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McDonnell Gets Seat on Metro Board — Gov. Bob McDonnell “scored a major unexpected victory” last night when the state legislature approved a bill that will allow the governor to appoint a representative to the Metro board. The seat will come at the expense of one seat allocated to Northern Virginia jurisdictions. County Board member and Northern Virginia Transportation Commission chairman Jay Fisette blasted the legislature’s decision, saying McDonnell had “circumvented the process.” [Washington Post]

Slug Passenger Says McKinney Was “Angry and Belligerent” — Former Sgt. Maj. of the Army Gene McKinney was in Arlington County District Court Tuesday, accused of intentionally hitting a slug commuter with his Mercedes back in October. The commuter testified that he asked to be let out of the vehicle after McKinney started driving 95 miles per hour on the highway. After being let off in Pentagon City, the commuter said McKinney hit him with his car. [WTOP]

Dems Announce at ACDC Meeting — Three Democrats announced their candidacy for state and local offices at last night’s Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting. Among those announcing were Walter Tejada, Barbara Favola and Rob Krupicka. [Blue Virginia]

Clarendon Car Dealer On CBS Undercover Report — A Clarendon used car dealership showed up on a CBS Early Show report about recalled cars. According to the report, the dealer did not tell the undercover reporter about a recall for a vehicle they picked out, even when the reporter specifically asked about recalls. [CBS News]

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  • CrystalMikey

    Oh Bob, how I can’t wait until 2013/14. 😛

    • KalashniKEV

      Keep burning inside… there will be more “major unexpected victories” along the way. The pendulum is swinging in our direction now.

      • mehoo

        Fun burning the country to the ground, huh?

        • KalashniKEV


          • mehoo

            A nice chart showing job loss under Bush and gains under Obama. Just for fun.


          • CW

            Don’t get me wrong – I’m an Obama guy – but that chart, while often used, is somewhat easy for people who aren’t thinking to misinterpret. So the losses became smaller and then eventually turned around to gains on a monthly time frame? Good; we’ve got to start somewhere. But take the integral of that graph and then you’ll see the size of the hole we’re in.

          • mehoo

            Yes, you’re right, it shows the hole digging deeper, then the digging slows, then the hole starts getting filled up.

            I know that there will be dozens of different interpretations and explanations for this chart, with political implications. One might argue that Obama wasn’t responsible. But it does kind of blow away any notion that Obama has made things worse. That’s all.

          • CW

            Agreed 100%. I just want people to remember that we have a LOT of work left to do (and that shutting down the federal government as a political stunt is NOT a good way of getting started).

          • KalashniKEV

            Here’s another chart for you, like 0bama, you’re too short sighted and lack the intelligence to understand second and third order effects. The jobs gained, many of them Government do-nothing-jobs were created at the expense of our very future.

          • mehoo

            That’s interesting, Kev. I see both budgets as having deficits, so why aren’t you pushing for a balanced budget immediately? In any event, YOU are the one who is too dumb and shortsighted to understand what’s going on. The CBO by law can’t do economic forecasts that would change the numbers, such as the quite likely short-term damage to fragile economy that immediate, severe cuts would bring, causing a corresponding decline in revenue and increase in deficit spending.

          • KalashniKEV

            Both budgets have deficits, and there is no way to fix this quickly. The 0bama budget hangs on to too much of what’s wrong though… it’s time to cut the cancer out and start getting healthy. Just look at what our Budget as a % GDP does after the Devil sent us 0bama… it makes me ill.

          • Carmen

            Since you apparently can’t even spell Obama correctly, you should not accuse anyone of lacking intelligence. People should be able to express an opinion different from yours without you insulting them.

      • BoredHouseWife

        once you destroy the USA what will you replace it with? or what will your corporate overlords do with the citizens?

        • We’ll just be absorbed by Mexico and Central America! Oh, wait…that is happening already!

    • LV

      Today the role of Debbie Downer will apparently be played by County Board member Jay Fisette – whaa, whaa, whaaaaaaaaaaaa. Jay and his fellow Board members are all “gimme, gimme, gimme” – a new campaign line for Mary, by the way – but then go all self-righteous indignant when they don’t get their way. It’s time for a new gang of five.

  • A peril of slugging is that you never know what kind of nut you are going to encounter when you get in their car. It is just organized hitchhiking.

    Is it any surprise that a used car dealer is shady? This is news?

