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Coming Soon: Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill

by ARLnow.com July 27, 2010 at 2:24 pm 4,526 16 Comments

Look out, Clarendon Ballroom and Eventide Restaurant. Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill is expected to arrive on the scene within a matter of weeks, hoping to become the go-to destination for outdoor food and drinks in the Courthouse-Clarendon area.

The restaurant, which is being built atop the Dehli Dhaba and Subway restaurants at 2424 Wilson Blvd, promises to serve classic American cuisine at moderate prices. There will be a large main dining room with high ceilings as well as a rooftop deck — that is, if the necessary permits come through. No official word on expected capacity, but the eatery’s permit application calls for 104 seats.

“Value and variety” will be the restaurant’s food credo, a rep tells ARLnow.com. In addition to a frequently-changing menu, a weekend brunch service is in the works. So far, management has been mum about the restaurant’s planned wine, beer and liquor offerings.

Construction is still underway at the restaurant, but we’re told that they’ve already hired a “great staff” that’s “ready to go.”

Management is hoping to open the doors by the end of August (Update: late September or early October).

  • Courthouse Resident

    Really looking forward to this place opening. They had a facebook page going for a while but that seems to have dropped off the face of the earth – which had a ton of inside pictures. They also said they had bought something like 80+ flat screen tv’s for the place including some for the outdoors that are weather proof. They want this to be a great sports fan destination come this fall. Between this and Velocity 5 and Summers – Courthouse will be a great place to catch a game. (no disrespect to the other restaurants that air the games as well – like you Ragtimes – but as a Hokie I can’t come inside when you’ve got a West Virginia game on).

    • hooooos

      Why, are you afraid to play the Eers in a drinking game, just like your alma mater’s afraid to play them in football?

      • Hokie Alum

        Afraid to play a WVU in a drinking game? Ha, that’s a good one… grow up. And I agree, I don’t want to go into a bar and watch WVU play. This place does sound cool.

      • Courthouse Resident

        Yep – we’re afraid of playing WVU. I can’t think of a more frightening team to play. Well maybe William & Mary.

    • Rachel

      oh man, you just took my excitement about this place down by about 5 notches. ANOTHER sports bar with every wall covered by flat screens..? I’m a sports fan in my late 20s but dannnggggg I really can’t stand this trend of 6 TVs per bar stool.

      • Courthouse Resident

        I’m only going on what I read (that they purchased these tv’s) but the shots of the interior looked really quite nice (the ones I saw on FB at least did). It didn’t seem like you’d be walking into an overdose of football and beer – but who knows! We’ll all just have to wait and see!

  • How come they don’t have a website yet?

    • They have a domain registered. I’m told it’s down because it’s being worked on at the moment.

  • JRS

    Sounds like an updated version of the old Julio’s at Eastern Market

  • RCW

    I think the build out was done with no reference to the streetscape. It looks monolithic wedged between two buildings and on top of preexisting commercial space. Does anyone say to theselves, “Hey me and my coworkers were thinking about putting together a work happy hour for the office, I think that new bar above subway and deli daba in the middle of a barren strip of retail in courthouse sounds great.” The ubiquitous flat dank smell of baking bread that emanates from every Subway is a plaque worse then locusts.

  • MC

    This is a bleak-looking strip, the Subway sandwiched between the Krushchev-era Korean administrative building and a bar academy/Papa Johns.

    I’ve watched for months as humans toiled laying the cinder blocks and Styrofoam panels by hand, hoping it might bring some diversity to the neighborhood, in spite of its incongruous character. But seems we are heading for more-of-the-same formula sports-bars for the brown flip-flop crowd who haven’t yet separated mentally from their college days.

    I’d be less pessimistic if it sounded like the place would be financially viable without a liquor license…

  • MB

    If this crowd gets between me and my Delhi Dhaba on a Thursday night . . . There Will Be Words.

  • Ryan

    Good! Somewhere else to go that isn’t a coke head-filled dump like Kitty’s. Let’s hope the service is better than V5.

  • TuesdayChild

    I hope it is a (semi) adult place. Not totally over-run with girls in short dresses and boys in flip flops. There are enough places for them already.

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