Pizza Autentica Opens in Crystal City

by ARLnow.com January 27, 2011 at 2:41 pm 4,806 17 Comments

Pizza Autentica has opened up at Crystal Drive and 23rd Street in Crystal City.

The location is the South Arlington counterpart to the rapidly-growing pizza chain’s Ballston restaurant, which opened in October.

The Crystal City Pizza Autentica will serve breakfast on weekdays, starting at 8:00 a.m. It will remain open until midnight.

In addition to pizza, paninis and strombolis, the store expects to start serving homemade gelato starting next week.

Pizza Autentica should attract a largely workday crowd. So far the restaurant has not applied for a liquor license, unlike the Ballston location, which serves beer and wine. However, the Crystal City location does feature a sizable outdoor patio, which could attract after-work diners during the summer.

H/T Doug Wendt

  • Jason S

    I visit the one in Ballston a couple of times per month, the pizza is improving and they are nice people.

  • NomNom

    Just what the area needs…a pizza place!

    • ArlBlueSky

      That area is pretty dead, and that retail spot has been vacant since they renovated the space a few years ago…

      Of course the lack of activity probably has something to do with the location more than anything else

      • PCB

        I wonder if they know that whole area is set to be BRAC’d out to MARC center in the next year…

  • Sigh. It’s terrible and just as bad as the location in L’Enfant Plaza. I don’t understand why someone doesn’t call an upstate or NYC popular pizza chain and open a franchise. It would be wildly successful and make other chains learn how to make quality pizza. My favorite from Rochester, NY is Pontillo’s: http://www.pontillospizza.com

    Yes I inquired and they will franchise *HINT, HINT* to investors!

  • Bob

    Yeah, I have to agree… I tried them once and it was just like eating Sbarro’s… very forgetful… The staff was extremely pleasant, but the pizza was just too blah for any area overflowing with blah and better than blah pizza options…

  • Bob

    (I meant “forgettable”, not “forgetful”…)

    • Well Bob they do “forget” to make good tasting, quality pizza. 😀

  • Repost.

    The best NY pies in NoVA (in no particular order)

    Lucianos in Tysons Corner Mall (been going there over 30 years)
    Tony’s New York Pizza in Fairfax near Walmart
    Italian Store in Arlington
    Valentino’s New York Pizza in Alexandria
    Goody’s in Arlington

    Not NY, but honorable mentions go to:
    Lost Dog Cafe
    Anthony’s in Falls Church

    The wood fired stuff doesn’t do it for me as much as a NY pie, but if you have to have one Pupatella toss’s a good one.

    • Ok I did fail to mention one in the area (but they aren’t interesting in expanding): La Villa Roma in Leesburg, VA (is from upstate NY). Awesome pizza and buffalo wings!

    • DudeGuy

      You give me a headache. Seriously Italian Store? That place is horrible. Not to mention any day of the week you go in there they have flies flying and landing on their food. The pizza is greasy and plain jane. Not sure if you have tried Flippin’ Pizza in Falls Church but my buddies from NY love that place and so do I. Not to mention you can get 2 slices and a soda for $6!

      • Terence

        I agree with you, DudeGuy. Although I thought the pizza was good at Italian Kitchen, I did notice the flies and it was a turn off. Flippin Pizza is excellent, as is Italian Pizza Kitchen in Van Ness!!!

  • AC

    Any opinions on the best pizza delivery in Arlington? I go with Vocelli’s (or sometimes Z, thought it’s expensive), but I’m new here.

    • southie

      Pizza Boli is our go to for delivery

      • Chris

        Delivery is a pretty sad situation: Zpizza, Pizzaiolo, Lost Dog, big chains…none of it is very great. standouts are the Mexican Pizza at Z and the Arugula/Prosciutto at Pizzaiolo.

    • DudeGuy

      Flippin’ Pizza http://www.flippinpizza.com/ about $18 for a pie but they are 18″ and AWESOME. Make sure if you do delivery that you heat the pizza slices up in the oven directly on the rack at 425/450 to get it crisp again.

  • Tom

    I was there for my lunch, the one at 15th street and it was great, i believe they have best pizza in town!


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