Big Crowd for ‘Bus Riding 101’

by ARLnow.com April 7, 2011 at 2:33 pm 1,713 36 Comments

Arlington Transit officials say their Bus Riding 101 event last Friday night was a smashing success.

A Metro representative taught novice bus riders how to read a bus schedule, find the best route and pay bus fare. The workshop also discussed the benefits of using a SmarTrip card.

According to the Arlington Transit web site, 129 people attended the event, which was held at the Gates of Ballston community center. Attendees later visited a nearby CVS to learn how to add money to their SmarTrip cards.

  • ClizzleDizzle

    What is “a bus”?

    • Stoneridge

      In Arlington, it’s something that the average car driver will speed around, disregarding the “no passing” double yellow line.

      • LyonSteve

        And if its an ART bus they will drive 10 MPH under the speed limit.

        • Stoneridge

          I’ll remember that the next time a pedestrian crossing Old Lee Highway is nearly run over by a scofflaw car driver–again. If a bus is picking up passengers and the road has a double yellow line, you don’t cross. It’s a straightforward law.

          • LyonSteve

            Didn’t say anything about crossing double yellow.

    • CW

      Imagine if someone built a house in the middle of the road at rush hour and then moved it about one block every five minutes or so. That’s pretty much it.

      • AllenB

        Now that made me laugh.

  • ClizzleDizzle

    A man who, beyond the age of 26, finds himself on a bus can count himself as a failure. (Margaret Thatcher)

    • Margaret Thatcher

      I never said that.

      According to a letter to the Daily Telegraph by Alistair Cooke on 2 November 2006, this sentiment originated with Loelia Ponsonby, one of the wives of 2nd Duke of Westminster who said “Anybody seen in a bus over the age of 30 has been a failure in life”. In a letter published the next day, also in the Daily Telegraph, Hugo Vickers claims Loelia Ponsonby admitted to him that she had borrowed it from Brian Howard. There is no solid evidence that Margaret Thatcher ever quoted this statement with approval, or indeed shared the sentiment.

      • Ronald Reagan

        How you doin?

        • margaret thatcher

          Better than you, Ronnie dear.

      • AllenB

        My favorite description of her, and I don’t know who said it, was “She’s just like Reagan, but with balls.”

        • mehoo

          She probably said that.

  • Wayne Kubicki

    Memo to ARLnow – in the future, it’s simply not a good idea to use “bus riding” and “smashing” in the same sentence.

    • Rick

      Austin Powers now works for Arlington County

  • Chef D

    Chill outz, yo. Marg-T be riding up in a tank you. Pimp shizzle. Don’t be taken my wurdz… see fo yo selfz, yo.

  • Marg-T

    I love tanks.

  • Marg-T

    (deep voice) It’s patriotic.

  • AmIRight?

    The only thing possibly worse than riding the bus would be going to a class about how to ride a bus.

  • Dr. Spock

    Please tell me this “class” was for elementary school children.

  • Bob

    PPM – Poor People Movers

    • mehoo

      I rode the bus today. Bet I make more than you do. Even if I don’t, I’m still smarter than you.

  • DD

    Poor people movers? Wow…didn’t know I was poor. Thanks for letting us poor folk have our space on the bus.

    • Stoneridge

      Indeed. When there’s a bus stop within minutes of your home, leaving the car at home and taking Metro to work makes sense.

      • mehoo

        Rich people have other people drive them around for thousands of dollars. Smart people have other people drive them around for $1.50.

      • It absolutely does, unless you need a vehicle during the day or you need to run errands where you end up having to carry much more than you can handle on the bus or train. I have fitted my bike to hold some things however, and in good weather will often ride it rather than take public transit.

        I’d also be willing to bet if you ride a motorcycle you may very well be creating a smaller environmental footprint than taking a bus or train, but that gets into the complexities of the system. Of course, riding a motorcyle on the streets around here is a bit dangerous!

  • Bus rider

    Poor people don’t need these classes, they already know how to ride the bus. It’s well-off white people who are totally clueless. I used to take an ART bus to work every now and then, and it wasn’t uncommon to see yuppies who had clearly never set foot on a bus before in their lives nervously ask the bus driver and/or other passengers exactly where the bus went and how to make it stop. (And yes, that was totally me, the first time I took the bus to work.)

    • CW

      Guilty as charged…

  • Asher Yuki

    If only buses would show up – or be on time. What a concept.

    Then maybe I’d consider riding one.

    • charlie

      yep. i missed a bus on tuesday — get this — it was EARLY. can’t wait another 30 minutes. drove the single occupancy combustion engine 1.5 miles.

      • mehoo

        ART bus, huh? We’ve had problems with ours showing up early too. They don’t seem to get the idea of stopping and waiting to get back on schedule.

      • 1.5 miles…. I’ve have hopped on my bike.

        • borf

          No kidding. Probably faster on a bike.

          • CW

            I’d probably sweat less on a bike too. These seasons where it’s not cold out but they don’t consider A/C to be needed in buildings and on public transit…it kills me.

  • John Andre

    Too bad the supply of SmarTrip cards is running out…seems the manufacturer is no longer making them…is Metro working on a solution to this one???

  • South Arlington

    The bus is the best part of my commute. Bus stop to the Pentagon a block away from our house, always get a seat, arrive in under 10 minutes. It is infinitely more comfortable than the misery that is the overcrowded, awful, sweaty, un-air conditioned 10 minutes on the Yellow Line. And don’t get me started on how awful the putrid Orange Line is going into the city.


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