High Winds Cause Havoc Across Arlington

by ARLnow.com February 25, 2011 at 3:59 pm 1,704 10 Comments

Numerous reports of downed power lines, toppled trees, dislodged traffic signs and blowing debris are coming in.

Among the reports we’re following right now:

  • Downed power line on Four Mile Run Drive at George Mason Drive. Traffic is being diverted. Dominion is on the scene.
  • Large tree down at 3700 North Harrison Street
  • Awnings dislodged and glass broken at 3100 Clarendon Boulevard
  • Compromised roof at 1300 South Arlington Ridge Road
  • Updated at 5:05 pm. — Large tree down at 17th Street and North Utah Street
  • Updated at 5:05 pm. — Wires down at 23rd Street North and George Mason Drive
  • Updated at 5:05 pm. — Tree down at George Mason Drive and Four Mile Run Drive
  • Updated at 5:05 pm. — Dominion is reporting 1,368 customers without power in Arlington
  • Updated at 5:10 pm. — Wires down at 18th Street and South Edgewood Street

  • arlfan

    Awning at Pacers now gone; guys are working on the Clarendon Fitness awning too. Glass is almost cleaned up.

  • ChrisG

    So when will the dead tree at the NE corner of 12th and Eads finally fall?

  • barlington
  • set the controls

    I’d be a lot more forgiving of this outage and the crews’ efforts to restore power if I hadn’t gotten a year’s worth of lip about trimming a couple dead branches in front of our house. Jesus Christ an inch of snow or a windy day are all it takes to take out power-secure the infrastructure please.

  • Sal

    Power out and can’t get an estimate from dominion.

  • Rick

    There was a loud boom in ballston in the early afternoon and it knocked my fios out for a few hours. did wonders for my workday

  • CrystalMikey

    Poor Pacers. 🙁

  • Sal

    Sal….still no power. How can a fallen tree knock out power for over 15 hours and counting. Dominion is fumbling this one.

    • borf

      Because you’re not the only person in the universe?

  • Snookie

    Power finally came on in Bluemont at 1pm!


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