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Fire Works Pizza Sets Opening Date

by ARLnow.com August 9, 2010 at 4:45 pm 3,631 23 Comments

Update on 8/16 — The opening date has been pushed back to August 23, TBD reports.

Fire Works Pizza, the massive new wood-fired pizza restaurant in Courthouse, has set next Wednesday, August 18, as a tentative opening date.

Fire Works Courthouse now has its own web presence and Facebook page, complete with photos of the nearly-completed interior.

“[The] build-out had gone well,” says general manager Jon Hoffmeyer. “[We] need to make some minor adjustments here and there, but that’s to be expected.”

Hoffmeyer says he’s expecting an initial crunch of curious first-time customers when the restaurant opens.

The Arlington location is the company’s first attempt to expand beyond its original Leesburg restaurant. It should surpass the Leesburg location in scope — with more beer (30+ on tap, 100+ in bottles), more seating (276 inside, 112 outside, pending County approval) and an expanded menu.

Not everyone is thrilled about the restaurant’s arrival, however.

“Have you seen the tacky, cheap red gate they put up around the location?” one anonymous design critic asked in an email.  “All it needs is some kindergartners running around within the fence… If they’re going to ruin a beautifully done courtyard and fountain area with their cheap tacky red fence, I won’t be eating there!”

The fence is required by law in order to serve alcoholic beverages outside on the patio.

One unanswered question: To what degree will Fire Works’ big outdoor patio eat into struggling, patio-less American Flatbread’s business during the warm weather months?

Photos via Facebook.

  • V Dizzle

    As long as the kindergartners wash their hands, and serve me beer and pizza near home, I’ll be there. On the other hand, everyone knows that fence design is a clear indicator of short-term kitchen performance. Just sayin.

  • If they’re open for lunch, that will be a HUGE plus already!

    • They will be open for lunch, starting at 11:30.

  • Excited!

    Will they have a happy hour????

  • Elliott

    Waaa waaaa…a red fence. This place is going to be a great addition to the area and hopefully people who don’t care for red fences don’t bother showing up.

  • Anthony

    The red fence will brighten things up in that area. The buildings around there look pretty dull. I am looking forward to opening day, red fence and all.

  • JoshS

    I have to say, I’m pro-red fence as well. It’s a bit of color in an otherwise colorless area. And as long as the food is good, I don’t care if the fence is purple with pink polka dots.

  • TuesdaysChild

    I am pro-fence too. Saw it this weekend. They were working on saturday on the interior to the restaurant. The plaza is dull and ugly. Like socialist planned park. It needs a little spark, and the red fence helps.

  • Susan

    It won’t be too hard to beat out American Flatbread taste-wise or service-wise….best of luck to Fire Works!

  • Finally! Another legit wood-fire pizza place in Arlington to give Pie Tanza some competition.

  • Thes

    I suspect the anonymous critic of the red “gate” may not be expressing his or her true feelings. Might just be a person trying to gin up controversy or publicity. If Fireworks fills that patio with people and activity it will be a great thing for the Courthouse neighborhood, which could use a bit more spark.

  • MM

    Can’t wait to see their beer list!

  • Clarendude

    A red gate does not a Chuck E. Cheese make. And, anyway I know plenty that would welcome the pizza-making mouse


  • LP

    Is the outdoor firepit still planned? Looked that way when walking by over the weekend.

  • charlie

    screw the red fence — dont ever plan to see it.
    i hope they deliver. pizza delivered to my house is the best kind of pizza.

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  • hooooos

    Wow, spoiled selfish Arlington hipsters only care about fences and patios if it affects them. If you live in the neighborhood, NIMBY, but otherwise, who cares about aesthetics and property value, I want my pizza and $9 craft microbrew! The fence is ugly, you people need to get lives.

  • location location location

    Addressing the impact on American Flatbread, their biggest problem is their location, patio or not. Not a compelling or opportunistic location at all.

  • Hating Outdoor Seating

    I live in the apartment adjacent to the pizza place and their outdoor music is already obnoxious. Did they go through the same process American Flatbread failed at?

    • Thes

      No, they don’t have to. They already got their approval in the site plan. If you want peace and quiet, you will have to move to 11th Street.

      • Carrie

        Not peace and quiet…just not Abba’s Dancing Queen blasting at top volume. On repeat.

    • charlie

      your civic association supported them having outdoor music. get involved.

    • JoshS

      Close your window and let the rest of us have some fun…sheesh.


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