Each week, “Just Reduced” spotlights properties in Arlington County whose price have been cut over the previous week. The market summary is crafted by Arlington Realty, Inc. Maximize your real estate investment with the team by visiting www.arlingtonrealtyinc.com or calling 703-836-6000 today!

Please note: While Arlington Realty, Inc. provides this information for the community, it may not be the listing company of these homes.

America is beginning to open up again.

With last week’s mask guidance from the CDC and COVID-19 vaccination rates continuing to rise throughout the U.S., optimism is reaching new levels.

This will ultimately equate to more and more people being comfortable — yet again — with being out and about. Among the places we’re expecting to see them out and about? Exploring local real estate options.

Particularly after a year-plus that has equated to so many being cooped in the same abode, now is the time folks are starting to research and dig into something new. And, in that same vein, many folks are looking to sell the place they’ve resided in through the pandemic.

There is incredible demand in today’s market, and it can be a lot to navigate. If and when you’re ready to explore your options, the time-tested team at Arlington Realty, Inc. has your back.

And now on to this week’s Just Reduced stats…

As of May 17, there are 147 detached homes, 65 townhouses and 335 condos for sale throughout Arlington County. In total, 29 homes experienced a price reduction in the past week, including:

Please note this is solely a selection of Just Reduced properties available in Arlington County. For a complete list of properties within your target budget and specifications, contact Arlington Realty, Inc.


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