Severe Storm Warning Issued for Region

by ARLnow.com July 3, 2011 at 6:23 pm 3,998 31 Comments

Arlington and much of the surrounding area is under a severe thunderstorm warning through 7:00 p.m.

Storms capable of torrential rain and damaging winds are quickly approaching Arlington and D.C. from the northwest.

Let us know what’s happening in your neighborhood in the comments section.

  • Narlington

    Power is out in the Williamsburg neighborhood. Some trees are down too, be careful driving

  • Park Gtowner

    Tree down across 29 in Rosslyn. It used to shade my deck. So long tree.

  • TLC

    Intermittent power outages in Clarendon area, affecting stoplights, too.

  • Loocy

    Big tree down at Columbus Street and 24th Street in North Arlington. Root ball lifted up and wrecked driveway (barely spared the car), tree itself cracked and brought down power lines. Big mess, no power here for blocks.

  • Nance

    Taking refuge here at central library…where they have power and a/c and computers and even books!

  • Loocy

    Ouch — just saw someone on Old Dominion whose car got stuck when they drove over branches. Be careful out there! Old Dominion is a mess with large branches, including the Old Lee Highway portion.

  • Dia

    The area around the intersection of Old Dominion and Williamsburg looks like a warzone. Police and media are onscene

  • steve

    By jamesetown ES. Many trees down blocking roads, several trees into houses, cars.

  • steve

    Just saw a white suv drive around cones and under police tape before figuring out the road was blocked. Probably related to the person who follewed GPS down boat ramp into lake.

  • Take it down a notch

    Wow. Fairlington was spared this time. Brief heavy rain, not much wind. Not complaining, since we lost > 50 trees in one storm last August.

  • Yorktown Guy

    Trees down all over Yorktown. Power out. Two houses with trees on them within one block of Yorktown and Brandywine. FD on scene.

  • kc

    Power on in Rosslyn but ever since I got home at 9:30 no Comcast cable service.

  • superstar

    Anyone know if power and cable is back in Fort Myers area? Dominion isn’t helping.

  • Michael H.

    No power issues in Crystal City. But there were some nasty T-storms early Sunday morning.

    I did see some freakish cloud lightning this evening. Instead of the usual spark and zig-zags of electricity, I saw a brownish-yellow spark in the clouds that proceeded to spread out through the clouds, kind of like popcorn bursting and burning.

  • Courthound

    We saw the tree split in half next to the apartments at 10th Street & 50. walking through Courthouse we saw a tree fully felled on Adams next to The Charleston garage entrance.

    Driving north on Washington Boulevard before it merges with the GW past the Pentagon several of the crowd control fences were knocked in the roadway.

  • John Andre

    Little damage near 8th Rd. South & Greenbrier. Biggest inconvenience…big issues with Comcast cable TV between 6:45 and 8 pm. It kept me from watching Al Jazeera and DW on MHZ TV between 7 and 8 pm, and also cut off my TV news some time around 6:45 pm. Looks as though the north side got hit far worse than us in this storm. No power outages in Columbia Heights West.

    Total rainfall was 0.94″ @ Campbell ES…all but 0.07″ fell during the morning thunderstorms. Rain was very light this evening.

  • No power outages near Wakefield High School yesterday morning or last night. We rarely if ever have any power problems. Comcast blipped twice momentarily, but that’s about it. Funny – the last storm that threatened the area, our power went out for a half-hour with no rain and plenty of sunshine!

  • SEA North Arl

    Glebe near N 34th, Old Dominion and Rock Spring – serious electrical damage, numerous poles down. A couple of houses hit by trees…best overheard conversation: woman being interviewed by news crew: “When will this be on TV?” interviewer: “why does it matter, you won’t be able to watch it anyway!”

  • neu

    Looking grim in the swath of Arlington bordered by George Mason, Lee Highway, Glebe Road/Old Dominion, and Williamsburg Blvd. Many neighborhoods without power, several homes and cars badly damaged by falling trees, many streets still blocked. Major roads are cleared now, but getting back from Chain Bridge was close to impossible last night.

    Just overheard that the Country Club is still planning their fireworks, but I haven’t confirmed that.

    • SEA North Arl

      I hope so. Walking by this AM, they appeared to have power (lights on), as do the new townhouses next door and Marymount. They were hard a work picking up branches and had a large portable generator out front (not powered up).

  • Loocy

    Note to self: cut down all the big Tulip Poplars in the yard before they get too big. A lot of damage I’m seeing was caused by huge Tulip Poplars — shallow, broad root balls and heavy branches, so the whole tree comes down and destroys things. The damage on Columbus street and on 27th street was done by these massive trees.

  • Jon

    Still no Comcast service here in Ft. Myers area.

    • kc

      I’m right across the street from Iwo Jima and my Comcast service was back when I turned on the TV this morning. WGN isn’t coming in but everything else seems to be working.

  • Loocy

    At Old Dominion and Rock Creek earlier today

  • Tamar

    4:00 on the Fourth of July and still no power near Jamestown E.S. So many power lines down across streets that navigating the area is like one of those mazes. Maybe Arlington should bury power cables as some neighborhoods do?

    • doodly

      Burying power lines in existing neighborhoods costs an enormous amount of money.

      • Rick

        No revenue for two+ days from 3000 people will cost them a lot too… this won’t be the last time this happens this summer either.

        • doodly

          No, I mean ALOT of money. ALOT more than it costs them in lost revenue and the cost to fix it.

  • Lou

    We seemed to have lucked out in Westover. The worst storm here was actually the morning one because of the lightning. A couple strikes were not much more than a block away. I am surprised there were no FD calls.

  • SEA North Arl

    Dominion Power is making progress (we got our power back after 30 hours). The hardest hit areas (Old Dominion and Rock Spring; North Glebe around 33rd) are going to be a while longer.

  • doodly

    So will the complaints about ArlNow posting severe storm warnings stop now?


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