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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com April 4, 2011 at 6:25 am 2,661 23 Comments

Whitlow’s Rooftop Deck Opens Today — Wilson’s on Whitlow’s — the new rooftop deck atop Whitlow’s on Wilson (2854 Wilson Boulevard) — will open for the season at 4:00 tonight. With sunny skies and temperatures reaching into the upper 70s, the place may get a bit crowded. [Clarendon Culture]

Library Accepting ‘Operation Paperback’ Donations — Arlington Central Library (1015 N. Qunicy Street) is accepting donations of gently-used paperbacks for our troops. Books donated between now and April 30 will be shipped to U.S. troops overseas as part of the ‘Operation Paperback‘ program. “All genres except romance are needed,” the library notes. [Library Blog]

Courthouse-Area Lunch Spots Lauded — Is Courthouse “one of the best places around for work lunches?” One D.C.-based blogger thinks so, citing spots like Pho 75, Five Guys, Ray’s Hell Burger, Dehli Dhaba, Fireworks and Earl’s Sandwiches. [I Spy Things DC]

  • Southeast Ben

    Whitlows will be crowded tonight with the NCAA Basketball Championship. Anyone know if they have televisions up there?

    • No TVs up there, unfortunately. Whitlow’s has ordered TVs for the roof deck, but they wont arrive in time for tonight’s game.

      • JamesE

        BYOTV, a 50 inch LCD is what, 90 lbs? go for it.

        • CrystalMikey

          And LED weighs even less than that.

    • Ben

      Was just there – crowded but because the deck is so huge it didn’t feel that way. I foresee this place being tough to get up to since it seems they limit the numbers (the bouncer was keeping count). Regardless with as many people up there tonight as there were, it wasn’t that bad.

  • CrystalMikey

    How dare that blogger for not mentioning Bayou Bakery.

    • AllenB


  • MB

    Earl’s Sandwiches is an unfortunately kept secret. *Excellent* food, but suffers greatly from its location (which isn’t far, but no one notices/thinks to go there, it seems).

    • AllenB

      I love Earls but the wait time can be staggering. There’s only one guy who takes orders and packages up your food when it’s done. So if there’s a line you can wait 10 minutes or more to place your order and then another 5 or 10 to get it. I’d go way more often if they somehow speeded things up.

      And the wait is unpredictable. One day you can go in and have only one ahead of you, the next there can be 10 ahead of you. Again, the food is great, I just wish they’d hire cashier-boy a helper.

      • V Dizzle

        Though I agree about the waits (note that they aren’t so bad outside of weekday lunchtime), the kitchen may not be big enough to handle higher volume. They seem to have a half dozen or more items going at a time. Best bet is to order ahead.

        • CW

          I’ve never been for lunch since I don’t work around there, but their sandwiches are indeed delicious. A bit small for the price though, in my book. Nothing worse than finishing something just to wish there was more of it!

  • Jason S.

    I know it’s so unsophisticated for Arlington, but I enjoy TNR for lunch.

    • AllenB

      They do have great lunch prices and the food is good for a neighborhood chinese takeout.

    • TNR also has bubble tea – a rarity around here.

  • Aaron

    California Tortilla is also a solid lunch spot as well. I’m hard-pressed to think of many other neighborhoods in the metro area with more good quick-lunch options than Courthouse/Rosslyn-CH.

    • CW

      Baja Fresh takes California Tortilla out back and gives it a whooping.

    • Southeast Jerome

      I’d argue that the central business district is 100 times better for lunch spots than Clarendon-CH-Rosslyn area….. its not even close.

  • Southeast Ben

    CCR has a great steak special daily.

    • CrystalMikey

      But that would be Crystal City

  • R.Griffon

    Dehli Dhaba, really? My wife and I tried it once and vowed to never go again. Not too impressed with Tandoori Nights either. *shrugs*

  • Take it down a notch

    Good to know about the book donation. Thanks for passing it along.

  • R0bespierre

    Where is Pho 75? Is that Minh’s? Minh’s is ok, their beef is not thinly sliced enough in the pho but they have a very deep menu.

    Earl’s kicks ass, as does Me Jana, although it’s a bit more $$$ than your typical lunch.

    • I think Pho 75 is by Ray’s Hellburgers?

      Also add to the list: Sawatdee in Courthouse Plaza


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