    Here’s my anti-Walter Tejada reelection speech: “Don’t vote for idiot Tejada. An overgrown bush could do a better job.”

    • Bluemontsince1961

      “Here’s my anti-Walter Tejada reelection speech: “Don’t vote for idiot Tejada. An overgrown bush could do a better job.”


  • TryTheTacos

    Worst Governor Ever (of governors who steal metro board seats)

  • ChrisG

    Bob McDonnell should appoint @ARLsolutions to the WMATA Board.

  • 22201

    There is no duty to disclose recalls on used vehicles. 49 USC Section 30120(i)(j) specifically prohibits the delivery of new vehicles or equipment subject to recall until the recall is remedied. To date, Congress has considered and rejected any such constraint on used vehicles. Moreover, good arguments can be made that, with respect to safety recalls involving a defect or noncompliance regulated by the federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act or an emissions noncompliance governed by the federal Clean Air Act, state laws or court decisions to the contrary would be preempted.

    • Anon

      Even if there is not a duty to disclose, there are basic warranties customers are entitled to under VA law. Specifically, warranty of fitness for a particular purpose; if a customer directly asks for a vehicle not subject to recall, the dealer cannot lie and say that vehicle meets that requirement. A dealer cannot misrepresent his merchandise.

  • charlie

    If Virginia pays a substantial amount towards METRO, isn’t is reasonable that they get someone on the WMATA Board? it isn’t like the board is all that good right now anyways. METRO isn’t exactly working right…

    • TryTheTacos

      While Virginia does pays money towards metro. That money comes from Northern Virginia. So the seat should not be in the hands of someone who can appoint say someone from Chesapeake to the seat.

      • WheresWaldo

        Where is O’Donnell from anyway ? When I was visiting my parents in Hampton Roads, there were signs that said “Hampton Roads own Bob McDonnell” and when I came back up here the signs said “Northern Virginia’s own Bob McDonnell”. Has anyone cheked his birth certificate? 🙂

        • Arlwhenever

          McDonnell grew up in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County, down towards Mount Vernon in a house that his father still lived in until he died about a year ago. The Governor attended and graduated from Bishop Ireton High School in the City of Alexandria. I bet he would be happy to produce his birth certificate if he were to run for President.

          • WheresWaldo

            Now my co-worker says she saw “Virginia Beach’s Own Bob McDonnell” signs when she went home ! Good lord, where IS this guy from ? !

          • CW


          • General Zod


          • mehoo

            Virginia Beach is where he went to a madrassa and wrote all about how women shouldn’t have jobs and birth control should be illegal. Oh, wait, that was Regent University, not a radical Muslim school. So hard to tell the difference.

          • Tabby

            +2 million, 500,234.5

        • charlie

          Bob did a great job of convincing people he was from “their” part of Virginia.

    • Carmen

      I doubt if anyone who does not have Metro in their area cares one bit about it. So we, (riders of Metro) will get screwed. And I have a feeling that he will appoint just such a person.

      • charlie

        and yet somehow the people who pay the tolls on the Dulles Toll Road have NO SAY in the appointments to the AIRPORT Board and how they are collecting and allocating toll revenue to the new Silver Line. Also taxation without representation.

  • brendan

    As far as the myriad of used car dealerships in Clarendon – they’re all scams.

    They are masters of finding cars at auction w/ a defect or have been in an accident so they’re heavily discounted but somehow manage to have a clean title. They then put the price in between what they paid and what the resale value is and voila – they manage to sell enough used cars at a solid margin to pay the ridiculous rental rates.

    Also, would not be surprised to find that they have some sort of agreement with some local body shops to move resell repaired wrecks, while the body shop holds off reporting the work for a couple years so it doesn’t show up on carfax when a customer is doing what they believe is a thorough background check.

    Sometimes you can get a good deal on a car in this situation, since a minor wreck can often generate a large discount and little mechanical damage, especially when it’s on the rear of a vehicle. Unfortunately, most of the time you’ll be dealing with mechanical failures well before the particular part’s normal life expectancy.

