Pike’s Club 31-11 Becoming Deewa Restaurant?

by ARLnow.com April 11, 2011 at 9:09 am 2,562 29 Comments

Just days after we reported that Club 31-11 on Columbia Pike had closed, it appears that another restaurant is poised to take its place.

A company has applied for a state liquor license to serve beer and wine at a new restaurant at 3111 Columbia Pike. The restaurant will be called “Deewa,” according to the filing.

The name suggests the new restaurant may have an ethnic theme. “Radio Deewa” is the Voice of America broadcast aimed at residents of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • South Arlington

    Ugh. What a waste.

    • brendan

      why? you want an olive garden? way too few decent afghani/pakistani restaurants in DC/Arlington, will be interesting to try out.

      • South Arlington

        There’s a great Pakistani restaurant literally next door. Bamian, one of the best Afghan restaurants in the region is 2.5 miles away. There’s no shortage of Afghan/Pakistani restaurants in the area. Did you even look around before making your unresearched comment?

        • brendan

          robble robble. someone needs to get outside.

      • Bringmetheyuppies

        i would kill for an olive garden on the pike..Right next to a starbucks… Lord can we please have one or two chain stores. They bring folks to the hood.

  • Wawa?

  • charlie

    i don’t understand how people get upset about 7-11, which we can all use and this proposal is just laughable.

  • RKrafft

    Interesting. It’s three doors away from the Pike’s other Pakistani restaurant, the Kabob Place. It has delicious food and doesn’t serve alcohol as far as I know. Perhaps the war in Afghanistan had created enough refugees to support a our own Little Islamabad in 22204.

    • If they want to continue the Pakistani/Afghanistan trend they might as well open a Crown Gas.

  • KalashniKEV

    Nice! The East end of the Pike has been needing a good place to score Opium for a long time…

  • steve

    Yes, because Pakistanis and Afghanis are so known for their usage of alcohol :facepalm:

  • CW

    Ravi Kabob isn’t going to lose any of my business, that’s for sure.

    • RKrafft

      But it’s mighty hard to park up at Buckingham. FWIW it’s amazing that those businesses stay alive without serving alcohol. It’s almost unAmerican.

      • JamesE

        One of the main reasons I don’t wander far from my place for food is because of parking (and I am lazy). Every time I drive by someplace like District Taco or Ravi kabob there is zero parking.

      • CW

        I can’t tell if the whole alcohol thing is sarcasm/joking or not, but in case you’re being serious, a lot of their customer base shares their cultures and beliefs, so it’s not like they’re alienating their target market.

        • RKrafft

          Nope, no sarcasm. It’s amazing they survive just serving moderately priced food. It breaks the standard restaurant model around here, which relies on alcohol sales to subsidize everything else.

  • Josh S

    What’s the over/under on how soon this place goes under? Six months? Eight?

    • Rebecca


      • BallstonNOTBoston

        I’m going with 4 months, man I hope they build a Sheetz there!


    • Eponymous Coward

      I’ll give it less than 50% odds, but if businesspeople didn’t take risks, we would think culinary diversity meant Bloomin Onions[TM].

  • Tabby

    The building is creepy.

  • MC 703

    Does anyone have any insight on why Sheetz / Wawa hasn’t been able to get into Fairfax (except for one way out in Chantilly on the Loudon line) or Arlington Counties?

    • CW

      Do you have information that suggests that they have tried to?

    • BallstonNOTBoston


    • Josh S

      Well, speaking just for Arlington, I would think the Sheetz model is just way too big for even as urban an area as Arlington. What do they typically have? 20+ pumps? Plus a store bigger than most 7-11s? What a waste of land that would be….

      • CW

        Yup. Sheetz is most useful in places where there is a dearth other other eating/convenience-shopping establishments. I don’t think their model would work as well around here.

    • mehoo

      Sheetz can’t get into Arlington?

      Thanks God.

      • BallstonNOTBoston

        I’m going to have to disagree with CW/Mehoo.

        Sheetz would kill it in Arlington (particularly Ballston) – we just lost the Shell Station, cheap lunch/late night munchies (have you had the Italian MTO?).

    • BallstonNOTBoston

      Just looked into it.

      “How can I get a Sheetz franchise?
      You could marry into the Sheetz family. Sheetz is a privately held, family owned and operated company. We take great pride in our private status and have no plans to offer franchise rights at this time.”


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