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  • Chris


  • Thes

    Lol! I <3 Arlington.

  • Rebecca

    this is great.

  • Bard

    He looks like he could use a burger, maybe a cupcake

  • Hunkles

    Easter has been cancelled. They found the body.

    • BoredHouseWife

      ba dum

  • CW

    Oh my, my, my…the comments that will ensue…that said, this is an everyday sight in certain parts of this country…

  • Lou

    Back in my day we just had the truck with all the license plates attached to it.

  • Hobo

    I’m kind of in shock that the wording is in Spanish. Does a person of Mexican decent drive this vehicle? Either way, class all the way, very impressive.

    • Andrew

      Why does that shock you? Many Hispanics are Christian.

      • Hobo

        Sarcasm is all but lost :(.

        • JD32

          But your horrific spelling isn’t!

  • SoCo Resident

    The purpose of ARLNOW’s Holy Thursday/ Good Friday Eve story is to disrespectfully mock minorities who take their religion seriously and differently than others might. And, to set up a forum for its immature readers to join the mockery including those who regularly belittle South Arlington. All of this during Holy Week. Nice job, ARLNOW.

    • Andrew

      Whatever gets people to read and comment…

    • Hobo

      If we can’t make fun of religion what is left? All is lost.

    • V Dizzle

      Couldn’t the word “immature” be applied to those that are overly sensitive about things are grown-ups can usually ignore? Are you implying that NoARL people are non-Christian?

    • AllenB

      There was no mockery in the story – it showed a picture and stated where the car was parked.

      As for the comments, well, I’d probably mock someone like you for your righteous indignation more than someone else for their religious beliefs… but that’s just me.

      • CrystalMikey


      • jan

        and me

      • V Dizzle

        Yep. I’m fairly certain that Jesus is rolling in his grave due to people overreacting to comments about a car.

        • dynaroo

          This is either the dumbest or the smartest comment on this thread. I can’t tell which.

    • NOVApologist

      Is this comment more of that “sarcasm” stuff I have been hearing about lately?

    • G

      SoCo – A lot of the readers live in South Arlington as does the editor of ARLnow. I really don’t think commenters regularly belittle it. Plus, making fun of religion is really fun… regardless of who the believers are. I can think of plenty of religions that are easy to make fun of that are made up primarily of white folks – I suppose I shouldn’t list any specifics though except maybe the Dove World Outreach Center or Westboro Baptist Church, which we can all agree sucks.

    • Of course no mockery was intended. It was some cool artwork to show going into Easter weekend. Considering that I just got back from eating at Cafe Sazon and getting a hair cut at Izalco Barber Shop, I think your implication that I’m some sort of culture snob is a bit unfounded.

      • JP

        Of course! Post it on your Facebook page.

      • Maria


    • KalashniKEV

      Keep looking for the outrage… it’s just not there on this one, esse…

    • Hunkles

      And as a (non-practcing)Jew, I find it offensive that every year at Easter some group blames me for killing Jesus. But I don’t let it get me down, I embrace it. So this year I proudly proclaim that yes we killed Jesus, and if he comes back we’ll kill him again.

      • V Dizzle

        You need to go one further. You’ll kill and eat him the next time, to take his power.

        • Hunkles

          I still prefer using the blood of gentile children to make my matzoh. Delicious!

          • you have to do something to make it taste better than stale styrofoam-flavored cardboard, right? =)

          • Tabby

            Ugh, seriously. Macaroons? Yes, please. Gefilte fish? Barf! Matzoh? Barf!

          • Chad

            Matzoh ball soup is pretty good!

      • dynaroo

        Whenever a Christian says “the Jews killed Jesus!” just say “yeah, well, what if they hadn’t? You’d have no religion, dumbass.”

    • Tre

      SoCo resident doesn’t like coverage of jesus-trucks nor the coverage of tranny-shoplifters. And I’m not saying that SoCo is a tranny that drives a jesus-truck.

    • Cate

      It’s not mocking minorities who take their religion seriously, it’s mocking something tacky.

      • To be clear: We are not mocking anything. It’s a quirky piece of automobile art, yes, but we’re not making fun of it.

        • Cate

          nah, I know ARLnow isn’t, but the comments are

  • Lou

    I’m sure there is no intent in posting the story. Besides, there’s something about the Resurrection that puts everything else in perspective.

