Mobile Food Business Ramps Up As the Weather Warms Up

by ARLnow.com March 18, 2011 at 2:03 pm 2,882 14 Comments

(Updated at 2:10 p.m.) Food trucks and carts were out in force around Welburn Square in Ballston today. With temperatures reaching into low 70s, workers flocked to the square for some spring-like outdoor dining.

The proprietors of the BBQ Bandidos truck, who continued serving their signature sandwiches and cemitas through the cold weather months, said business has picked up considerably. Across the street, a long line extended from the bright pink Curbside Cupcake truck.

Meanwhile, the broadcast team behind the Taco Carrito cart said they had just returned from their winter hibernation this week and were pleasantly surprised by demand today. The tiny two-person cart was sold out by 1:30 p.m.

  • LP

    Think you meant “carts”, not “cards”.

  • JamesE

    Sometimes I hate working in McLean, I live right there what a tease. I have heard good things about that Halal cart

  • Hikin’ the Pike

    Wait…is that an outdoor temporary sign? Where’s the sign-police?

  • Curious George

    mmmmm District Taco back in Crystal City this week.

  • Jamie

    Any food truck aficionados know which food trucks have vegetarian options? I haven’t paid much attention to them since I figure most don’t have anything veggie.

    • Try the Prius cart

      • ArlVeg

        The Big Cheese is all vegetarian.

    • ameer

      tasty kabob has veggies ( like today was spinach/chic peas + rice) and District Taco you can get veggie tacos.

    • Sally

      Taco Carrito has veggie tacos

  • Z

    District Taco has a new burrito option for lunch, but it’s hard to beat the classic tacos.

  • Jennifer

    Taco Carrito has a great veggie tacos! peppers, onions, refried beans…now im making myself hungry

  • Shell

    Ok there were 3 Halal carts all on the same corner of Stuart and Wilson today. That’s just a tad ridiculous. 1 Halal cart was doing amazingly well and always had a line. Now there are 2 others trying to muscle in on the business. I can see different types of food trucks trying to get some business but 3 of the same??? Come on competitor Halal trucks! Move on! Get your own darn corner! Try heading down to Courthouse or Rosslyn or even VA Square!!!

  • Shell

    PS the original one is the cart with “New York Grilled Chicken Gyro Halal Food” on the top. That one’s the best.


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