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Murray Blasts Moran, Setting Up Possible Electoral Rematch

by ARLnow.com February 1, 2011 at 4:18 pm 4,423 40 Comments

Former Republican congressional candidate Patrick Murray has sent an email to supporters blasting Rep. Jim Moran (D), the man who defeated him in last year’s mid-term election.

On Thursday, Moran started taking heat for comments that he made to a U.S. government-sponsored Arab TV network regarding Americans’ attitudes toward having an African American president. Now Murray is piling on, calling Moran’s comments “wildly inaccurate” and “un-American” in the email reprinted below (after the jump).

Murray, a retired Army colonel who Moran defeated by a 24-point margin, has been lying low since November, but he has maintained his email list and recently set up a new web site. The latest email suggests he may be relishing a rematch against Moran, who he accuses of denigrating his military service.

Reached by phone this afternoon, Murray confirmed that he’s “leaning toward running again.”

“I’ve left the campaign open for a reason,” Murray said. “I’m inclined not to give up after one run, but it’s too early to say.”

“I haven’t ruled anything out for 2012,” Murray added. “I’m committed to this area, I’m committed to the political process, and I’m committed to the Republican party.”

Murray quashed rumors that he may be interested in running for state Sen. Patsy Ticer’s seat this fall.

“It’s too soon after this last campaign, I think,” Murary said, adding that he would support the Republican candidate in the race.

Ticer is widely expected to retire this year. Three Democrats — Del. Adam Ebbin, Arlington School Board Chair Libby Garvey, and Alexandria City Council member Rob Krupicka — have all said they would seek the seat if Ticer declines to run for another term.

See Murray’s email to supporters, after the jump.

Last Tuesday after the State of the Union address, Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) told an international audience on the Arab television network Alhurra that the results of last November’s election were because most Americans are racists who “don’t want to be governed by an African-American . . .” This latest outburst, coming as we know all too well on a long history of Moran outbursts, is not only wildly inaccurate, it is un-American.

I do not support many of President Obama’s policies because I do not think they are good for our country. To wit:

· I do not support “Obamacare,” which despite what was promised does not cover everyone, will force many people to have to change coverage, piles on billions of dollars of additional debt and countless layers of bureaucracy, and robs one half trillion dollars from Medicare.

· I do not agree with President Obama’s energy policies that keep us reliant on foreign oil by denying American companies the ability to produce energy (and thus creating jobs)here at home.

· I do not support President Obama’s $850 billion “stimulus” package, pitched as the way to create jobs and keep unemployment under 8%. The only thing it seems to have stimulated was the unemployment rate, while piling on more debt that will eventually have to be paid for by our children and grandchildren.

· I disagree with President Obama’s decision to cut Army and Marine Corps troop levels by almost 10% while we are fighting our nation’s wars abroad.

The vast majority of Americans who voted for change in Nov 2010 did so because of these and other fact-based and policy-related reasons. But political views aside, as an American I am very proud that in 2008 we elected an African-American to be our President; in my view it reinforces our creed that all of us, regardless of race, gender or orientation are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe it is also a tangible reminder of how far we have progressed as a nation in which slavery was once an institution. We aren’t perfect, but we have come a long way. Moran’s rant, particularly given as it was to an international audience, dismisses this progress and casts us all back to our regrettable pre-14th Amendment past.

Over the years Northern Virginia and indeed most of America has become accustomed to Mr. Moran’s mean-spirited verbiage and his aggressive behavior, including a pattern of making arguably anti-Semitic comments: (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wpdyn/content/article/2007/09/14/AR2007091402171.html).

However with this latest statement Moran outdoes himself, going beyond insulting just one ethnic group or political party. His offensive comments as a sitting U.S. Congressman made to an international audience demean all Americans regardless of religion, political affiliation or ethnicity. It was a staggering lapse of judgment, divisive and un-American. Jim Moran should correct the record with Alhurra, and he owes an apology to his fellow countrymen and to this nation.

Honor and Courage,

Patrick Murray

  • Running for state senate would be hard! I mean, sure, he could probably get more than 37% doing that. But would he be fawned over by national Republicans? No way! Better to run for Moran’s seat & live the high life with lots of free money from the national GOP. Then when he gets destroyed even worse this time, he can just blame Obama’s coattails.

    • Lou

      The bloodbath for you guys might be worse next time. And really, Moran’s comments just do not represent the enlightened electorate of his district, don’t you agree. Hell, even TBD called him on his malarkey.

    • Captain Obvious

      +1 to TGM.

  • Yeah, Murray’s going to do better in the deep “blue” 8th CD in a presidential year, with a massive, 75%-25% (or so) margin in the district for Barack Obama, than he did in the Republican “wave” year of 2010? Brilliant plan! LOL

    • SouthArlJD

      Yeah, I noticed that, too. Moran could be in a coma and he’d still win. I want whatever Murray’s smoking.

      • I’d love to test that theory out.

        • Rick

          Worked the last three elections… I wish he would go back to challenging people to fight on the house floor though

  • Westover

    Only Moran’s war chest is keeping him in office. No Dem can compete with him in the primary. I will say, 16 years ago, folks were very surprised that Tom Foley could lose his safe district while Speaker of the House. Moran does need to start behaving, but really he has 18 months to fool around.

  • MB

    This made me laugh.

  • SouthArlJD

    Way to misrepresent, Murray. I’m reading Murray’s letter and looking at what Moran ACTUALLY said and they’re not the same thing. Maybe someone ought to tell Murray that this stuff is recorded. Here’s what Moran really said:

    “In this case, I believe, a lot of people in the United States don’t want to be governed by an African-American, particularly one who is liberal, who wants to spend money and who wants to reach out to include everyone in our society….”

