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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com July 20, 2011 at 7:00 am 2,356 16 Comments

Noise Monitoring at DCA — A company has been hired to measure noise levels around Reagan National Airport. The information gathered will be used to figure out “ways to control or reduce noise pollution.” [NBC Washington]

Bus Stop Decorated — A local ART bus stop has been “yarn bombed.” [Facebook]

Local Newspaper CEO Pleads Guilty — The president and CEO of Connection Newspapers, which publishes the Arlington Connection weekly, has pleaded guilty to failing to pay more than $940,000 in federal payroll taxes. [Washington Examiner]

Flickr pool photo by Mark C. White

  • fo’ realz

    Surprised the car accident on glebe rd didn’t make morning notes. The the whole intersection is closed.

  • Southeast Ben

    I think it’s mostly cleaned up at this point. Speaking of…is there anyone else who can’t stand the Danella (misspelled) who does the traffic reports on NBC News now? She reads off paper, her tone feels like she is talking down, and her favorite line, “Pack your patience” is annoying.

    • ARL native

      I agree with your comments about the new traffic reporter on channel 4. She needs to go. My favorite phrase is ” traffic is a hot mess”.

      • Southeast Ben

        And we’re losing Lindsay Czarniak to ESPN. Definitely going to miss her, but wish her the best with ESPN. That’s a pretty sweet gig for a JMU Alumni.

        • Jackflops

          Alumna (or “alum”). Alumni is plural. Carry on.

          • Southeast Ben

            Thanks Jack (cough, cough, ass, cough). Kidding. Quick replying.

  • G Clifford Prout

    You should have been watching WJLA, when Jummy Olabanji said that, “police were EFFORTING to reopen a portion of Washington Blvd.” I busted a gut, but when I got into work, I found out newsreaders have been verbing EFFORT for quite a while.

    And if no one else mentioned it….. awe Bambi.

    • charlie

      did Bambi bite it at Wash/Glebe? I saw no problems at 730 when they were announcing it was just re-opened.
      I personally find the traffic reports to be 100% wrong — either nothing is there and they say it is backed up OR it is backed up and they say nothing is wrong.

    • doodly

      Verbing is verbed.

      • G Clifford Prout

        Oh the humanity.

  • TJ

    I need to have my eyes checked. I thought it said “yam” bombed…like sweet potatoes.

    I went to the link and still couldn’t find the yams in the photo…took me forever this morning to realize it was yarn. Off for more coffee now.

    • Henry

      I saw the same thing, originally

    • CW

      Me too. Blame it on the font.

      I might go out and yam bomb a bus stop tonight to just to see how it looks.

      • I saw yam too.

        LOVE the deer – sweet photo.

  • doodly

    I’ll be impressed when they actually yarn bomb a whole bus:


  • Denis O’Sullivan

    Information on contract for noise monitoring at DCA is not actually correct. Information from airport personnel is they will be tracking the flight paths and guessing at the actual noise. Go figure.


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