Morning Poll: If Mother Nature could grant you one wish about the local climate…?

Haze and heat over the National Mall, seen from the Netherlands Carillon (staff photo by Jay Westcott)

It’s a bit of a conspicuous time to ask, given that we’re at the end of a sweltering heat wave, but do you ever wish Arlington’s climate was a bit cooler?

Or warmer, for that matter?

Many of us live in this area due to the work we do, family considerations, or other good reasons to stay put. So it’s not as simple as saying someone should just move to Miami or Buffalo if they find the local climate too cold or hot for their tastes, even with the more recent remote work trends.

Today’s poll question, however, imagines an opportunity to ask Mother Nature one temperature-related wish for the D.C. area, which would allow you to get the climate of a given eastern U.S. city where you currently live.

(No choosing the more consistently mild and/or dry West Coast climates, that’s cheating, and the do-gooders out there should assume that wishing for a cooler climate locally would not solve climate change globally. Also, to acknowledge the fairly obvious, the “warmer” cities on the list are relatively much warmer than the “cooler” cities are cooler.)

So for those who regularly grumble about the temperature in this area, what are you wishing for? Or, maybe you consider the regional climate a goldilocks scenario and want it to stay as is. Either way, here’s a chance to make your wish.