Rosslyn Traffic Patterns Change Saturday

by ARLnow.com October 7, 2010 at 12:01 pm 2,776 12 Comments

(Updated at 12:50 p.m.) Get ready for some changes in the way buses, cars and people move around Rosslyn.

Thanks to the construction of a new Metro entrance and the 1812 North Moore Street office tower, traffic patterns are changing and won’t go back to normal for another three years.

Starting Saturday, North Moore Street will become a one-way street heading south from 19th Street North to Wilson Boulevard. North Moore will remain two-way north of 19th Street.

As a result, taxi stands and bus stops will be relocated to other parts of North Moore Street. Also, passenger pickup and drop-off will be prohibited on North Moore Street — it will only be allowed on the Fort Myer Drive side of the station.

To make way for the new Metro entrance between North Moore and North Lynn Streets, Annie’s Park, next to the McDonald’s, will be permanently closed later this month.

  • Ryan

    Good, two one way south bound roads right next to each other.

    • Thes

      Moore is between a one-way North and a one-way South. So it’s not like the other direction would have solved this problem.

    • NorthAdams

      Ryan: Great point. But the difference is that Fort Myer Drive is like a freeway. Lynn and Moore are more like a pair and both should be one-way permannently.

  • Lou

    I think the final Metro entrance plan calls for a permanent change to create a northbound lane on Fort Myer so that drop-off at the station is on the passenger/curb side. That essentially replaces the northbound traffic on Moore. It’s not clear if that northbound Fort Myer lane goes into effect now, but it seems like it should.

    It’s a big deal, because they have to add left turn signaling for eastbound Wilson traffic at Fort Myer.

  • Rosslyn

    Is the lost park space being reallocated elsewhere in Rosslyn? We need more green!

    • Steve

      That “park space” was lost long ago. Its nothing more than an assortment of crabgrass, overgrown trees that keep it in perpetual shade, and homeless people.

      • NovaBriian

        Yeah, that park space was kinda creepy.

        • Lou

          The wavy walls kind of reminded me of a Putt Putt. Arlington needs a Putt Putt!

          • Stacey

            It has one at Upton Hill Park along with the batting cages!

          • Lou

            That is not Putt Putt. That is “miniature golf”.

  • Andrew

    How about making the former northbound lane of Moore St pedestrian only? It would be even better to make all of N. Moore ped only from Lee Hwy to Wilson Blvd but not sure if there’s another suitable bus location.

    @Rosslyn: The 3 little parks will eventually be consolidated into one bigger park between the 2 Central Place towers across from the metro.

    @Lou: A new plan is being developed for Gateway Park in Rosslyn to include sports/leisure space (and maybe remove alot of the concrete structures). Bocci, volleyball and basketball are being considered. Why not putt putt? Also, check out Upton Hill Park on Wilson Blvd. It has putt putt and is open in the Fall.

    • Baby Boomer

      How about a putt putt in South Arlington? All we have proposed are an unwanted expensive trolley and rental apartment buildings.


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