  • clarendonneighbor

    Happy to see this here and on the streets!

  • Jordan

    I’ll make fun of religion: It’s stupid and dangerous. This Christ-mobile is just stupid, though.

    • OX4

      Such deep thoughts.

  • Rebecca

    At least it’s not covered in pollen.

  • LyonSteve

    Does the back say “Yo <3 Mexico?"

  • jar

    this guy scoffs at people with “Jesus is My Co-Pilot” bumper stickers

  • ARLV

    I am a little disappointed noone shows the Thorn Birds during Lent anymore, but at least we have the Borgias!

  • Heidi

    He died for our sins and He is Risen!

    • AllenB

      On a red pickup?

      • Thes

        Every time they check the oil…

        • The 7 Oh 3

          LOL! Now THAT is wit! I seriously laughed out LOUD at this one. Nice!

    • V Dizzle

      Who, that guy they shot into space during the last space station mission?

    • 22204

      Amen Heidi!

  • Hunkles

    Why is Jesus wearing an Aliens t-shirt?

    • R.Griffon

      OMG, is that a chest buster? So I guess that makes them Catholic. Who knew?

      And is he wearing a space helmet?!

  • KalashniKEV

    Viva el Columbia Pike! The Streetcar has risen, and FAILURE is it’s name!

  • TuesdaysChild

    Cannot do that with a bike!

  • Clizzle Dizzles

    Jesus Take the Wheel!

  • Lois

    Nope. Not funny. Surely messing with religious themes in such a sarcastic way is beneath Arl Now. Easter and all it stands for is a sacred event for so many. Surely you can recognize that and curtail your enthusiasm for laugter at just about any ‘ol subject….

    • V Dizzle

      To be fair, this was not presented in a funny manner at all by ARLnow. We just find it funny. It surely isn’t beneath ME. C’mon, Jesus is laughing (pronounced, “hey-suse”… he works in my office).

    • Maria

      How is it sarcastic? Jesus is, you know, kind of an important part of Easter, so it was a timely photo. Many of the comments were sarcastic, yes, but life is a lot easier if you try to have a sense of humor about it.

  • Your Own Personal Jesus

    Reach out and touch faith

  • Phil

    unnecessary, irrelevant, not news, and not funny. arlnow reporting stupid stuff like this makes this website look amateurish and strictly biased.

    im not hispanic nor a very religious person, however i’ll never be visiting this site again.

    • Maria

      Considering it was you who made the assumption that the owner of this truck is Hispanic, not ArlNow, I might say you’re the one with the bias. However, since you’re never visiting this site again, I guess you wouldn’t see it anyway if I did say it. Oh well.

    • Bill Murray

      Lighten up, Francis!

    • Aaron

      “unnecessary, irrelevant, not news, and not funny”

      Phil has just described 90% of the content of Channels 4, 5, 7, 9, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News to a TEE.

    • Sam

      Ok, for a full refund of your subscription money… oh wait. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      In other news… why did they paint him as a whiter-than-Irish white guy? The guy is from the middle east.

      • Aaron

        Yeah, He’s almost as pale as Shakira! We all know how much Hispanic society despises its light-skinned members.

    • R.Griffon

      It’s news because Jesus is usually IN the trucks in Arlington; not ON them.

      But seriously – what makes you think that ArlNow meant any disrespect? They just post notable, interesting, and/or topical pictures. Do you have a problem with the picture of the Bluejay too because you think they’re making fun of animals?

      If you have a problem, it’s with the posters on this site. Not ArlNow.

  • That spot is some like baby Chirilagua. Substitute teacher once told my whole class that all spanish people were born in four mile run like tadpoles and grew legs and crawled out. Someone threw a book. I was suprised he made it out the building alive.

  • Rick

    slow news day..

  • PigPen

    I think you may have just created a new variation of the expression “Jesus on a stick”!

  • Jesus

    Lighten up my children. If you can’t laugh about religion, what can you laugh about?

    Now, I have to go. I’m supposed to be giving AIDS to babies in Africa today.

  • High up on a Pedestal

    How is the weather down there?

  • Tabby

    Relax, Jesus is behind the wheel of your lives.

  • Al Jourgensen

    Jesus built my hot rod!

  • Your Own Personal Jesus

    Someone to hear your prayers.
    Someone who cares.


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