Pizza Is the New Brown Flip Flops

by ARLnow.com October 6, 2010 at 7:49 am 5,884 42 Comments

Pizza shops are about to be as ubiquitous in Arlington as Starbucks stores and brown flip flops.

Clarendon, believe it or not, is getting yet another pizza place. Bronx Pizza and Subs is coming to 3100 Clarendon Boulevard in “late December,” according to the Washington Business Journal.

There’s at least one thing that may differentiate Bronx Pizza from the all the others. The pizzeria “will cater to the late-night crowd, serving up dishes until 5 a.m.,” WBJ reports. I don’t know who’s buying pizzas past 3:00 a.m. in Arlington, but being the lone late night food option when the Clarendon bars close could drive some serious business.

Around daylight hours, however, the pizza scene will be much more crowded. By the time Bronx Pizza opens, local options will include: Pete’s New Haven Apizza, Fire Works Pizza, Pizza Autentica, American Flatbread, Faccia Luna, Pupatella, Piola, Ledo’s, Jerry’s Subs and Pizza, Papa John’s, Mario’s Pizza House, Z Pizza, Goody’s and, perhaps, the Flippin’ Pizza truck.

Pretty soon, the production of pizza will be an industry in and of itself in Arlington — just below military contractors on the hierarchy of importance to the local economy.

  • Chris

    You forgot the Italian Store and Liberty Tavern. Those two, plus Faccia Luna, are still my local favorites. I’d rather pay 11-14 bucks for a good pizza from Liberty Tavern than 17-18 from one of those other places. They’re always consistent, and always interesting. And if I’m going for just a traditional pizza, I’m still going with Italian Store or Faccia Luna. I’ve tried Pupatella and it’s good, but not good enough for the drive across Glebe. The dough is too thin in the middle. American Flatbread is good for a quick meal at the bar, but really didn’t blow me away and is too pricey. I don’t see how Pete’s is going to distinguish itself in this crowded field, and it sounds like Bronx Pizza (which I believe is owned by the people who own Carribean Breeze) is going to be a cheap alternative.

  • LP

    This has gotten a bit ridiculous – Clarendon really needs some other restaurants besides Pizza joints. I’m hoping that the Thai restaurant is still planning on coming to the development next to Station Square – we need a good Thai restaurant in Clarendon, among other things.

  • MC

    The guy who is starting this thing is quoted as saying “the pizza in New York is so much better than it is in Italy.” It also notes that he previously started a pizza franchise located in shopping malls that was sold to Sbarro’s, another shopping mall pizza franchise.

    • BronxAce

      ABEETZ!! HAH — it’s near the Running store– let’s see how many runners become Chubettes from eating there!!
      I’ll be in line when this store opens – if their pizza is ANYWHERE as good as NY pizza, then I’ll be happy. If it comes CLOSE to Nonna Lucia’s Pizza, then I will be ECSTATIC!
      If not, then I’ll be Outta There!!!

  • More Pizza?

    This is getting ridiculous. Would someone please open a good deli or bagel shop instead of another pizza or cupcake shop? You can’t get a good bagel or sandwich anywhere in Clarendon right now.

    • Josh

      +1. i can only hope bronx pizza will be as good as any hole in the wall join in nyc. unfortunetly if they have to call it bronx pizza, it probably won’t be…

      • ballston

        Josh, props on using +1, we need more of that around here.

        For Bagels, brooklyn bagel in courthouse is very solid.

        But if you are a chick, you will feel out of place going there on a weekend morning unless you wear spandex and look like you just came from a run.

    • AllenB

      If you want a good (not great, but good) bagel sandwich, you can hoof it down to Courthouse to Brooklyn Bagel, across the street from Cosi.

    • Kyle

      Earl’s, right off Wilson, isn’t too shabby for a good sandwich.

  • QPGirl

    I would love a GOOD Chinese restaurant in the area… I’m also getting tired of pizza.

    • John Catoe

      You right.

  • SoArlRes

    Who knew Arlington’s 2011 GDP would be 65% pizza revenues?

  • Luis

    Could really use a pizza place in Shirlington. Maybe Flippin Pizza?

    • G


  • DT

    Maybe this will finally kill that roach infested dump Marios. Sure it is a local landmark but it is also a health nightmare owned by a tax evading crackhead. Arlington deserves better.

    • Mario’s Lawyer Friend

      And of course you have a source or sources for these baseless claims against my friend and sometime client?

      Making statements like that in print can be tantamount to libel. And you are not as anonymous on the internet as you’d like to think, my friend.

