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Pike Roadwork Planned as Penrose Square Nears Completion

by ARLnow.com February 18, 2011 at 12:06 pm 3,621 13 Comments

Construction crews are starting to wrap up work on the massive Penrose Square development on Columbia Pike. As the project nears completion, county officials are preparing to do some rehab work on the rough stretch of pavement in front of the development.

Penrose Square is now leasing its upscale apartment homes. The move-in date for tenants is set for mid-May. Billed as a “town square” for Columbia Pike, Penrose Square will feature about 300 apartments, a new, 47,000 square foot Giant supermarket, a handful of shops and a public park.

The construction of Penrose Square has required extensive utility work on the section of Columbia Pike in front of the development. As a result of the constant digging, the Pike has become rough and gravelly between South Wayne Street and South Barton Street.

Arlington County Department of Environmental Services spokeswoman Mylisa Kennedy says the county expects to start repaving the roadway in April. Sidewalk and curb work, meanwhile, is set to start next week.

The Penrose Project is in the final stages of the infrastructure upgrades and installations. All wet utilities have been installed and over 90 percent of the dry utilities, or undergrounding, has also been installed. We will begin to demolish and install new sidewalk, curb and gutter on Columbia Pike beginning Monday February 21st and we expect to begin the final paving the first week in April. In the meantime, staff will continue to monitor and restore the roadway to keep it safe for vehicular traffic. Hopefully, this will all be restored and looking better in the coming weeks ahead.

  • curious

    do you guys know how much the studios/1 bedroom apartments will cost?

    • South204

      I would also be interested in learning the prices of the apts, 1BR and 2BR. Their website does not have the cost info, so any info that ArlNow can provide will be greatly appreciated.

      • BallstonNOTBoston

        around $1900 (not including utilities, parking, etc) for a 1 bd/bath…

        Kinda steep for C Pike – but it comes with an endless supply of bums and day laborers on your front porch!!!

        • TuesdaysChild


  • No Way

    Rough and gravelly – that is the understament of the century. This road is NOT SAFE for vehicular traffic in its current state. The contractor SUCKS at patching the road every night. It is dark and unlit through the patch between Bob and Edith’s and the light at Barton so you have NO WAY of knowing whether there are tremendous potholes in front of you or not. The turn lane on to Barton is unmarked and raised about 4 inches off the regular roadway, if you can call it regular.

    My favorite was when the contractor just stuck an orange cone in a big whole in the middle of the right lane one friday night. The county had to come through on Sunday afternoon and patch it.

    But nice that the county is concerned about the curbs for the new tenants.

  • G

    Does anyone have any idea when they expect to finish the public park/plaza at Penrose?

    • NomNom

      When the Giant first closed a sign was put up and said the store would be back in 2012.

      • LBski

        2012 for the Giant?? I was under the impression that it was opening this year. Sigh.

    • Arlingtonian2

      One half of the Penrose Square park is the CVS parking lot. So we can expect another monstrous project that will be 8 or 9 stories high, a block deep that will take out a section of Fillmore Gardens (affordable housing).

  • G. Clifford Prout

    As the mayor of Columbia Pike Town Center I have been fighting every day to insure your Giant opens ahead of time and under budget. Vote Prout in ’11.

  • everything i’ve read suggests a may 2011 open date for giant, never saw 2012 anywhere. i’m stoked for the project completion.

  • David

    The leasing agent said they will open for tenants in May and then Giant a month later. I don’t think it will be 2012 – rather, mid 2011 for Giant.

  • The Mothership

    One of the former CP cashiers, now at the VA Square Giant, said that management has told them to expect the Pike Giant to reopen in May 2011.

    I am so ready to turn in my Costco membership. More space for you all, and who cares?


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