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by ARLnow.com January 5, 2011 at 5:23 am 1,665 15 Comments

Westover Beer Garden Saga Continues — Several months into the battle between the county zoning office and the Westover Market beer garden, a final resolution still has not been reached. Tens of thousands of dollars have been allocated to building new code-compliant restrooms, but more must now be spent constructing a restaurant separate from the grocery section. County regulators “are doing their best to make me a Republican,” market manager Devin Hicks told the Falls Church News-Press.

Fun and Games at the Library — The Westover Library will host a game-playing get-together for all ages this afternoon. From 2:30 to 5:00 p.m., players will face off in board games, card games and Nintendo Wii. More from the Arlington Public Library blog.

Brgr:Shack Wants to Open This Month — A new “better burger” joint is hoping to open soon in Ballston. The efficiently-named Brgr:Shack, located across from the Ballston Metro, was originally slated to open in the fall. They’re now eying a January opening, according to TBD.

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  • Burger

    Cool, I can’t wait to get my $10 burger

    The Westover Beer Garden battle can’t still be going on because http://www.arlnow.com/2011/01/03/zimmerman-promises-pro-business-measures/

    I mean Zimmerman wouldn’t say one thing but mean another, would he?

  • mehoo

    I love the beer garden and hope it succeeds, but it’s a market trying to be a restaurant. I fear for my life going in the back to use the restroom. If it fails, it will be because of WM’s overreach, not too much regulation.

  • Teyo

    Brgr:Shack… like if BGR the Burger Joint and Shake Shack had a baby?

    • JamesE

      Maybe it is a Burger King and Radio Shack in one.

      • LP

        Radio Shack, what’s that? Haven’t you heard, they’re now known just as “The Shack”.

        Whatever marketing genius came up with that is probably jobless right now.

  • I hope the beer garden succeeds too. It looked like a great community spot. But it should be done the right way. Little things like bathrooms, and noise ordinances, and handling of drunks – are important for the successful operation of a business in a community.

    • mehoo

      Drunks are handled by charging at least $8 a beer so nobody can afford to get drunk.

    • Burger

      Have you ever been there. This isn’t Clarendon. It is mostly families and established adults there. not your typical drunks..

      But your suggestions are what is at issue and the WM is trying to comply with.

      • mehoo

        Last time I was there, on a very crowded night, there were about 40 kids, all under age 5. Plus three open pit fires – great combination with small children. Not alot of drunks.

        • Aaron

          Three open pit fires for 40 small children? Talk about efficient!! Oh wait, that was Mr. EATTHE’s opinion and look where it got him.

          • mehoo

            They were very small children. It doesn’t take that long to cook one.

  • Kevin

    I wonder how that burger place will fare with “big buns” which is close by. Perhaps better because they’ll get more foot traffic?

    • ArlBlueSky

      That block is sketchy as hell but the sports bar next to it isn’t bad.

      • Sam

        The only thing sketchy about that block is the 7-Eleven and all 7-Elevens are sketchy.

  • Shane

    Come on Devin, get over yourself. You’re trying to get new revenue streams beyond what the zoning allows in this area. You rammed through the “beer garden”, hoping for a fait accompli. Follow the zoning laws like everyone else.


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