Arlington, VA

Cherrydale Clockworks, at 3510 Lee Highway, went out of business about a month ago. Now, at least one former customer whose clock was being repaired at the store is trying to figure out how to get it back.

The store, once filled with clocks of all shapes and sizes, is now empty. A sign on the door indicates that the landlord changed the locks. “For Lease” signs hang in the front window. A phone number for the store is forwarded to a full voicemail box.

An employee at a business next door says a steady stream of former customers have been coming to him with questions about the store. He said the store always seemed busy, but noted that the owner kept irregular hours and irked neighbors by using his rear parking space as a junkyard.

One tipster tells us: “At least one of my neighbors has a clock that was being repaired by Cherrydale Clockworks, and now can’t get the clock back.”

It’s not clear what could be done to get it back. Locals tell us that at one point a sign directed customers to call a number to get their clocks back. That sign has since been taken down.

A call to the Virginia Department of Consumer Affairs revealed that the last complaint filed against the store dates back to 2008.


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