Buffalo Wild Wings Opening Pushed Back

by ARLnow.com December 9, 2010 at 1:12 pm 3,751 8 Comments

The new Buffalo Wild Wings in Crystal City (at 23rd Street and Crystal Drive) held an employee orientation session for a couple dozen new hires last night.

During the orientation, the glow from the galaxy of overhead flat screen TVs illuminated a relatively wide open, comfortable-looking space. The decor looked a bit more sleek than your standard, suburban Buffalo Wild Wings location. The huge floor-to-ceiling windows facing the street also helped to add a more urban feel.

An employee coming out of the orientation revealed that the restaurant’s opening date has been pushed back. Instead of opening on Monday, as originally planned, the restaurant is now expected to open to the public on Thursday, Dec. 16, he said.

  • PikeHoo

    It’ll be interesting to see how this place does against the Crystal City Sports Pub. I’m sure that it’ll take a bite out of their office worker lunch crowd given that it’s on the offices side of Jeff Davis.

    • SJ

      Agreed. Just as interesting will see how it impacts their Happy Hour crowd.

  • Mark

    Actually, I think it will hurt Bailey’s and Mackey’s alot more than the Sports Pub.

    • PikeHoo

      I worked in Crystal City for 3 years and I think I ate lunch at Bailey’s and Mackey’s a combined zero times.

      Sport’s Pub was a standard on Monday at the very least.

    • Ali

      I rarely see anyone in Mackey’s ever so I doubt they’ll see much of a change.

  • katekirk

    The anthropomorphic buffalo and chicken add a distinctly urban feel. Can I get my wings with little shoulder pads on them?

  • Sam

    It takes balls to have a black, white, and yellow hockey player in a DC-area storefront. I’m surprised he doesn’t have an 87 on his jersey.

  • GoonieGooGoo

    Given how generally crappy the food is at Crystal City Sports Pub…..especially their wings…..BW3 will cut into their business just because of their name brand alone.


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