$129 Million Crystal City Hotel Project Sets Opening Date

by ARLnow.com February 4, 2011 at 10:03 am 5,493 24 Comments

The opening of two large hotels in Crystal City is drawing near.

The new Renaissance Arlington Capital View and the new Residence Inn Capital View hotels are currently expected to open on March 9.

The hotels will both be owned by developer JBG and managed by Marriott. Construction, which began in 2008, was funded with $129 million in financing from Wells Fargo.

The hotels are located on the southern end of Crystal City. They have a total of 625 rooms between them, and are expected to create about 500 jobs.

Photo via Flickr. Hat tip to Doug Wendt.

  • LyonSteve

    Anyone have a photo of the finished project?

  • J

    It feels like it’s been in development FOREVER, but it’s actually a fairly beautiful building…for this area.

  • DSS

    Stunning architecture (not).

    • CrystalCity’er

      I love your snarky-ness but the building is actually quite nice, and has a few interesting details. I bet you haven’t even seen it in person.

      • MIchael H.

        The grand foyer of the Renaissance is impressive. You can easily see it from the outside because of all the glass walls on the first two levels.

      • Dss

        Sorry for the snarkyness, it’s just that when given the opportunity of a green field project developers here always take the lowest cost most generic approach to development. I think that one of Arlingtons biggest problems is that it is so nondescript. As some one who has worker in commercial real estate finance, this building was designed from an existing plan and if you were to fly to Atlanta, Toledo, ST Louis, or Sacramento you would at least 3-5 buildings with the exact same plan and details. I bet if you could look at the engineering spec, this building has been designed with a 25 year life span. Crystal city, was when it was built, a very forward looking and distinctive design that was the basis for one of the most finically successful developments in the country. If you take a real-estate finance class at harvard, Yale, or university of Chicago they use crystal city as a case study for a successful development. The current development in the south end of crystal city and potomac yards looks like a real lost opportunity both for Arlington/Alexandria and investors.

  • cj

    Actually the location is Potomac Yard, which is next to the southern end of Crystal City. Different “neighborhood,” different planning district, different ownership history etc etc etc.

    • CrystalCity’er

      It’s right between the two, but its still considered Crystal City. I live the next block over and pretty sure I live in CC.

      • cj

        Officially, Potomac Yard is the area south of the overpass and east of Route 1. The EPA office building is the northernmost Potomac Yard project, just north of these hotels. The area shares a zip code, bus lines and a polling place with southern Crystal City but it was planned and redeveloped as a separate district.

        • CrystalCity’er

          Interesting. As of today, it seems I will have to refer to myself as PotomacYarder 🙁

          Time to print new business cards and alert the media…

          • LyonSteve

            Concord Crystal City?

          • CrystalCity’er


          • Actually, until 1930, there was a town called Potomac, VA, right there, encompassing Del Ray and other areas.

    • Hattie McDaniel

      Honey, a few weeks ago, people on here were saying Aurora Highlands was Crystal City too. I guess CC stretches from Arlington Cemetery to Four Mile Run and from the River to I-395.

      • cj

        Don’t tell the good folks in Aurora Hills and Arlington Ridge that they’re in Crystal City! They spend too much energy trying to keep CC and its traffic out of their fair neighborhoods.

  • CCR

    Here’s the official Renaissance website for the hotel: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/waspy-renaissance-arlington-capital-view-hotel/

    A quote from the website, “Discover the center of convenience and luxury at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel and rethink what you know about staying in Northern Virginia. Our modern hotel is poised to impress guests starting in April 2011. ” I hope the guests will be impressed with the smell that wafts from time to time from the nearby water/sewage treatment plant.

    • CrystalCity’er

      I only smell it from time to time and that’s because I take my dog on walks pretty often. I doubt the guests will be outside very much, and then only when they’re loading/unloading to/from the shuttle to the metro.

      • Arlwhenever

        County is doing design work on a pedestrian bridge at the south end of Eads across Four Mile Run, to yield not only olafactory pleasures but a birds-eye view of the open-air sewage treatment tanks, to promote development the County says. Yummy.

  • dpan

    I’m so gld we can finally put some development dollars into boosting the real estate value of Crystal City.

  • CrystalMikey

    I drove by it last night, had some nice details lit up and such.

  • Wayne Kubicki

    Let’s wish them well. Hotels are best tax generators the County can have.

    • GMO

      Only if the County gets to keep said tax on the books!

      • Wayne Kubicki

        Regardless of what happens with the tourism promo charge (which is 0.25%), hotels pay LOTS of taxes – County staff will tell you that with the myriad of taxes a hotel generates (real estate; the 5% transient occupancy tax – which by itself is 3% of local tax revenue; sales; personal property), hotels are bigger tax generators than comparably sized office or apartment buildings.

        • Arlwhenever

          And people who stay at the hotels eat, take cabs, ride buses, sightsee, and do business with local entities. Hosting is a great employer and economic engine all around.


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