    • CW

      Yes, agreed wholeheartedly. I walked through one of these lots when I was first researching cars because they had a wide variety of different makes and were very close to where I lived. You could tell that their business was not very reputable. No historical information on the cars, prices suspiciously low, etc. Walking by these places for years now you can just tell from how they treat the vehicles too. I’ve seen 3-series and E-classes parked up against each other on their lots with the bumpers pushed in, and parked up against the rails that border their lot. In the winters, the cars get blasted with spray and slush and some even get literally buried in drifts. On weekend mornings you’ll see unmarked F-350’s and other small trucks pulling up with trailers full of new stock, likely from the Manheim auctions or local body shops repairing wrecks. They’re buying where the buying is cheap and moving the cars here where there’s a ton of demand for luxury cars for entry-level buyers.

      When it comes to the brands of cars they are selling, I would never, ever, ever buy used without it being factory certified or a reputable private sale with a transferrable existing factory warranty. God knows what the poor cars on those lots have been through.

      • Tabby

        Never? Eh, I guess you never know–but I’m thinking of selling my car privately, and I know it’s clean and a great car. And I’m sure there are good cars on more reputable used car dealer lots.

        • CW

          Well, I specifically referenced the brands that those guys sell – Mercedes, BMW, Rover, etc. Very expensive cars to maintain and repair and also much more likely to have been driven hard (especially the high-performance models) as compared to, say, a buick regal.

          There are lots of good cars on used car lots – namely dealership lots and places like Carmax. Those places sell vehicles that they take in right then and there. In many cases, used cars sold on dealership lots will have been sold new and maintained all at that same dealership. Although that’s not saying one should trust dealerships blindly, by and stretch of the imagination.

          Caveat emptor.

          • Westover

            Carmax and the new car dealers get their used inventory from Manheim too. Very rarely do you see them selling the vehicles they get in on trade. It happens, but it is the exception, not the norm. These guys in Arlington have decent business plans, when they play by the rules. Anyone that is buying a used car where the warrenty period is past, even from a dealership, should get a third party pre-purchase inspection. Only reason to skip the pre-purchase inspection at CarMax is they give you a short buy back period when you can do it post purchase.

          • CW

            At dealer lots around here I’ve seen quite a high number of local trades for sale. Especially with the higher-end brands. The turnover and demand are so high that there’s no incentive to do elsewise, since this is such a hot market for those vehicles. I realize it’s not a hard and fast rule of course, but what I was saying was that you can indeed find a car that’s had its whole history with that one dealer, as opposed to these places that are solely Manheim specials and crash repair jobs. If you’re buying outside of warranty or a certified program, an inspection from a certified indie shop of whatever brand you’re looking at is a must, I agree 100%.

          • Westover

            Even te certified programs are not always what they appear to be. Unless that dealership is giving you an iron-clad warrenty, Get a second opinion. American Service Center is pretty much the only dealership inside the beltway that I see resaleing the trade-ins themselves, but they are asking HIGH retail. If you can afford that, go for it. But, getting a car private or from a used car lot and doing your due diligence can pay off big time in cash savings. Any highend late model vehicle, you can get the vehicle history from any dealership that sales and services the brand.

    • mehoo

      What about Carfax, etc? Those make it alot harder to commit fraud.

      • CW

        There are plenty of ways for things to not show up on Carfax. Accidents that weren’t reported to the police are an example. Working with less than reputable repair shops, you can get around a lot.

        • mehoo


        • brendan

          i think carfax offers great reassurance when buying from a reputable place — but there are just too many ways around it, which these dealerships make their profit off of. Kind of disconcerting seeing the salesmen eager to show you the clean carfax report, when there are subtle but noticeable indications that the vehicle was in a wreck (slightly bent screws, replaced side windows, etc).

          • CW

            …car filled with rainwater, etc…

        • Westover

          Accidents reported to the police will usually not appear on a Carfax. If insurance did not pay for the repairs, it is not likely to be on Carfax. Want to keep your cars title clean, just pay for small repairs yourself.

          • CW

            Or big ones, for that matter…

      • PCB


        • Tre


  • TuesdaysChild

    Jay is angry because he did not get what he wanted. Ahh too bad. It must be very shocking when political reality intrudes on the magic kingdom of arlington. Actions have consequences, and being out of step with Richmond has come back to bite the County Board.

  • ArlSolutions

    Plus 1000 to the idea of putting @ArlSolutions on the WMATA Board!

  • Actually, it’s a victory for Northern VA to get the state on the Metroboard. Northern VA needs more leverage over Richmond and this will give us that. All commuters need to contact the appointed VA rep to let him or her know that we need a lot more state money for transportation in Northern Virginia and lots more for Metrorail and Metrobus. Although the new person will work for the state they actually will be representing us, not Richmond.


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