      • AllenB

        Oooohhh, scary threats…lol

        I guess if you remove “roach infested” and “tax evading crackhead” you’d be fine since “dump”, “health nightmare” and “Arlington deserves better” are opinions and perfectly legal to express online.

        Or just do what Kathy Griffin does and say it is “allegedly roach infested” and he’s “an alleged tax evading crackhead”.

        Better now, MiLF?

        • Mario’s Mafia Friend

          Watch it. You’re going to wake up with a cockroach head in your bed and stale pizza stuffed in your mailbox.


      • DT

        Trust me, there’s no lawyer dumb enough to drag someone into to court to make them prove things their client would prefer people not know. This “lawyer” may want to flip on the ole lexisnexis and brush up on libel before we even get to that point. To quote the famous attorney Daniel Caffeey, “It doesn’t matter what I believe. It only matters what I can prove! So please, don’t tell me what I know, or don’t know; I know the LAW.”

      • Rick

        Marios is in a garbage neighborhood I don’t like going to after sunset with food that does not taste good drunk. You’re obviously not a very good lawyer if your client list includes Mario’s. And look down next time you’ll walk in, you’ll probably make a few new friends as they go in and out of the wall

    • Opinionated

      In my opinion Mario’s Pizza tastes like it is baked in an oven that also houses skunks.

      Avoid like plague

      • AllenB

        ALLEGEDLY houses skunks…. you don’t want to upset MiLF.

  • Max D.

    This better not screw up the business at Goody’s.

    • dgiambarresi

      Agreed. Why do all these blogs glance over Goodys?? That place rocks, they are open until Arlington goes to sleep, and open before Arlington awakes. The owners are the nicest people in the world, and their pizza (and the rest of their food) rocks! Possibly the best value in Arlington. Go order a salad – I’ll give you a dollar if you can finish it in one sitting. Order a whole pizza – good luck fitting the pizza in the box. I actually had to fully recline my front seat in order to fit the pizza into my car and that was after I forced it through the open car car door…Order a Gyro and you’re actually paying for two meals.

      • Kyle

        That’s all well and good if you order during daylight – but try getting any food there whatsoever at last call. I’m not a huge “late night food” person (and Silver Diner across the street is open until 4AM if I were looking for a variety of options), but I’ve had friends wait in an almost block-long line just to get a slice of pizza at Goody’s. That is, IF they decide to stay open until their regular posted hours.

      • anon

        I agree with Kyle – you risk life and limb going there after midnight on a weekend. Well before last call I witnessed two near fights in line, one of which was diffused by police.

        • Max D.

          you think it’ll be any different getting pizza with a bunch of drunk people elsewhere?

          • dgiambarresi

            Agreed. Its not a function of Goodys…its a function of the crowd. However, they are exploring options that will better serve the late night mob.

            You’ve seriously stopped in for late night pizza and they haven’t been open on a Friday or Saturday? I don’t doubt its possible, just never heard of it…

  • eee

    If you want a good deli, you need look no further than Earl’s.

  • Tom M

    Clarendon is the old Adams Morgan.

  • Perf

    Dear Arlingtonians,

    Hop over to my new Pizza Pho Cupcake “Cup-pizeria”. Try my new Marinara filled wood fired lemon tart with thai curry while your there.

    • Josh

      Served with a side of douche please

      • Max B

        make that 2 plz LLS

  • mike

    I love the references to the brown flip flops.

  • Kevin

    What happened to Armand’s Pizza in Arlington on Rt. 50, having them back would be great!

    • Josh

      Corner of 50 and pershing? It’s gone?

      • Katie

        The corner is still there but all of those shops are closed or close to it. I suppose it’s due for development.

  • CFE

    Pie-tanza is excellent for pizza. Arlington really needs a good Jewsih deli..why can’t we have one???

  • Perf

    That was good Josh. LOFL. If it was sarcastic I deserved it.

  • steve

    Lost dog has the most rediculous pizza, and Costco’s is the best. Lookin like y’all forgot both.

  • Clarendude

    You know, one pizza place that has been routinely missed is Bertucci’s at Market Common. I haven’t eaten at a Bertucci’s since I was in Somerville, MA in 1989 (I think it was the original) and with so many other local options in the area probably never will but a lot of people with kids tell me they go there.

    Also, I just recently had the Greek pizza from the Astor restaurant in Lyon Park and it was amazing. Most “Greek” pizza’s I’ve had are veggie only, but this one has some kind of flavorful meat on it. Still, I love the goat cheese and sausage from Faccia Luna. So many good choices!

  • Clarendon

    Pines of Florence? Good pizza – just don’t order anything else.


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