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Meeting Tonight to Discuss Bikeshare Expansion

by ARLnow.com June 27, 2011 at 3:51 pm 3,014 45 Comments

County planners are holding a public forum tonight to discuss the expansion of Capital Bikeshare into the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor.

As we reported earlier this month, the meeting will seek input on 33 potential sites for Bikeshare stations throughout the corridor. In addition those sites, the county is also soliciting suggestion for other station locations via an interactive ‘crowdsourced’ map.

The selection criteria for new stations stipulate that the stations get 4+ hours of direct sunlight daily, be on flat ground and avoid creating “a dangerous situation for street users,” among other requirements. A total of 30 stations are expected to be built over the next year.

Tonight’s meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. in the Cherry/Dogwood rooms of the county government building at 2100 Clarendon Boulevard.

  • BerryBerryCold

    How about installing the one this summer that was supposed to be at the Courthouse station?

  • hank hillj

    I vote for no bikeshare stations

    • lala


      • Jason

        I understand that they don’t look great and cause some traffic, but what are the main reasons for not wanting bikeshare stations nearby? I know I’d like to have the option available and do not want the cost or hassle of trying to store a bike in my tiny condo.

        • lala

          Ross-Ball corridor can’t handle the number of bikes, pedestrians and cars we have now much less adding more bikers. There is an assumption that more bikes will reduce the number of cars but that is just not reality. This area continues to bring more and more people to it on a daily basis and the transport system is busting at the seams.

          • Cleveland

            So you propose to do nothing?

            The only assumption I would take is that the Ross-Ball corridor is going to continue to draw more and more people. We need a means of handling this increase. Bikes are really a very good way to improve transportation without having to increase space dedicated to roads.

          • lala

            All I am saying is we can’t handle the bikes, cars and pedestrians we currently have and I don’t think adding 33 bike share sites will turn us into Amsterdam-west. This corridor will always have cars and a lot of them due to it’s proximity to DC. We are adding more bars and restaurants which keep attracting more people in various forms of transport. Perhaps slowing down development would be a better change to make?

          • doodly

            We have no problem handling the bikes, cars and pedestrians we currently have. Arlington is not choked with any of those, except may cars in certain areas.

          • R.Griffon

            Exactly. Our sidewalks are not choked with pedestrians, and the bike lanes are terribly underutilized. I drive down Clarendon Ave. every morning rush hour and seldom see more than a handful of bikes the whole way. Those bike lanes could EASILY handle 10x the bike traffic.

            Now cars, on the other hand…

          • Take it down a notch

            Adding bikeshare stations doesn’t magically make more people appear out of nowhere. The potentials users are there anyway. If they extend these stations down to Ballston I would probably sign up for it — right now when I have to run errands at lunchtime my options are walking or driving, but if bikes were easily available I would be able to use my car less, because I could ride to some of the places that are too far to walk.

          • Maria

            While lala’s point isn’t false, I’m going to agree with “Take it down a notch.” I already walk most of the places on this corridor (unless I take the bus), so if I were to use the bikeshare, it would take a pedestrian OFF the sidewalk.

            And maybe this is just me, but I also think that if I were to use the bikes instead of walking, it would likely be just to get from point A to point B (Ballston to Rosslyn, for example) without making many, if any, stops along the way. Therefore, I’d probably use the “side” streets rather than battle pedestrians along the main corridor. So it might help that way too.

          • Louise

            I’m not sure this argument makes sense . . . if someone is riding a bike doesn’t that automatically mean he’s not driving his car (of course some may choose bike instead of bus, but still).

            I drive through Ross/Ball. corridor, at rush hour, about once a week. It’s crowded but it’s not more than can be handled.

          • doodly


            You simply cannot solve the problem by trying to stop people from moving around or moving into your neighborhood. It won’t work. Reality trumps you.

          • lala

            it’s about realistic land development–not over-saturation of bars, apartments and unnecessary stores.

  • G
    • G

      The future Pike Trolley could control the traffic signals… that would definitely make it better than a bus!

  • CrystalMikey

    I’d say to keep them where they don’t take away any street parking. Or try to minimize…

  • G

    Why don’t they install a station where it’s needed the most? Like in a neighborhood without a metro station close by?

    • doodly

      Yes. Definitely need to supplement the Metro and not just go parallel to it. Bikeshare is good for getting around where there is no Metro, or also to get to and from Metro.

    • Chris Slatt

      There will be eventually, but the areas most likely to be successful are the most dense. Plus you have to have a station at both the beginning and the end of the trip. Even for trips originating from those neighborhoods not near Metro, a neighborhood near Metro (or the Metro itself) is a likely destination.