    He didn’t say most. He said a lot. He never said it was a majority. Anyone who believes what he said isn’t true probably hasn’t been listening or reading what the Tea Party types with their Obama as Hitler, Obama as Witch Doctor signs have been saying.

    Looks like Murray’s just another liar who lies. Sounds like a winner. Bet Moran’s quaking in his boots.

  • Brady

    Patrick Murray would make a great Congressman. A cantaloupe would be a better Congressman than Jim Moran, but Murray is the right kind of Republican for Northern VA. Unfortunately, the 8th District is in no hurry to rid themselves their jackass Congressman, but the reap what they sow, I suppose. If the voters want to continue with a Congressman that embarrasses them on a daily basis because he can’t keep his delusions to himself, that’s their decision.

    • mehoo


      • mehoo

        I was saying “yep” to the “it’s their decision” part.

    • VASquared


  • SouthArlJD

    Not sure why my earlier comment didn’t post, but just want to point out that Murray’s statement regarding what Moran said is not true. Could be my use of the L word tripped me up in some filter. So let me say instead that Mr. Murray has misapprehended the truth of what Moran said. Here’s the actual quote:

    “In this case, I believe, a lot of people in the United States don’t want to be governed by an African-American, particularly one who is liberal, who wants to spend money and who wants to reach out to include everyone in our society….”

    He didn’t say it was “most” as suggested by Mr. Murray’s letter, nor did he even say it was a majority.

    • NorthArlMBA

      We all understand you’re a liberal and will always tow the liberal line. BTW, if you were a good JD – you’d be living in North Arlington 🙂

      • mehoo

        Incredibly lame response.

        Just for once, could people address the substance of a post and not throw labels at each other?

  • OX4

    That man has a stoplight growing out of his cup.

  • Robin

    Moran will definately receive a primary challenge in 2012 and whoever wins the nomination (the odds are against Moran being renominated if it is a head to head race – even Ds are sick and tired of this guy) will be disadvantaged by a fractured and divided party. Keep your eye on redistricting; it may or may not play a role.

  • MC

    I recall Murray’s last campaign as involving robo calls and campaign workers who seemed much too smiley to be from around here — the campaign buses suggested they came from other lands. Moran is indeed a buffoon but I am not prepared to vote for a fake candidate sponsored by out-of-state PACs either. I really can’t understand how Arlingtonians can like either of these guys — both suffer from the same thoughtless reflexive grandstanding they have little to do with the real problems our community and nation face. They both embody the bankruptcy of our two party political system.

    • Brady

      As someone who volunteered, I respond with “if only what you accuse was true.” We could have used the help. And if you look at the FEC filings, you’ll find little out of state financial support. Moran has a war-chest lined from his years of pay-to-play from defense contractors and lobbyists. The volunteers were so “smiley” because they believed in the candidate, as opposed to the Moran volunteers who couldn’t possibly believe in Jim Moran himself, he’s far too detestable.

  • Sophia

    LOL yeah ok Murray. This guy is a professional troll. Wasn’t there a scandal about how he got the Republican primary over Berry?

  • Robin

    No, there was no scandal about Murray winning the primary. He did it with better organization and an awesome ground game.

    • MB

      Only a scandal if you’re a Republican with a sense of decency (which means, no, there was no scandal).

    • Terri

      No he want it by associating himself with the lowest low-life he could find in Alexandria.

  • PCB

    Both parties are delusional. However, Dems are more Machiavellian throughout recent history.

    • mehoo

      Dem? Really? Ever heard of Tom DeLay?

      • SouthArlJD

        I’ll see your DeLay and raise you a Karl Rove and a Lee Atwater. Dems can hardly spell Machiavelli compared to their opponents across the aisle.

      • PCB

        How about a Pelosi?

        “A bill does not need bipartisan votes to be bipartisan.”

        • SouthArlJD

          Said only after the exasperated Pelosi found out that the Republicans intended not to do anything productive and wanted only to obstruct and oppose no matter how much the Dems caved on the health care reform bill. They were virtually unified in opposition despite the Dems having put in over 160 of their suggestions to the final bill. Republicans aren’t interested in governing any more. They don’t even like the government. That’s why they’re the party of no.

  • Moran seems intent on being his own worst enemy…. He is an embarrassment to this district and the sooner he is gone the better. Keep up the good fight COL Murray!

  • Brandon C

    I think Moran speaks a bit of truth usually (even if he doesn’t express it eloquently). It might not be outright racism, but definitely a cultural rift that prevents a lot of people from even considering they might support a Harvard-educated well-spoken son of an immigrant who paid for his education through scholarships and hard work. These are the same people who, until he screwed things up enough, loved an affable, rustic-speaking C-student scion of a legacy family. It’s never been about who’s a better administrator or leader. It’s about who you LIKE more.

    Racism is a strong word, but the fact that Obama is black is part of the picture and ignoring it also ignores the cultural rifts that we’re facing right now between left and right.

    • mehoo

      Great post. You should write Moran’s speeches, and figure out how to get him to keep his own mouth shut (good luck with that though).

    • KalashniKEV

      Gimme a break!!!

      He’s only HALF black… and it’s only emphasized by the media as a race-shield to ward off criticism of his radical agenda. The man doesn’t need to throw his own race card- he has a million wide eyed sycophants dancing to his tune that are all more than willing to throw it for him.

      • brif

        Why is being “HALF black” significant?

        • KalashniKEV

          It makes it that much more pathetic when his minions throw race cards at anyone in opposition to the “Hope and Change.”

          • brif

            Sorry, the only thing pathetic in this thread is your implication that a person who is “only HALF black” could not be viewed negatively by some people based on their racial background.

      • mehoo

        Radical agenda? 😆

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