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Free Commercial Parking Bonanza Isn’t Just for Trucks

by ARLnow.com December 30, 2010 at 11:21 am 2,625 12 Comments

Earlier this week we reported that some residents were upset with loophole in Arlington’s parking code that allows commercial trucks to park for extended periods of time in front of schools, libraries and other county properties.

But trucks aren’t the only hulking masses taking up space on the side of local roads. Here’s what one peeved resident wrote us this morning:

Storage pods are very popular nowadays with all the moving that goes on in Arlington, but usually they are picked up in a few days and require a county permit. This pod has been on 1st Road South in front of Butler Holmes Park for over three months. We have called the Boxcart company, and were told they would pick it up. They didn’t, and why would they – they are getting free storage of the pod courtesy of Arlington. We have called the county twice. They said they would look into it because they should be charging a fee to Boxcart – much more interested in revenue generation than getting this storage unit off our street. They didn’t even do that, as the storage unit is still sitting there with no permit.

  • Scott

    Suggestion: Go to http://www.boxcart.com and under “contact us” send them an email. Maybe if they get a zillon emails, they will remove storage container.

  • Chad

    Is this storage container being used by a resident or was this part of a construction project by the county?

    • Resident

      The renters in the house behind the storage container moved and the container has been there ever since.

  • Scott

    FWIW:the company answered my email, and asked for the container number. Anyone know it?

  • Resident

    A0395. We gave Boxcart the number a few months ago.

    • Scott

      Thanks for number, I just emailed number to company.

  • ClarGirl

    Such a shame that BoxCart happens to be the featured pod in this story. I recently used them to move across NoVA and they were much better than many moving companies I’ve used in the past. Hate to a see a good company getting bad press.

  • Man Bear Pig

    Just imagine the commotion this would cause if this was a food truck!!!!

  • Man Beer Pig

    Another example of residents who care way too much about things that don’t matter…

  • I am one of the owners of BoxCart, so I just wanted to respond to this article. First of all, I apologize that our container has caused inconvenience to those in the neighborhood. It is our intention to simply provide convenient storage solutions, and the last thing we want to do is anger area residents. This container is not, in fact, abandoned as the person who contracted for this container is up-to-date with their account. However, we’ve called and emailed them, and we’ve told them they need to have the unit permitted and/or picked up for storage back at our warehouse. One of our owners actually stopped by the residence today, and he left this same message with the person that was home. The permit should have been pulled by the customer prior to delivery, as we inform customers that Arlington does require permits, and any fines for non-compliance will be their responsibility. On a more general note, as a local, family-owned business, BoxCart is committed to our local community, and we take these types of situations seriously. I assure you our best “advertisements” are word-of-mouth referrals by happy customers, and not containers on the streets that may be upsetting the neighborhood. Thank you “ClarGirl” for your endorsement; and for the rest of you all, I hope that we could have the opportunity to prove to you the type of company we are, should you need to move or store your belongings in the future. We’ll keep on top of this situation, and we’ll do our best to work with the contract-holder to have the container removed from the neighborhood. Thank you. Amy Stowell – Vice President, BoxCart

  • Just a quick update – we were able to get in touch with the account-holder for this container, and we’re picking it up as I type this for storage back at our facility. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (703) 263-3300. Thanks again. Amy Stowell – Vice President, BoxCart

  • Resident

    Just wanted to say thanks to Arlnow for helping us get this finally taken care of. The storage unit got picked up by BoxCart. Thanks to BoxCart also for their professional response to complaints. Nice job by Arlington County ignoring our complaints and missing out on about 5 months of permit revenue for this unit sitting there.


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