Southwest “Protest” Outside Rosslyn Metro Station

by ARLnow.com September 27, 2010 at 9:41 am 2,700 4 Comments

Southwest Airlines is doing some sort of protest/promotion outside the Rosslyn Metro Station this morning.

A tipster tells us that Southwest reps, armed with ID cards, free peanuts and a bullhorn, are promoting their “bags fly free” campaign.

Our tipster notes: “When asked if they would be flying into DCA, the response was ‘we’re trying.'”

Curiously, Southwest just announced that it’s acquiring AirTran Airways. Unlike Southwest, AirTran currently flies out of Reagan National Airport.

  • Henry Spencer

    It would be awesome if SW flew out of DCA, but it probably won’t happen; they wouldn’t fly out of both there and IAD. That said, they might take AirTran’s gates at IAD, and expand their service from there.

    • Max

      Sourthwest has stated for years that it’s dying to fly out of DCA. This was a perfect way for them to get those slots since AirTran has several daily flights from DCA.

  • Sean

    If this acquisition goes through, you WILL see Southwest at DCA, as they will takeover all of AirTran’s slots.

  • Lou

    Far as I can tell, AirTran only has two gates at DCA and they are all the way at the ass-end of Terminal A, on the old pier.


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