Work Nearly Complete on Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill

by ARLnow.com September 9, 2010 at 6:04 am 4,581 17 Comments

All that’s left on the checklist for the new Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill (2424 Wilson Blvd) is a few finishing touches, then inspections, permits and a date for the grand opening. Construction has just about wrapped up on the upscale Courthouse-Clarendon dining destination, but owner Yogi Dumera has yet to nail down an official date for the opening.

“I want to make sure everything will be done right,” he said in a brief phone conversation yesterday.

Prodded for an approximate time frame, Dumera would only say that he’s hoping to open by the end of September. That may not allow much time to enjoy the rooftop, but don’t fear, the restaurant’s high-ceilinged indoor dining room will be open year-round.

While management awaits county inspections, the restaurant has been staffing up in anticipation of the launch. A recent Craigslist posting said Rooftop was looking for servers, bartenders and host staff.

In addition to serving dinner, the restaurant will also have a full lunch menu, the posting revealed. That should make it a welcome sit-down destination for the area’s power lunch crowd.

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  • Neighbor

    Pro – Rooftop boozing

    Con – Building looks like a mattress discounters showroom

  • JRS

    I went in the back door of Dehli Dhaba Saturday night & the steel outdoor stairs to the upper floors were still being built. The rest looked pretty far along, though

  • Novanglus

    No surprise: the owner of this monstrosity is the same guy who built the monstrous house on Pershing Drive. I hope the food’s better upstairs than the questionably Indian stuff he serves on the first floor.

    • Clarendude

      Dehli Dhaba, IMO is pretty darn good! Yes, the house is a monster, although I dislike the one that was built just in front of it even more (to the left facing it). I just have a problem with “brick-front” and siding on the sides.

      • MB

        It’s up for sale! Act now!


        I try – lord, do I try – not be a NIMBY who is obviously getting older than his neighborhood, but I’d be willing to start a pool on when we see the first Drunk Frat Boy Swings At Police Officer At 2am reports from this address.

  • tuesdayschild

    What!? No cupcakes?! Agree with the above comments that the building is ugly. Actually, that entire block needs to come down.

  • Wheelchair

    No Elevator?

  • NovaBrian

    I tend to agree with the comment that the building looks like a mattress showroom or something. I hope it does well and a positive word of mouth spreads. Until then, I get a bad vibe about the exact location.

    Adding: Some of the grads from the bartending school next door should send over their resumes!

  • Henry Spencer

    Great, less parking spaces available for when I need my Five Guys fix.

  • I wonder what “upscale” means? Farther “up” in altitude than Delhi Dhaba?

  • Pal

    I saw someone said something about no elevator, but there is an elevator inside…

    I am a little biast to the place because I’ve already had the privilage of walking through. Although no one can make someone share their opinion I suggest everyone give it shot when it’s open. The building, I agree, seems sort of big and basic on the outside but if you google Arlington Rooftop one of the first 3 links is the designers blog for the place and it has some mid-construction photos so looking past the dust, see the nice tiling, calm colors, and really gorgeous hand carved dark wood bar!

    The concept is don’t pay a fortune to get good food. The place is already set up to have a ton of tvs to please everyone’s tastes from news to sports and still it’s designed to be a nice retreat for a quick Courthouse area business lunch or a nice dinner out. Fresh food, reasonable prices, and a great young (but surprisingly experienced) fun management team as well as a strong staff in both the front and back of house. No I don’t work there and I’m not just trying to sell the place, but I’ve been interested in the project from the beginning and have gotten to know them very well. Best of luck to them and to all those that are unsure… try it once it’s open and see what you think! Something new can be nice for those of us who have lived the area our whole lives!

    • MB

      I think you confused the comment submission form for the one you should have used.

      • Pal

        Not advertising, just defending a good place from some of the assumption and chatter on here. Good place!

        • observer

          You sound like this restaurant’s marketing rep!

  • PS

    I have also had the chance to walk through this new place. I can see where the chatter is coming from about the location/building/block since I have lived in the area for a long time… but once you walk inside the building, you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased to find high ceilings, beautiful tilework and a massive bar. It is gorgeous. The long, hard work has paid off.

    I think that everyone should stay open-minded and check this new place out when it opens!

  • YTK

    LOL — I remember when Whitlow’s was a bar on 10th and E street NW in DC, with an interesting clientele sitting on the bar stools — they could be meaner than a polecat. If you were a guy who needed to use the men’s room, you had to first stand at the men’s room door and look at the bartender — then the bartender would BUZZ you into the men’s room. My how things have changed!!


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