Artist’s Rendering of the New Rosslyn Metro Station Entrance

by ARLnow.com September 24, 2010 at 2:29 pm 4,440 8 Comments

Two months ago the county board approved funding for construction of a second entrance to the heavily-used Rosslyn Metro Station. The new entrance will be built between North Moore Street and Lynn Street, across the street from the existing Metro entrance.

This week, the county released artist’s renderings of what the entrance will look like.

See more illustrations here.

  • If the additional drawings on the County site are to scale, they make it look like one of the current sets of escalators will be removed. Hope not. The street level rendering here looks great – the station will benefit from additional light.

  • Jason

    Very nice.

  • That looks great.

  • BookGuy

    What about the elevator and the stairs leading to the Skywalk?? Considering that the Skywalk was intended to provide access to cross Lynn Street and that the buildings on the other side seem to be accessible only through security, it might not hurt to eliminate that access via elevator. Besides, elimination of the Skywalk over Lynn would provide a purer view of the Washington Cathedral.

    • It does seem like there’s a lot of unnecessary concrete in Rosslyn. Not sure if there are any plans in place to eventually take some of it down.

    • Will

      If you tear down the skywalk then where will the homeless people who sleep at the metro go to the bathroom in the morning?

  • ACE

    Looks good– let’s hope it’s kept Cclean inside AND outside this time.

  • Lou

    Does it have doors? It’s hard to tell. Will they be nice doors or nasty access gates like at Columbia Heights across from DC USA?


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