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Ann Taylor Coming to Clarendon — An Ann Taylor store is coming to the Clarendon Market Common storefront formerly occupied by a Myer-Emco home electronics store. The new Clarendon Ann Taylor is expected to open on June 10, according to Market Common spokesperson Carol Nahorniak. [Clarendon Culture]

Tapas Bar Coming to Ballston — Upper Crust Gourmet (1000 N. Randolph Street) closed late last month for renovations. According to Eat More Drink More, the three-week project will transform the well-liked cafe into a tapas bar. [Eat More Drink More]

Club 31-11 Had Fights, Armed Security — What really went on behind the scenes at the recently-shuttered Club 31-11 on Columbia Pike? Gambling, fights, open-carrying security guards and frequent visits from police, according to Pike Wire. The owner says he was “harassed” by police due to the club’s primarily black clientele, but police say that charge is “way off base” and the visits had more to do with the club’s lack of permits. [Pike Wire]

Hynes Wins ‘Noise’ Award — Mary Hynes has won the 2011 Environmental Stewardship Award from the National Organization to Insure a Sound-controlled Environment (N.O.I.S.E.), a group dedicated to controlling aviation noise. Hynes has assisted N.O.I.S.E. with its annual legislative forum and has organized public meetings about helicopter noise in Northern Virginia.

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  • KalashniKEV

    Cluc 31-11??? Say it aint so! Can you picture such activity taking place in such beautiful decor? How would one describe it- Modern American Crack House? I’m just sad I didn’t get to add my tag to their wall before it shut down…

  • charlie

    how does Ann Taylor qualify as a “local business” per the siteplan requirement and subsidized rent offered to Myer Emco?

    • notahoo

      I will ask the owner…not sure the rent is subsidized.

    • Clarendude

      It’s hard to know if the condition has been modified, but below is what I found. According to this 1)The rents were not subsidized, 2) It was an overall goal of 10% of the space (e.g. the dentist in there probably counts as a local business), 3) it was “best efforts” whatever that means…

      70. The developer agrees to make best commercial efforts to ensure that at least 10% of the Market Common at Clarendon (SP #339) project’s (“the Project”) total retail/commercial gross floor area, as approved by the County Board on June 24, 2000 and November 13, 1999, in that portion of project bounded by Clarendon Boulevard, North Fillmore Street, 11th Street, North and North Danville Street, will be leased by either local or regional businesses at market rents. For purposes of this condition, a “local business” is defined as a business entity for which, at the time a certificate of occupancy is issued for such business to operate within the Project, all of such entities retail/commercial stores are located within the Washington Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA) as defined by the Office of Management and Budget of the United States Government. For purposes of this condition, a “regional business” is defined as a business entity for which, at the time a certificate of occupancy is issued for such business to operate within the project, all of such entities retail/commercial stores are located within the Washington-Baltimore Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA), as defined by the Office of Management and Budget of the United States Government. This condition shall expire: a) ten years from the date of approval (June 24, 2010) of this site plan amendment (SP #339); or b) upon the developer’s having entered into a minimum of a five-year leases with either a local or regional businesses for an aggregate of at least 10% of the project’s total retail/commercial gross floor area, described in this condition, whichever first occurs.

      • Clarendude

        Oh, and I just noticed – the condition is expired (has it been 10 years already?) so they can do whatever they want !

        • CW


          No, seriously, don’t actually do that. Although, for being a community-oriented local news outlet, this site does have a somewhat counterintuitive obsession with Mickey D’s…

          • charlie

            ah yes the sunset clause. nice detective work. thank you.

  • LyonSteve

    Nothing illegal about open-carrying. Even if there is alcohol served on premises — as long as the owner allows and the carrier is not drinking. I am not a lawyer, this may only apply to those holding a carry permit /and/ carrying open.

    • mehoo

      Nothing illegal, but I wouldn’t want to patronize a place where security guards felt the need for it.

      • Andy

        As long as he only carries one bullet and keeps it in his breast pocket, it should be OK.

      • Not to mention, having a gun exposed in a drinking establishment is asking for trouble. What of a drunk patron were to actually get hold of a security guard’s weapon? Good bye, so long, glad to see it go.

        • mehoo

          Maybe the customers were also carrying already.

  • Tre

    Is there a difference between ‘Anne Taylor Loft’ (which is already there) and ‘Anne Taylor’ which would be 30 yards away?

    • NOVApologist

      Ann taylor caters to women in their 50s. Loft (formerly Ann taylor Loft) caters to younger women – you know, like in their 40s.

      • Tabby

        Not true.

    • Carmen

      Loft is cheaper and more casual. I shop at both. I shop at Ann Taylor for work.

  • CW

    One thousand north randolph street, for anyone interested.

  • Jezebel

    Is it just me, or does Mary Hynes have an extraordinarily weak platform on which to run for re-election? She is on many boards and committees, but what, exactly, has been the outcome from her efforts? I know that 90% of life is showing up, but shouldn’t there be some ripple from one’s attendance?

    • charlie

      extended hours for permit parking on her street in LV? we should all be so fortunate.

    • Lou

      She has won awards.

      • Special Olympians get awards too. But at least they earned them.

    • FedUp

      Mary Hynes is one of the few on the Board who is responsive to the small business community.

      • Novanglus

        I’m no fan of most board members or of the Dem status-quo-machine in Arlington.

