Arlington, VA

For all the complaining about Metro, one thing’s for certain: plenty of people still use it.

After all, if yesterday morning’s Orange Line problems demonstrated anything, it’s that for all the suckage, the people you saw jammed onto the platforms still, at that point, considered Metro to be their best transportation option. (Same applies to today’s Blue, Orange and Yellow Line delays.)

But perhaps some are changing their minds.

We heard stories about people yesterday leaving the stations and walking to work, taking cabs, hopping on the bus, or just going home. Maybe a few of those people will permanently change their commuting habits as a result.

With that we ask: have you switched from commuting on Metro to another form of transportation? Or, if you’re very seriously considering making a switch, which form of transportation are you likely to go with?

If you’re likely to continue riding Metro, select “none.”


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