  • Shirlingtonguy

    I think Shirlington would make a good location. We have great trail and bike lane access to points of interest (and jobs) and many residents with limited storage space.

    • Pedal power

      In every other country/city on the planet this is the norm, especially in urban areas. We are the greatest country on earth but we may also be the most stubborn.

  • Hammered

    This will end up being a drunk bike service for all the drunkards coming home from the bars on the weekends. I predict mass drunk biking accidents and Arlington to become the drunk bike hit and run capital of the world. Yep.

    • doodly

      Better drunks on bikes than drunks driving cars.

      • R.Griffon


        But realistically I don’t see ANY groups of young adults on their way to or from the bars lining up at the bikeshare. I’m pretty sure he was making a joke.

  • Dcbrewer

    The idea that the roads are so overloaded that they can’t handle more bikes is absurd. Wilson and Clarendon blvds already have bike lanes along most of the corridor and even if bike traffic increased tenfold it would scarcely affect traffic. CARS and TRUCKS are traffic. Bikes are the way to avoid traffic.

  • sophia

    Can we get some bikeshares in Alexandria please thanks.

  • 4Arl

    As they expand and gain new riders, has there been any progress on increasing helmet usage? Crashes are unfortunately inevitable. Also with CaBi’s popularity and visibility, kids are not getting an encouraging message about wearing helmets.

    • KalashniKEV


      I think this is quite literally insane. WHY can you drive a bicycle around Arlington with no helmet (and often no regard for any of the CARS on the road) and I can’t take a plastic cup of alcohol out in public.

      • Chris Slatt

        A libertarian lobbying for a mandatory helmet law?

        • KalashniKEV

          I know… I’m deeply conflicted! Perhaps I’m just annoyed that they got $2M in taxpayer money without any stipulations attached to it with regard to minimum standards.

          I also somewhat feel like the fools who choose to ride around on bicycles aren’t smart enough to protect themselves… I’m just not sure if someone else needs to do it for them.

          I save a Darwin Nominee every day in Rosslyn on my way to work… it’s my good deed!

          • doodly

            “I also somewhat feel like the fools who choose to ride around on bicycles aren’t smart enough to protect themselves… I’m just not sure if someone else needs to do it for them. ”

            Are you sure you’re a libertarian?

          • KalashniKEV

            I don’t think they should have gotten any of my money for their ridiculous company, but since they did, I want to make it painful for them. In the general context of “Helmet Laws, yes or no?” I’d definitely say “NO!”

  • JMB

    The selection criteria for new stations stipulate that the stations get 4+ hours of direct sunlight daily…

    Why is that?

    • R.Griffon

      The obvious guess would be that the terminals are solar powered.

      • Chris Slatt

        Yep, the Bikeshare stations are solar powered.

  • Thomas

    I do not yet know if I will use this..

    Do the bikes have cupholders for froyo and/or cupcakes?

  • Alpha Hog

    I use CaBi between Crystal City and Rosslyn (almost) every day. One less person crowding against you in the Metro.

  • Wanker

    Will all these new bikers get to blatantly disregard any traffic law like current bikers do? I get so angry every time I see a biker cut in from of me or someone else and move up the line at a stop sign or red light only to see that biker blow right through the stop sign or res light. They want to be part of the road but they don’t abide by the rules of the law. I can’t stand bikers!

    • G

      If it weren’t for cars, we wouldn’t need all the stop signs and stop lights.

      • Arl2

        My car was waiting for a red light to change at the intersection of S. Courthouse and Columbia Pike and some bicycle guy (without a helmet) ran the red light on Courthouse and right across onto Columbia Pike. How bold is that? Please Arl County traffic cameras take note!

    • Webster

      I got hit from behind by a guy on a bike as I was crossing the ramp from GW Parkway up on to Key Bridge. Just completely out of the blue he ran up the back of my leg with his front tire. I was like, how could you not see me?

      I also saw two bike riders almost throw down at that same crosswalk because they came from opposite directions and basically ran into each other at the curb cut. It looked like a messenger and a recreational rider. That was funny.

    • R.Griffon

      Separate issues. We need lots more cycle commuting, but we also need more ACPD out monitoring traffic AND cyclists during rush hour.

      Love bikes, but hate the ones who don’t obey the rules of the road as much as anyone.

    • Theakston

      You really are a wanker aren’t you!

  • Wanker

    Sorry for the typos. Autocorrect gets me yet again.


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