New County Manager Talks About the Job Ahead

by ARLnow.com May 21, 2010 at 7:16 am 1,283 1 Comment

New County Manager Michael Brown has been so busy with staff briefings and catch-up readings this week that some county officials say they’ve barely seen him outside his office.

Despite his busy schedule, AVN (the county-run TV operation we wrote about on Wednesday) managed to sit down with Brown earlier this week to get his thoughts on Arlington and on the job ahead. He also talked about his passion for the outdoors.

You can also see the interview we did with Brown here and here.

Residents will get their first opportunity to see Brown in person on Saturday morning, when he makes his debut at the county board meeting.

  • ACE

    This new County Manager sounds promising.
    Michael Brown – please note:
    THREE new hi rises built on Columbia Pike – within 3 blocks of one another – Equal — MORE pollution, more water and sewage needs, more buses needed, more crime possible, and MORE car traffic expected.
    More construction in Arlington = LESS trees = more pollution.
    When I first moved to my present locatio (1977) there were forests to filter the air and add beauty to the landscape — and many species of birds — less than 1/2 mile from 395– all that was cut down — and the air quality was terrible ever after that.
    I love the outdoors too — fishing in the Poconos, hiking in the mountains, camping in Pennsylvania. When I come BACK from those places, there is a certain spot on I-66 where the air quality changes drastically — how sad to have to encounter that!
    Let’s plant more trees in Arlington, let’s make GOOD use of our existing County parks — let’s DO something to alleviate the traffic (and the crime- read the Crime Reports to get an idea of what’s going on and where) — I don’t even bother to walk down Columbia Pike or thru Ballston or Clarendon during rush hour or during peak travel periods on the weekends — too many cars — too much pollution, joggers and bicycles speeding on the sidewalks as well. Just wait until the hot and humid days that are coming soon (June thru September) — if the pollution is bad now, it will be MUCH worse then.
    Anyhow– Congratulations on your new job and GOOD LUCK!!!


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