Truck Accident Blocks Glebe Road in Ballston

by ARLnow.com March 10, 2011 at 10:28 am 2,446 11 Comments

Update at 10:40 a.m. — The accident has been moved out of the middle of the intersection. One righthand lane of Glebe Road remains blocked.

An accident between two large trucks is partially blocking the busy intersection of Glebe Road and Fairfax Drive.

One of the trucks involved is a large car carrier. One minor injury has been reported.

Police and paramedics are on the scene. Expect traffic issues in the area.

  • Joe

    This is about lazy police. If you keep having accident after accident at this intersection, you might want to have cops actually pulling people over.

    Or, in other words, if you keep letting people blow through stop signs even in front of places like ACPD Headquarters in Courthouse, then drivers are going to act as if police in Arlington are simply not present.

    • Evil

      Joe, way to jump to conclusions with very little to go on. Lazy police are the reason there are accidents??? NO… Ahole drivers are the reason there are accidents. Not to mention the civilian population far outweighs the police force, therefore it’s impossible for the cops to ‘police’ every area/person. Civilians need to start taking responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming the police force for everything.

      Why don’t you go apply to the ACPD and teach them how to work effectively if you feel they are doing a less than acceptable job.

    • CW

      It was two big trucks, in a very busy intersection, in the rain. Things happen.

      • Evil

        Next time Joe is in and/or witnesses an accident I’d love for him to go up to the responding officer and tell him/her “You know, this is all your fault”.
        Be sure to report back to us when you do Joe!

  • Brian

    Def looks like the car carrier was making a left off of Glebe onto Fairfax. Based on that angle he was turning onto the ramp for I-66, as the road goes nowhere else, which makes it illegal.

    But nevertheless, that left turn is controlled by a signal and a red light camera. So someone clearly ran a light here.

    • Sam

      Trucks can go on I-66 if they call ahead to law enforcement – it’s been in practice for a long time. Certain trucks can’t go on county/state roads to size/weight restrictions therefore, I-66 is the only route for some trucks.

  • Jeff

    I was standing at the intersection when it happened. The Car Carrier 18 wheeler was try trying to make it through the left turn light which was yellow and was going too slow to clear the intersection before the other truck’s light turned green. The truck was in the right lane and went on the green light completely oblivious to the 18 wheeler coming at it. Everyone else in line at the light just sat and watched in disbelief.

    I was so surprised when it happened — the slow motion type stuff where you think, “Um dude, you’re going to see that huge 18 wheeler coming at you, right?” Nope. Boom.

    • CW

      This is why I love this site…anything happens and in a couple hours you have eyewitness account. Awesome.

  • shirley

    drove thru around 1045 and it was clear. but my first reaction to the 18-wheeler being on West Bound Fairfax drive, was,um, where were you going?
    on that note, i find a ton more trucks on I-66 these days — and not just construction and Airport trucks, but big moving vans and such…
    more enforcement need there too!!

  • BallstonDweller

    That is a horrible intersection whatever the cause of this accident…

  • CarsSuck

    how about some red light cameras on all angles of that intersection? And not the spastic ones like they currently have that just flash for no apparent reason.


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