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Italian Restaurant Coming to Columbia Pike

by ARLnow.com May 25, 2011 at 3:55 pm 12,548 25 Comments

A new Italian restaurant is coming to 3111 Columbia Pike.

Padrino’s Fine Italian Cuisine hopes to first open its doors at some point near the end of June, according to owner Sami Khan, who said he’s excited to be opening a restaurant on the Pike.

“This is a beautiful place,” he said of the still-developing strip.

Khan says he expects to hold a formal grand opening during the first week of July. Also in July, Padrino’s will seek a live entertainment permit from the County Board, to allow live music, karaoke and other forms of indoor entertainment.

Padrino’s expects to have its first internet presence — a Facebook page — within two weeks.

Khan’s previous Arlington restaurant attempt, Cleopatra’s Mediterranean Bistro, closed earlier this year. Khan said the small shopping center off Glebe Road that housed Cleopatra’s was not conducive to his business.

The former occupant of 3111 Columbia Pike, the hookah lounge/pool hall/nightclub/restaurant Club 31-11, closed in March after just a couple of months in business. We reported at the time that the club had neglected to apply for a live entertainment permit when it opened, thus making it a target of several police inspections.

  • YTK

    HAHAHA! Divine Justice! This used to be Coco’s Casa Mia – viva Italia!!!

    • ArlForester

      I wonder if Coco’s considered itself to be fine Italian cuisine.

  • Brian

    Not sure I’ve seen that combination before: “Fine Italian Cuisine” and karaoke.

  • YTK

    Sure — you get up and sing “When the Moon hits your eye like a Big Pizza Pie…..! (etc)”

  • Michael

    Yes this sounds like it will be another HUGE success! *sarcasm* Cleopatra’s Mediterranean was terrible. And no offense Mediterranean food is NOT Italian food. Suggestion: Hire a new chef (with training in Italian cuisine) and inject some serious cash for the chef to buy proper ingredients (not the canned $H!T), then I think it will stand a chance. If not, Padrino’s Fine Italian Cuisine will close their doors and suffer the same fate of Cleopatra’s within a year.

    I am a small business owner and wish their success. I hope there are some serious lessons learned from their last restaurant!

  • KalashniKEV

    That place looks like a level on Rainbow 6.

    • MC 703

      I bet that building is full of sweet camping spots from where to pwn fools

  • N.A.OB

    How can this Kahn guy say that ” the small shopping center off Glebe Road that housed Cleopatra’s wasn’t conducive to his business” Say What??? Apparently Kahn’s never stepped foot in Ravi Kabob’s place right across Pershing drive. You could throw a stone from Cleopatra’s and hit someone waiting in line out in front of Ravi’s. It’s packed! For that matter so is Thai Curry right next door.Not nearly as crowded as Ravi’s but very successful none the less. This guy has no cue. The reason Cleopatra’s Mediterranean is closed and Ravi and Thai Curry is still in business is the fact that they both have great food.

  • MC

    Several Pakistani owned and managed Italian restaurants in the area produce horrible food. There is more to an Italian restaurant than calling it one and having Italian-sounding items on the menu. I would like to imagine Mr. Kahn’s will be different, but for me he will need to overcome my wariness by explaining what make it worth going there. When I hear it called it “Fine,” I am inclined to run in the opposite direction.

    • SoCo Resident

      Yes, another faux Italian restaurant with so-called “Fine” suspect food.

  • TGEoA

    He should call the place the Kobashi Maru

    • Eponymous Coward

      You are such a nerd. But then, I’m even worse for understanding the reference, and pointing out that it was Kobayashi Maru. Booya.

      But then, neither of us are as nerdy as KEV and MC703 up there for talking about 10-year-old first person shooters.

      • TGEoA

        Counterstrike is better

      • Newbs

        I’d like to see the Picard Maneuver used in relation to the Kobayashi Maru.

        And I’m sorry, but the America’s Army mod pwned Counterstrike.

        • CW

          I never stopped playing GoldenEye…

  • Tabby

    Definitely some serious cultural confusion.

    They should save their money and watch Big Night instead.

  • Josh S

    This can be like a standard ARLnow feature – the latest inhabitant of this building on Col Pike. Maybe it can get its own feed.

    Tear. It. Down. Start. Over.

    Oh and the other feed would be for the restaurant that occupies the space at Lee and Lexington in North Arlington. Another revolving door.

  • Really?

    The building looks positively gross, but on the premise of not judging a book by it’s cover I may have checked this place out (as it is only down the street from my place). However, any place that describes their food as “fine Italian food” but then says they are interested in karaoke, just doesn’t fly with me. Seriously, has the owner ever visted a “fine” italian resturant? Yeah, they aren’t playing karaoke. Another future fail.

  • Adam D.

    This Sami Khan guy, the owner of Padrino’s happens to be a dishonest and unethical when it comes to business transactions and dealing with sub-contractors. I’ve done a small job for him for this restaurant and he hasn’t kept to his word and hasn’t made his payments as promised. I’m still chasing after him and he keeps promising, but not delivering. Always has an excuse.

    I hope his food and service at his new location does not reflect his character.

  • Chris Slatt

    They appear to be open – anybody braved it?

  • SaraC

    I braved it and survived! The food was actually pretty good. I was curious,too, about the karaoke, because it sounded odd, but the manager said they don’t have karaoke. He said they have a live band on weekends. I’ll go again and maybe check out the band.

  • Truth

    Food may be OK but enter @ your own risk. The owner is known for shady business practices, not paying employees and contractors, etc.

    Prev. Comment by “Adam” is accurate based on what I’ve heard from several acquaintances.

    Mr. Khan probably learned his lesson @ Cleopatra’s and has a better chef now.

    The entertainment/karaoke/bands/DJs won’t begin until approx. 10 pm based on his past ventures. Be sure to double check your bills for “overcharging” and if not charged a cover @ the door, ask ur server if one is added per person to the check & the amount BEFORE ordering.

    I hope this new restaurant turns out well and is upstanding and an improvement to the area.

  • Cookie

    As a woman, I’d not enter this place. I sure miss CoCo’s thought. Great food and great place to dance the night away back way back when.

    • Garrett Emilio CoCo

      I Miss it too… My Grandfather First opened CoCo`s Casa Mia and then my DAD, Gregg CoCo and Uncle Barry CoCo took over the restaurant. I will never forget that place i grew up in that restaurant.. I think alot of people will never forget CoCo`s Casa Mia because it was one of the oldest italian..

  • Garrett Emilio CoCo

    restaurants in V.A.


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