Morning Poll: Do you support these lawsuits against the county?

Gavel (Flickr photo by Joe Gratz)

Over the past couple of weeks ARLnow has reported on a pair of lawsuits against Arlington County.

There’s the ongoing suit against the Missing Middle zoning changes, which has the support of at least two candidates for County Board. And there’s a lawsuit against the Pentagon City Sector Plan, by condo residents upset about proposed development on the RiverHouse site potentially being detrimental to their property values and view of D.C.

The approval of Missing Middle and the sector plan both had supporters and outspoken critics when approved unanimously by the County Board.

Both suits ultimately rely on technicalities. An appellate judge in the sector plan suit rejected more substantive arguments about the proposed development and instead nullified the plan based on an insufficiently descriptive legal notice ad. The Missing Middle suit, meanwhile, primarily argues that the changes were insufficiently advertised and inadequately studied for potential impacts.

One could argue that such suits hold the Board accountable for discrepancies in its processes, while at minimum delaying policies that some people strongly disagree with. One could also argue that it’s a waste of taxpayer money that delays policies that duly elected representatives supported and still support.

Regardless of the reasons why, today we’re asking readers: do you support these lawsuits against the county?

Photo via Joe Gratz/Flickr