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Should WMATA Pay When Metrobus Pass Holders Ride ART?

by ARLnow.com June 23, 2010 at 4:20 pm 1,475 5 Comments

Arlington’s ART bus system may stop honoring Metrobus passes if WMATA doesn’t start sharing revenue, according to Michael Perkins at Greater Greater Washington.

While regional bus providers like ART are compensated when SmarTrip holders pay for individual rides, so far there is no revenue-sharing agreement for SmartTrip (and paper) “flash passes.”

Arlington County board member Chris Zimmerman, who also sits on WMATA’s Board of Directors, says that the current system is unfair to regional providers.

The county board has given ART the leeway to stop accepting the Metrobus pass if a revenue-sharing agreement cannot be reached. In that scenario, ART would instead issue its own pass, Perkins reports.

  • Efrem Hornbostle

    Democrat Arlington County board member Chris Zimmerman, who also sits on WMATA’s Board of Directors, continuation on the WMATA Board is not only unfair to regional taxpayers, its also a slap in the face to those concerned with public safety and accountability.

    Zimmerman has no experience whatsoever in the mass transportation field. In fact. I doubt Zimmerman has the skill set to change a flat tire.

    Zimmerman is a joke, a progressive liberal hack that thinks the U.S. Constitution is toilet paper, and a farce when it comes to having any command of fair and honest governance.

  • Katie

    I don’t know the politics behind it.

    I do know that ART would be signing their own death certificate.

  • Mike

    At least Metro is efficient. Every “Art” bus should have an “F” painted on it.

  • 22205

    The ART system is a terrific supplement to Metro. As an Arlington taxpayer I’m glad someone is trying to recover more revenues (since most riders are from Arlington, isn’t it our money that’s paying for the passes and the ART service?) Zimmerman makes sense to me – the best solution is that Metro agrees to divide revenue so all the passes remain valid for ART users.

  • Greg

    Is this a little like if I start mowing your lawn because you’re my next door neighbor and then 10 years later I get all pissy about it and demand you pay me for my service? Mow or don’t mow, but I’m not sure the word “fairness” applies.

    Also, just so I’m clear, Arlington taxpayers pay for Metro, we pay for Art. Now we want to pay for Metro so that Metro can pay for Art.

    This seems like a minor issue and probably is largely already factored into the amount of Arlington’s Metro contribution. It would be nice if Zimmerman and the Metro board could focus on the very real problems that Metro is having and not look for ways to waste time and drain more money from the system.


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