Arlington, VA

All that’s left on the checklist for the new Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill (2424 Wilson Blvd) is a few finishing touches, then inspections, permits and a date for the grand opening. Construction has just about wrapped up on the upscale Courthouse-Clarendon dining destination, but owner Yogi Dumera has yet to nail down an official date for the opening.

“I want to make sure everything will be done right,” he said in a brief phone conversation yesterday.

Prodded for an approximate time frame, Dumera would only say that he’s hoping to open by the end of September. That may not allow much time to enjoy the rooftop, but don’t fear, the restaurant’s high-ceilinged indoor dining room will be open year-round.

While management awaits county inspections, the restaurant has been staffing up in anticipation of the launch. A recent Craigslist posting said Rooftop was looking for servers, bartenders and host staff.

In addition to serving dinner, the restaurant will also have a full lunch menu, the posting revealed. That should make it a welcome sit-down destination for the area’s power lunch crowd.


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