Lease Your Very Own Cherrydale Storefront

by ARLnow.com October 26, 2010 at 8:52 am 2,239 12 Comments

The retail space formerly occupied by Cherrydale Clockworks is up for lease.

Anyone interested in opening up shop on Lee Highway can lease the 1,600 square foot space for a relatively cheap $1,995 per month (good luck finding a 1,600 square foot apartment with a monthly rent below $2,000). Plus, the lease comes with two parking spaces in the rear of the building.

The building was built in 1957, according to a real estate sheet posted in the window. Your neighbors will include the Columbia Masonic Center, a bindery equipment company, and a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins store.

The upstairs is also available for lease — $1,700 per month will get you a full bathroom and a rear deck.

Just don’t be surprised when unhappy-looking people stop by asking where their clocks are.

  • rob42

    It’s kind of a crappy location. Not only is there little parking available, but also there is little foot traffic.

  • SG

    Cherrydale would actually benefit from a couple of cool (small) bars.

  • el fat kid

    Appears difficult to make a business work in this spot…probably for the reasons mentioned by rob42. ever since Angler’s Lie (now Urban Angler on Glebe) left it’s been turning over every couple years.

  • wtf

    I have heard that the space above the property is not zoned for residential, and the neighborhood residents filed complaints that the previous owner did file complaints about the previous lessee doing so. Whoever posted this “ad” should double check this aspect of the property.

  • TGEoA

    Korean massage joint.

  • Bill

    Two things: 1) I wanted a clock repaired a couple of years ago and visited this now gone clock shop. When I saw the owner (at least I presume it was) working on a car in the back of the shop during the shop’s business hours I thought better of having him do it. 2) As much as I like small bars, I don’t think that the demographics on that side of Lee Highway would support it well.

    • Joey

      What are the “demographics” like on the south side of Lee Highway in Cherrydale?

  • Andrew

    ARL Now’s new HQ?

  • MC

    While Cherrydale is parking-challenged, it may start to get a critical mass of options to make it a destination. When that forever-to-complete condo is finished, it will offer retail. The vacating fire house could become commercial as well. I noticed another former industrial storefront now vacant. People certainly go to Duncan Donuts. I could imagine a nice flower shop with walk-in and delivery, or a shop offering interior design services.

  • NorthAdams

    cherrydale retail is pretty packing. the old people building has horrible retail. D&D is great, but might as well be a drive-in. safeway stinks.

  • Georgethecat

    Does anyone know what retail is planned for the bromptons building? I understand one of the spots is vented for a restaurant and includes/ allows outdoor seating. We cherrydalers would LOVE a local (ahem, good) neighborhood restaurant!


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