        But Mary has brought about a lot of changes — forcing staff to provide better service to small businesses, opening up the Artisphere’s books and telling them where to make changes, questioning several departments’ bloated budgets, etc. As much as I hate to admit it, I’d support her re-election wholeheartedly.

    • TuesdaysChild

      I think Mary is the best of the group. Certainly understands the different views on issues better the Tejada. This is my view from watching the county board meetings on cable. never had any interaction with her.

    • LV

      Don’t forget Mary’s success in removing the DHS patient population from Clarendon and Lyon Village to Sequoia Plaza. Heck, AC may even cut DHS budget since patients can’t get to Sequoia Plaza. And remember the $675,000 that Mary and Barb and the Board approved last year to restore 2 Lyon Village tennis courts AND add “dark sky” lighting to the courts – that while Lubber Run Amphitheater was allowed to decay to the point of being unuseable! Let’s see, which venue serves more Arlingtonians? Oh, yeah, it doesn’t matter when Lyon Village needs serviced. Then there is the TIF for Crystal City fiasco, the trolly folly for Columbia Pike (to Chris’s house), Artisphere, the lies and cover up over Michael Brown’s firing, etc., etc. etc. Here’s hoping voters will not let this list grow longer with another term for Mary OR Walter!

  • The Dope of South Arlington

    The owner says he was “harassed” by police due to the club’s primarily black clientele

    You know that when someone trots this line out that the place was up to no good.

    • Tabby


      I peered in the windows about a week ago, and staring back at me were two bright red pig eyes, a la Amityville Horror.

  • Sue

    Why the h*ll are we getting AT when we already have AT Loft? Everything is saturated around here…how about some diversity?!! At least it could have been a Banana Republic or Gap.

    • CW

      One would think they could do a little market research, eh? And by that I mean take a 5-minute walk down Clarendon Boulevard and look at the people out on the street.

      • Tabby

        Flip-Flop Creamery

    • Southeast Jerome

      well if they did that CW, we wouldnt be lucky enough to have so many cupcake/pizza/fro-yo/burger places would we?

      it seems that “market research” for the ballston-courthouse corridor is just do the same as everyone else.

      On a separate note, wheres a good spot to get a gyro around here?

      • South Arlington

        Astor Mediterranean.

        • Clarendude

          And, at Astor you can get their Greek pizza that has Gyro meat on it and it’s pretty tasty.

          • AllenB

            Pretty tasty is an understatement… it’s awesome.

      • CW

        Astor Mediterranean.

        And I meant market research in the context of a clothing store. See what everyone is wearing and then cater to it. Banana Republic would be a no-brainer.

        • AllenB

          I’ve been hoping that Jos Banks (which caters to the over 80 crowd) would close and a Banana would open. No such luck so far.

          • CW

            I’m ok with Banks because there’s clearly a market for professional men’s clothing in the area. But to complement it with a casual men’s store (or one which caters to both genders like BR) would be quite nice.

          • wava_2

            I just wish Clarendon had a Hart Schaffner Marx store like the old Quality Shop, which was where Hard Times cafe is today. Jos A Banks’ clothes and suits are fine, but they are no Hart Schaffner Marx.

          • Novanglus

            Causal men’s clothes? EMS already sells North Face jackets and brown Reef flip-flops — that’s the official Clarendude wardobe.

            What they need is a satelite location of Georgetown’s Lost Boys Boutique.

          • Novanglus

            –“casual”, not “causal”.

          • CW

            Yes, exactly, so the sales staff can ply us with beers into buying wardrobes comprised of $200 jeans and $150 torn flannel shirts. Exactly what we need.

      • Sue

        Tarbouch!!! Lee HWY across from LV shopping center…and they are opening seriously late with hookah smokers in abundance. Fries are great too!

        • Sue

          (in response to good local gyro)

      • reader

        Fatoosh in Ballston

    • Carmen

      Very different stores. I would prefer a Banana Republic though.

  • Arlingtony

    Address of Upper Crust (soon to be tapas joint) is 1000 N. Randolph, not 100 N. Randolph.

    • Okay thanks I’ll add the extra zero.

      • CW

        Ahem…9:34 AM…ahem… 😛

        • charlie

          CW, need to be more specific. I figured it out. But Scott parties late on Thursday nights.

          • CW

            I was clearly joking anyhow…

  • NArl

    cherrydale deli on lee hwy by the firehouse

  • BoringDan

    Very sad that Upper Crust closed. I work in the area near Upper Crust and picked up lunch often. The soups were wonderful, especailly when Jimmy was making them. Sandwiches were tasty and the owner and staff were very accomdating. It was not inexpensive, but the cost was worth something tasty for lunch.

  • RK

    I can’t believe an Ann Taylor is going in three doors down from a LOFT. I expected a chain, I was hoping for a Sephora.

  • Blur

    Ann Taylor is for old biddehs.

    • Carmen

      I just bought a little black dress there and it looks great.

      • Tabby

        Yea, I don’t know where the ageism is coming from. Ann Taylor certainly isn’t edgy (or slutty looking and cheaply made like Forever 21) but “old biddehs”? No, that’s Chico’s. Or as my mom says, “clothes for when you no longer have a waist.”

  • Henry Spencer

    Thank god women in N. Arlington won’t have to trek all the way to Pentagon City to shop at Ann Taylor anymore.


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