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Photo Tour of Swank New Crystal City Hotels

by ARLnow.com March 7, 2011 at 4:00 pm 4,844 22 Comments

They’re two hotels with separate identities and philosophies, but they share a building, an owner and a sleek, modern aesthetic.

The new 300-room Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel and 325-suite Residence Inn Arlington Capital View will open to the public on Wednesday, but public relations staffers have been busy showing off the properties over the past week. Located on the south end of Crystal City, the hotels offer rooms with expansive views of Reagan National Airport and the Potomac River.

We’ll talk about what each hotel offers guests in a minute, but first let’s discuss the stuff that locals can take advantage of.

The Renaissance is home to an airy, 96-seat restaurant and bar called SOCCi (pronounced so-chee). The eatery, which is accessible from Crystal Drive, features modern Italian cuisine, a “pet-friendly outdoor seating area” and a chef’s tasting room.

The Renaissance is also home to one of the few Espressamente Illy coffee bars in the United States. The cafe has an outdoor patio and offers espresso beverages, sandwiches and lite fare. Your coffee can be enjoyed in the cafe or in the adjacent lobby area, which has WiFi and plenty of places to plug in laptops. The cafe will compete with a Starbucks that does brisk business just a block away on Crystal Drive.

For guests, the upscale Renaissance will offer rooms with high-speed internet, high-def TVs, iPod docking stations and “spa-like bathrooms.” The extended-stay Residence Inn will offer rooms wiht free WiFi, kitchens with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances and complementary grocery delivery.

The hotels will share a well-equipped fitness area and a small pool. The Renaissance offers 17,354 square feet of multi-use event space and various outdoor lounge areas, while the Residence Inn has a “lobby with a stylish clubhouse environment, library, urban fireplace and outdoor fire pit.” Residence Inn guests will be free to wander the public areas of the Renaissance, and vice versa.

Management expects the building to be LEED Silver certified, thanks to energy efficient lighting, green roofs and other environmental features.

The hotels, owned by local developer JBG and managed by Marriott International, are estimated to have cost some $129 million. The properties will employ about 250 people, according to a press release.

  • Glebe Roader

    I have no idea what an “Espressamente Illy coffee bar” is and I don’t want to take the 15 seconds to google it.

  • The Dope of South Arlington

    Maybe one of these new hotels can host the 2012 DMV Music Awards.

    • Southeast Ben

      That was my immediate thought…

  • Lou

    With all that opulence on display it makes it a tough case to pull money out of the county budget to do marketing for them.

  • CrystalMikey

    Now it would be nice if that coffee joint stays open longer than all of the Starbucks here in the neighborhood. Who shut down around 6-7pm. :p

  • Dbag

    Sweet, a Starbucks!! We need one of those in Arlington.

    • Hattie McDaniel

      The Starbucks is already there, Einstein, and has been for over a year or more.

      • Dbag

        I was being sarcastic Watson.

      • local

        Hattie, google “the Arlington Rap” and learn all the inside jokes on this blog.



  • Clyde

    As a progressive, whose mentor is the Honorable Christopher Zimmerman, I support gas prices, like Chris, reaching $5.00 or more per gallon to entice folks to walk, ride bikes and take mass transit. I also support progressive policies, like Chris, that will force folks to move and live near Metro Stations under the mantra of “liveable communities” – UN Agenda 21.

    • Dbag

      Speaking of which… why hasn’t this technology already transformed transportation as we know it http://www.reuters.com/news/video?videoId=84561 Oh wait, I forgot the oil companies rule the world.

      • Clyde

        As a progressive, I do not understand why Republicans are against electric cars and want us to explain where the electricity for them comes from (coal and nuke plants). It’s akin to asking us why it takes more oil and gas to make one gallon of ethanol and why food prices are rising because more farmers are growing corn (and destroying more sensitive lands) just to put subsidized ethanol (that destroys engines) into more cars.

        • ItsEasy

          If you live near to where you need to be, like every reasonable person has done for 10’s of thousands of years, you wouldn’t need to worry about what kind of “car” you drive.

        • jim

          have fun driving your electric car while stuck on gw parkway for 8 hours during a snowstorm.

          • Dbag

            Well the car I referred to in the link runs on water, so in a snowstorm you could just jump out of your car and throw some snow in the gas tank. And when you had to pee you could just pee in the gas tank. Fun.

    • local

      Seek treatment for your paranoia.

  • MIchael H.

    The new building looks very elegant and fancy. But I think Marriott may be neglecting the Crystal City/National Airport/Pentagon City market. They only have… seven(?!) hotels in the immediate area (if you include the Residence Inns, Courtyard by Marriott, Renaissance and Ritz-Carlton hotels).

  • Rick

    I can’t tell if clyde is serious or not

    • KArlington

      Seriously wack…

  • Dan

    But how many days until these hotels become dirty, bedbug-invested nightmares, like the rest of them?

    I am sure their highly-qualified, trained staff will not let that happen, right?


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