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More Endorsements for Krupicka, Ebbin

by ARLnow.com March 28, 2011 at 3:58 pm 2,628 21 Comments

There are two more endorsements to report in the three-way Democratic primary race for the 30th District state Senate seat.

Democratic congressman Gerry Connolly endorsed Alexandria City Councilman Rob Krupicka over the weekend.

“Rob is an exceptionally qualified candidate, and will make an excellent addition to our region’s delegation in Richmond,” Connolly said. “Coming from local government myself, I know Rob’s service on the Alexandria City Council will be an incredible asset in the State Senate.”

Meanwhile former Rep. Leslie Byrne — the first woman to serve in Congress from Virginia — announced her endorsement of Del. Adam Ebbin today.

“Adam represents the progressive leadership this Senate District deserves,” she said in a statement. “I am proud to endorse him.”

Byrne served one term in the 11th District House seat that is currently held by Connolly.

Interviewed today by ARLnow.com, Rep. Jim Moran said he did not anticipate taking sides in the primary between Krupicka, Ebbin and Arlington School Board Chair Libby Garvey.

“I don’t think I’m going to,” he said. “They’re all friends.”

“I’m of course going to support whoever wins the primary,” Moran added.

  • Bud Miller

    Now that he has officially launched his campaign for the Virginia Senate, Councilman Rob Krupicka should do the right thing and immediately step down from the Alexandria City Council. This will allow Krupicka to concentrate his efforts on his new political endeavor, while allowing his replacement to focus on representing the people of Alexandria.

    One may reasonably ask if Krupicka is currently representing Alexandria’s best interests or attempting to curry favor with nonAlexandria population centers, as well as the professional lobbyists and rich donors whose support he will need to fulfill his ambitions for higher office. Regardless of the answer, it is clear that Krupicka is no longer interested, if he ever was, in supporting Alexandria businesses and citizens.

    Indeed, Krupicka’s decision to support the wildly unpopular Donley Piggyback tax suggests that he has placed his desire for State Office above the interests of his constituents. This draconian tax has been strongly opposed by the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce (hardly a radical origination) and more than 440 of our citizens who have signed a petition at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/alexchambercatpet/signatures. Clearly, no one wishing to be re-elected to City Council would willingly take this political suicide pill.

    Bud Miller

    The views expressed above are solely mine own and do not represent the views of any organization I am or have been associated with.

    • ChrisG

      Any particular reason you call on one of them to resign and not all of them?

      • MB

        It appears that Bud takes the opportunity to bang on his drum all over local sites no matter how unrelated the original post may be.

        • Bud Miller

          It is unfortunate that you can’t see the obvious connection to the story. The link between the original story and the editorial is clear. A professional politician (Krupicka) is collecting endorsements from other professional politicians from other districts to run for a “higher” office. As one of his constituents, I am calling for him to resign because he no longer truly represents the people who originally voted him into office due to his campaigning activities such as soliciting support in geographic areas and from lobbyists and other professional politicians which have different interests than his constituents.

          You may disagree with the comment, but they are clearly linked. By the way, the same logic holds together regardless of Party affiliation.

      • Bud Miller

        Krupicka is the only Alexandria City Council Member running for “higher” office and pandering to outside interests at the expense of the people who elected him.

  • Jezebel

    Projected primary result, just pulled out of my pocket:

    Ebbin 42%
    Krupicka 32
    Garvey 22
    Noise 4

    • Do you want to bet money on it?

      • Jezebel

        No, it was pulled out of my pocket as a read on current situation. I have no vested interest in this fight — just an observer. What is your view of the result, with percentages?

      • Lou

        I’d like some of that “Garvey getting 22%” action. That is ludicrously high.

  • Arlwhenever

    Mr. Miller, the Arlington Way is the Piggyback tax is used to finance blasting new entrances to Metro stations (see the post below). With that kind of precendent for putting transportation earmarks to good use, I can’t understand why Alexandria businesses don’t want to pay the tax so they can shake, rattle, and rock and roll as well.

    • Bud Miller

      That is a good question.

      The answer is that while Arlington tends to be the home of very large businesses, Alexandria tends to be the home of very small, independent, family owned businesses. Many of these small businesses simply can’t afford a 15+ percent increase in their real estate taxes.

      Many Alexandrians also strongly believe that the proposed tax is unfair in that it segments a part of the population to pay for what is, by definition, a “public good”.

      As noted above, our Chamber of Commerce is strongly opposed to this unfair and regressive tax. See: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/alexchambercatpet/signatures

  • bob

    Gosh, I’d like to support Ebbin except he was behind that stupid bill to make running a red light a reckless offense in virginia. Full employment for traffic lawyers!

    • MB

      Or, you know, maybe his reasoning was that running red lights tends to put people in mortal danger and maybe people who don’t think it does ought to be given reason to think twice.

      Or are you just seeking full employment for ER docs?

    • what about bob?

      Gosh, bob, how often do you run red lights? is this all about you?

      Ever stop to think that red light runners actually kill people? And if you’re about to complain about rear-enders, maybe the idiots who rear-end someone are the same “I don’t give a damm about other people get the heck out of my way I’m more important than you and I don’t have time to stop” idiots who run red lights in the first place.

      Do you really think because someone is late for an appointment, because they didn’t plan ahead, that they have the right to jeopardize someone else’s life just to suit them? Selfish, selfish, selfish.

      Red lights are only for a minute or so. And in Arlington if you’re driving the speed limit on most arterials you can actually make it from one side of the county, yes even in rush hour, without having to stop for a red light. Slow down and you actually go faster…

      Or be the idiot who races ahead to beat the light ahead of me; I’ll see you at the next light. Yeah, bob, its all about baby steps….

      • Too Easy

        err right all red light running is at rush hour and not because of a faulty sensor. Why the heck else would other states be passing laws allowing smaller cars/motorbikes/cycles passage through lights that fail to detect. Red light running is always dangerous and there are no traps exploited by over reaching enforcement officials. Is that a rainbow behind the unicorn?

        • mehoo

          A faulty sensor! Oh no! We better abolish the law against running red lights altogether – it could have been a faulty sensor!

    • Bud Miller

      I thought it was Dave Albo (R-Springfield) who was behind the multi-thousand dollar fines for relatively minor traffic violations. It is my understanding that Albo is an excellent traffic attorney. (Yes, the obvious conflict of interest is pathetic as were some of the original cases before these fines were dropped.)

      Yes, running red lights is an obvious safety issue, but the brave men and women who enforce our traffic laws should be out there to save lives, not act as revenue collectors. Just like the Donley Piggyback Tax, these excessive fines were unfair.

      • mehoo

        Stupid unfair fees and other gimmicks are what you get when you refuse to just raise taxes.

    • mehoo

      Thanks, bob, for that info – I think I’ll vote for Ebbin.

  • roquer

    who cares who Moran cares about?

  • Flinston

    Exactly..who cares what the hell Moran thinks. He doesn’t even know what he thinks.


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