County Manager Raises Specter of More Budget Cuts, Tax Hikes

by ARLnow.com September 28, 2010 at 7:22 pm 2,584 7 Comments

Despite an improving real estate market, Arlington could face up to a $35 million budget gap next year, according to a presentation by County Manager Michael Brown this afternoon.

Brown told the county board that his preliminary forecast anticipates a combined $25-35 million shortfall for the county government and the school system. Brown projects a slight increases in real estate assessments and in tax and fee collections. However, he says expenses are rising due to increasing student enrollment, new school facilities and high county personnel costs.

“Current revenue projections could require program cuts and revenue increases,” Brown said. That’s in addition to the past two years of budget cuts and tax hikes.

“We must continue to be extremely cautious fiscally,” Brown said. He will present his recommended FY 2012 budget to the board in February.

  • TGEoA

    And the douchebag 5 that is the CB just pissed away 1 million on a doomed from the start lawsuit.

  • fatkidspecial

    this is what happens when you spend $660,000 on ‘affordable housing’ or building 2,000 sq foot granite/ss kitchens in county office buildings.

    guess this mean we’ll go through another round of threats and fiscally insignificant gimmicks such as closing Cherrydale library and Gulf Branch nature center or alternating days at a water park…

    i don’t mind paying more in taxes but this county wastes more on stupid shit than any place i’ve ever lived. just out of curiosity, anyone know the cable bill for the county jail?

  • Dan

    Don’t forget the Artisphere…there are so many pointless expenditures that it is hard to choose which to go after.

  • Lou

    Half a million dollars to a consultant to design improvements to a beaver pond.


  • Jason DL

    Cut the County Staff by half, including the new County Manager. Besides, the assistant County manager actually runs the County. Pay no attention to the powerful woman behind the curtain.

    Oh and don’t touch the Artisphere, we need a good venue for Remmy. A dedicated Remmy theater,like they have in Vegas. It should be the Remysphere, with a flagship Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks…

  • el fat kid

    i blame socialism…

  • charlie

    Zimmie trolley line needs to go. 3000 million for a system no one wants? How many teachers does that pay? Oh just to study it…
    Neighborhood conservation political perks program needs to go; and traffic calming. All wastes of money.
    tighten the belt. now.


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