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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com February 21, 2011 at 6:00 am 1,767 17 Comments

Holiday Closures — Most federal and Arlington County government offices are closed in observance of Washington’s Birthday — better known as President’s Day. ART is operating on a holiday schedule and Metro is operating on a modified schedule with on-going closures on the Blue and Orange Lines.

Real Estate Prices Up — Arlington real estate continues its upward trend. The median sales price in Arlington rose by 7.5 percent, according to Arlington Real Estate News.

Restaurant Coming to Siena Park?Taqueria Poblano is in talks to open a location on the ground floor of the Siena Park apartment building on Columbia Pike. [Pike Wire]

Book Club Devoted to Intellectual Adventures — A group of students and their parents have formed a book club devoted to topics from space to the classics, with expert speakers for each book selection. [Washington Post]

  • Burger

    I certainly feel wealthier.

    I know my neighbor across the street just sold his house in 3 days with multiple bids and sold above asking. So I am very eager for that feeling of being wealthier, at least according to the Arlington County Real Estate assessment office, to trickle in.

    • Bender

      Now it can be champaign and caviar for us every night!

      • Burger

        Me being wealthier because RE prices are up is sort of an inside joke directed to some of the economics wizards here.

        • LyonSteve

          Your liquid net worth hasn’t changed. But I understood your first post and get what you’re saying.

          Just because my home’s value has increased does not mean that my cash flow has increased. This doesn’t mean that I should “feel” wealthier at all. Those of you who love taxes should feel free to make a donation to the Arlington treasury. For the rest of us, with inflation very low, no county deficit, there is no reason to raise the RE tax rate.

          • Burger

            I know. It was directed at the posters on here that say if your house’s value goes up, you shouldn’t complain about paying more in real estate taxes because you are wealthier.

            Sorry, but the sarcasm in my posts didn’t come through.

          • mehoo

            Nobody said that you shouldn’t complain, only that you should have some perspective about why your bill is going up, and also not mix it up with an increase in tax rates.

            Maybe you failed English too.

          • Burger

            No, you have repeatedly said you are wealthier, so you should pay more, even though it is an illuquid asset and has no impact on your immediate wealth.

            And, the tax rate is going to go up. The County board didn’t just overrule the County Manager on the proposed rate for no reason – there are Trolley’s and future Artisphere’s to build to waste taxpayer’s money on.

          • Dan

            +1 for Burger
            Meeho, if you are not currently collecting a check from either the county or the ACDC you are being cheated !!!

          • mehoo

            I said if you are wealthier, you shouldn’t be surprised to pay more. And maybe you should pay more. The tax you pay is based on your home’s value, after all – what, you thought everyone should pay the same?

        • Overgrown Bush

          Yeah. Your tax bill is up. Food prices are up. Gas prices are up. Wages are flat.

        • mehoo

          I’m not sure if you failed econ or just didn’t take it.

          When the market value of property you own goes up, you are wealthier. Your net worth increases.

          Wealth and cash are not the same thing, by the way.

          • CW


            I would like to propose a moratorium on people complaining about their property taxes on this board. Given real estate prices around here, if you are lucky enough to own a home in Arlington, it means that you fall into one of four categories, in that you: 1) are extremely wealthy, 2) inherited it, 3) purchased it 10 or so years ago, before the boom, or 4) over-leveraged yourself and are in over your head. If you are 1, I don’t feel sorry for you. If you are 2 or 3, then feel free to sell it and make a tremendous profit. If you are 4, well, sorry. And, if you’re going to tell me that I’m wrong, and overgeneralizing, and that a normal person or a young couple of non-attorneys can afford to purchase a property in Arlington county, then please, let me know where I can do this, but only me, because otherwise you will create a rush, which will drive those prices up(sarcasm).

            Seriously, if you hate the property taxes so much, then sell your home for the $500k/$750k/$1M+ that it’s worth, move to a normal part of the country, buy five times the house for 1/2 the price, and use the rest to buy a beach home. Cry me a river.

  • Yum

    Taqueria is a great restaurant. I would happily go there 3 or 4 times a month. Hurry up and sign the lease and get to building! I want fish tacos!

    • borf

      Poblano is really great, and not as hyped as some other joints like District Taco.

  • Tabby

    After a nightmare commute on Columbus Day, I drove in today. No buses for we private sector people.

  • charlie

    Good luck for Taquiera Poblamo. i hope they do well.
    but restaurant chains that are successful in other parts of Arlington and Alexandria don’t have a good history of success on the Pike. I think the people are anti-carpetbaggers.

  • Josh S

    We ARE anti-carpetbaggers, BUT I think there is enough density and pent-up demand that this location should do well. I’ll certainly be visiting. On foot!


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