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Top Chef Spike Mendelsohn Scouting Out Crystal City?

by ARLnow.com March 30, 2011 at 10:10 am 4,984 34 Comments

Is former Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn planning on opening a restaurant in Crystal City?

An ARLnow spy spotted Mendelsohn and a man identified as his father dining at the Crystal City Chick-fil-A while chatting up the manager about foot traffic and sales.

“He is apparently opening a new restaurant (or planning to) in Crystal City,” the tipster said. A second source confirmed that Mendelsohn may be scouting out locations in Crystal City.

Mendelsohn is the proprietor of Good Stuff Eatery, a gourmet burgers-fries-and-ice-cream joint on Capitol Hill, and We, the Pizza, which is exactly what you think it is.

Good Stuff Eatery is in the midst of an expansion that is bringing it to new locales like Baltimore and Philadelphia. Might Crystal City be next?

Photo via Twitter

  • John

    “a gourmet burgers-fries-and-ice-cream joint on Capitol Hill” No, it isn’t and I can’t undestand why it gets the attention it does. unless you like greasy burgers, limp luke-warm french fries, crowds, noise, and unclean dining. Spike is vastly over-rated.

    • Aaron

      Yes, many times yes. Awful burgers, awful fries, and possibly the most DC-tastic service in the metro area. Their milkshakes are A-OK though.

      If Spike brings a Good Stuff to Crystal Drive, all it’ll do is make Ted’s look like heaven.

      • Mike

        I agree-i do not understand the appeal of this place. No, actually i do. C-list celebrity making mediocre burgers not even in the same galaxy as Ray’s and Five Guys that rich and poor people alike will overpay for in order to be associated if ever so slightly with a famous person. It’s as American as baseball and apple pie.

        The only thing crazier is how comically expensive the shakes are.

        • Justin Russo

          Precisely. Just like G’town cupcakes, which taste like Duncan-Hines, but they are ON TV!!!

      • SB

        I agree about their meat burgers, but their veggie burger is to die for. Cheese melted inside of a mushroom burger, best veggie burger I’ve had. And their milkshakes are also amazing. Just got to know what to order.

  • PikeHoo

    They’ll have to have some kick-a$$ burgers & fries to steal me over from my beloved Five Guys. Five Guys may not be gourmet, but good God is it delicious.

    • John

      Spike isn’t “gourmet.” However, “joint” is on the money.

  • JamesE

    I hate that hat

    • DudeGuy

      This better?………………no

  • Dood

    Crystal City is in need of a solid burger joint (though I am a fan of the bison burgers at Ted’s Montana Grill – and I’ve never tried Hamburger Hamlet, how is it?). I’d probably prefer a BGR but I would still like a Good Stuff Eatery very much!!

    • John

      Try the one on Capitol Hill before you wish for one is your neighborhood.

    • CrystalMikey

      The Hamlet sucks. 😛

      • Mildred Pierced

        True dat.

      • MIchael H.

        And they’re overpriced.

  • G. Clifford Prout

    D C Health Department shut “we the pizza” down last week. Red sticker on the door and employees cleaning up inside like no tomorrow. Fun to watch.

  • DudeGuy

    Brgr:Shack EVERYWHERE!!!

    • metro


  • CW

    Is this the only picture of Spike Mendelsohn that has ever been taken?


    Dood have you sampled the burgers at Buffalo Wild Wings. FREDTERP

    • V Dizzle

      Sorry, but when I see your posts with your name in bold, I hear “Steve Holt!” in my head. Probably just me. Good times.

      • JamesE

        I read it out like MATT DAMON in team america.

      • Chad

        “Stand in for… Steve Holt?” “STEVE HOLT!!!”

    • mehoo

      Why, no, I haven’t. MEHOO

      • Lou

        You left off a bunch of names.

  • Bard

    Maybe instead he could validate his meaningless existence by buying out the developers and keeping Jay’s open. Someone should tell him.

  • SoCo Resident

    Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn eating at Chick-fil-A? Go figure. He is trained in France in French and Vietnamese cooking, eats at the Eden Center once in a while. But, I guess the burger-fries and ice cream, and pizza places are where the money is. He is in business with his family. Somehow, every time ARNLOW mentions another burger or pizza place, I start to get “unwell.” Hope Spike comes up with something more original for Crystal City. (When will they come up with another name for that place?)

    • SamsontheCat

      I’ve always wanted to change Crystal City to Crystalopolis and Pentagon City to Pentagrad.

  • CrystalMikey

    I wouldn’t mind a new burger place in the neighborhood. It kills me that there is a 5 Guys close by in Reagan; but it’s behind the security checkpoint. 😛

    • Arlresident

      so true.

  • Ahole

    Hamburger Helper

  • Lyon Park Matt

    Please, let’s keep that tool and his stupid hat out of Arlington!

  • Good time

    Spike can keep that garbage on the Hill. I ate there a few months ago and I will take 5 Guys ant day. S**t, Johnny Rockets is even better.

  • Southeast Ben

    Don’t bother with Hamburger Hamlet. It’s terrible, never cooked properly, and over-priced. I only goes when work pays. Ted’s is far better. A Five Guys would kill it down here like the Chic-fil-a, which I said it would. I’d like to see that Exxon on Jeff Davis become a WaWa…and then we’d be talking!

  • meredead

    He was at Chik-Fil-A? Dear god! How many “celebrities” hit this town while I’m not looking.

    John McCain at Bozzelli’s back in February…


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