Arlington, VA

Morning Notes

Columbia Pike Blues Festival Nine Days Away — The annual Columbia Pike Blues Festival is just over a week away, but now’s the time to get excited. We Love DC has come out with their top five reasons to check out the festivities. Number 4: the performance by 16-year-old jazz wunderkind Matt Wigler, dubbed “the blues version of Stephen Strasburg.”

Bike Sharing System Named, Minor Controversy Ensues — It’s like the 2000 election all over again. After asking the public to vote on a new name for the recently-announced Arlington-D.C. bike sharing system, Arlington County and DDOT decided to ignore the name that got the most first place votes — “George” — and go with the name that got the most first, second and third place votes — “Capital Bikeshare.” Some blog commenters have been bemoaning the choice of a generic, non-interesting name, but hey, at least officials took the time to explain why Capital Bikeshare is a better name than George, right?

Combat-Ready Tech Coming Back to Marine Corps Marathon — FLIR Systems, the company that develops the infrared cameras you’ve probably seen if you’ve ever watched one of those car chase shows, is going to showcase some of its military tech at the Marine Corps Marathon in October. The technology, which is also helping to keep Marines safe in war zones, will be placed throughout the course. It will allow authorities to track any “situation” during the long race. It will also provide a live video feed of the race leaders.

Flickr pool photo by Knascar.


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