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Coming Soon to Clarendon: Rabbit Salad and Grill

by ARLnow.com July 6, 2011 at 9:04 am 6,102 51 Comments

Clarendon’s new salad-sandwich-and-cupcake concept, Rabbit Salad and Grill, now has a name and an opening date.

A web site for the new restaurant, located at 3035 Clarendon Boulevard, appeared online yesterday. A representative tells us that they’re hoping to hold a grand opening on July 28.

Rabbit will offer “quality salads, sandwiches and meals in a comfortable dining room,” along with a selection of beer and wine.” In addition, sweets will be offered thanks to an in-store Red Velvet Cupcakery counter (Rabbit and Red Velvet share the same owners).

The restaurant is now hiring cooks, dishwashers and servers.

  • John Stephens

    Jesus. Can’t we be spared by the coming apocalypse, please?!

    • Andy


  • Josh S

    Well, I thought that looked cute but then when I tried to go to the website and was greeted with the “You Must Have Flash Installed” announcement, my enthusiasm immediately went pfffft. What kind of moron designs a website that requires flash in order to even see the landing page?

  • Mmmmm. Salad

    I am just happy there wille be a healthier quick food option on that stretch. Salads and sandwiches sounds good to me.

  • Ugh

    I tried to check the website to see if they actually serve rabbit on the menu. Site requires Adobe Flash though, so I’m not interested.

    • Bob the Butcher

      Take off your iphone goggles

      • Ugh

        Not on an Iphone. On a desktop PC. Not interested in a Flash installation just to view basic web content.

        • CW

          I’m pretty sure flash was considered “basic web content” circa 1995.

          • Ugh

            And I’m pretty sure I’ve read more documentation than you have about Flash as a laptop battery drain and an attack vector on the web. Just a guess though.

            By “basic web content,” I was referring to information that could be easily represented with standard HTML, CSS, and images (JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.). The site doesn’t even provide contact info unless you have Flash installed, which is also terrible for search engine optimization.

            Not gonna turn this forum into a technology/design debate. It’s just my preference to avoid sites that require Flash.

          • Lou

            I’m with you though. Flashblock on Firefox, FTW.

          • LyonParker

            Written by Brian May.
            Sung by Freddie Mercury.

            Flash – a-ah – saviour of the universe
            Flash – a-ah – he’ll save everyone of us
            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
            Flash – a-ah – he’s a miracle
            Flash – a-ah – king of the impossible

          • Andrew

            I thought you said you were on a desktop? What does laptop battery drain have to do with anything?

          • Ugh

            It bolsters my argument for why I think purely Flash websites are unwise and why I avoid them on my devices. They alienate a variety of users, including laptop users, security conscious users, privacy conscious users, iPhone users, and many other users who don’t want to be bothered with a plug-in just so they can get an address or read a list of menu items (see Thes’s link above).

            Just because my exact circumstances this morning didn’t cause me to suffer from battery drain doesn’t make my points any less valid for why I avoid running Flash on the variety of devices I own.

          • R.Griffon

            “Basic web content” conforms to open standards. Flash does not. If you require proprietary software to view basic info on your website, then you’re doing it wrong.

            Besides being one big resource hogging security risk, it’s just plain cheesy. Why not add an animated background, and some midi music while you’re at it?

    • doodly

      You’re not missing much. An animated carrot and a “coming soon” sign.

      • LyonParker

        White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
        One pill makes you larger
        And one pill makes you small
        And the ones that mother gives you
        Don’t do anything at all
        Go ask Alice
        When she’s ten feet tall

        And if you go chasing rabbits
        And you know you’re going to fall
        Tell ’em a hookah smoking caterpillar
        Has given you the call
        Call Alice
        When she was just small

        When men on the chessboard
        Get up and tell you where to go
        And you’ve just had some kind of mushroom
        And your mind is moving slow
        Go ask Alice
        I think she’ll know

        When logic and proportion
        Have fallen sloppy dead
        And the White Knight is talking backwards
        And the Red Queen’s “off with her head!”
        Remember what the dormouse said;
        “Keep YOUR HEAD
        Keep your head”

    • Thes
      • Ugh

        Dead on. Nice link, Thes.

      • Tre

        +10 for The Oatmeal

      • TGEoA

        Clarendouche love flash sites.

        • Tre


  • DR

    Great news…Clarendon needs a good sandwich shop.

    • Bob the Butcher


      • DR

        Earl’s is not in Clarendon, it’s in Courthouse and isn’t that good.

        • doodly

          Earl’s is fantastic.

        • AllenB

          Earl’s is excellent. And it’s a block from Whole Foods. I’d hardly consider that much of a walk at all from Clarendon.

        • Thes

          Earls is in Lyon Village, not Courthouse.

          • Josh S

            That’s hilarious.

        • Louise

          Earls is amazing.

        • Tre

          DR is crazy. Just thinking of Earl’s sandwiches makes me salivate. I’m just glad I’ll never have to wait in line behind DR.

      • R.Griffon

        Earl’s is good, but the menu’s kinda small (but sufficient) and it has almost no seating (which is a MUCH bigger deal). Great for grab-n-go, not so good for sit, eat, and chat.

        I would KILL for Clarendon to get a Lost Dog Cafe. It’d be like a license to print money.

    • Evil Matcher

      Cafe on Wilson

  • CW

    Things I would enjoy, even if only offered as a joke:

    1) Cupcakes chopped into a salad a la the ingredients at Chop’t.

    2) Cupcake sandwiches…incorporate rabbit confit. (See: pulled pork cupcakes at Bourbon Steak)

  • novasteve

    Reminder, the worst part about Clarendon is the people. I would actually give some of these places a shot if it weren’t for the people here.

    • Southeast Ben

      and where exactly are the best people novasteve?

    • Mike

      Did you ever stop and think maybe the problem is you Steve?

    • Legal Resident V

      Don’t let unlikeable people ruin your enjoyment of Clarendon, or of any physical place really.

    • Clarendude

      ‘Paris is wonderful — except for the Parisians” LOL.

  • BerryBerryCold

    Clarendon needs a bagel shop.

    • AllenB

      Walk five blocks to Brooklyn Bagel in Courthouse.

      • BerryBerryCold

        Lame response. Clarendon needs one. The fact that Courthouse has one doesn’t matter.

        • AllenB

          Right… what’s kinda lame is you can’t walk a few blocks for your morning bagel.

      • R.Griffon

        From the outer periphery of Clarendon maybe, but it’s the better part of a mile from the Clarendon Metro. No good in bad weather or if you need to be somewhere.

        Larry’s will have bagels, although I’d imagine a limited selection.

  • KalashniKEV

    I’m going to have nightmares about that rabbit.

  • karzai

    I second the need for a bagel place. Brooklyn is a far walk and too small to handle the business it gets. It is quite good though.

    • Mike

      Have you been in there? That line moves pretty fast, and there’s only a sizeable one on weekends.

      • KalashniKEV

        It’s not a good bagel though… more of a “bread ring.”

        • AllenB

          Not good if you compare to the best in NYC, but better than just about anything else in this area.

        • PHD

          are there good bagels anywhere in NoVa?

          • Greg

            Here we go. This is how the whole pizza thing started. In two years every corner will have a New York bagelry.

  • MC

    I’m hoping for a grilled salad.


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