletops after they’re wiped down. He’ll sit directly in front of your webcam if he’s impatient for your Zoom meeting to end. When not right by your side, you can find him in the closet in a bin of stuffed animals, just like the scene from E.T. He’s looking forward to December where his picture is featured on the Animal Welfare League of Arlington’s calendar.

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