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“Ray’s Hell Burger III” Now Hiring in Rosslyn

by ARLnow.com August 5, 2011 at 3:46 pm 6,847 21 Comments

“Ray’s Hell Burger III” is getting closer to opening in Rosslyn.

Interior construction on the new restaurant, located at 1650 Wilson Boulevard, appears to be complete. A permit for 22 outdoor tables and 44 outdoor seats was approved by the county late last month. And “now hiring” signs (for managers, bartenders, servers and hosts/hostesses) are currently posted in the windows.

The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is still processing an application to serve wine, beer and mixed drinks at the restaurant. According to the permit application, “Ray’s Hell Burger III” will seat at least 150 people.

Little else is known about the restaurant, which is located a block away from Ray’s Hell Burger I and II. “Ray’s Hell Burger III” is now the name on all of the restaurant’s permits, but the ABC permit used to list the name as “The Lobster Pot” — hinting at a possible seafood restaurant. A Washington Post article from 2010, however, may shed some light on the true plans.

“[Ray’s Hell Burger II] will move across the street to an even bigger location that will accommodate more people more comfortably,” the article said. “It will also have a kitchen large enough to turn out house-made french fries, instead of the frozen ones customers largely have deemed unworthy of the burgers.”

At the time, the article predicted that the move would take place within a matter of months, which obviously hasn’t happened (yet). This afternoon, Ray’s Hell Burger employees told us that they had not been told anything about the plans for the restaurant across the street, whatever it may be.

  • JimPB

    Mystery rules. Good.

  • JimPB

    Wonder what the pay is? Are there benefits, e.g., insurance for illness prevention and treatment?

    • charlie

      how would that compare to a job at the future walmart?

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  • ArlForester

    I hope the ArlNow people enjoy their free burgers for posting a free ad. Can other restaurants make use of this service?

    • That’s funny, since I’m pretty sure Michael Landrum would have preferred we didn’t write this article.

      • Maria


  • AJ

    i think whasisface is overextended. the last two burgers i got at hell burger were downright terrible. dry, flavorless, overcooked beyond belief.

    • Sean

      Funny you should say that. I haven’t been able to get over to Ray’s much recently, but the last couple times I went there something seemed different. The burger was still good, but not as good as normal. I hope they didn’t decide to change the meat or something.

      • david

        They’ve changed up the bun which is definitely not as good. I loved it when it first opened but its definitely gone downhill lately.

  • Tabby

    What’s a Bar Tender?

  • Chris Gough

    Two things….

    Why is there a Rays Hell Burger 3? One is more than enough.

    Working for Michael Landrum sucks. He’s a hot head, he treats his servers like garbage, and has temper tantrums on a regular basis. He gets off on firing employees who work hard and depend on the pay. My g/f brought a mold issue in the ceiling to his attention and was given less and less hours for the next 3 week until not being put on the schedule. She was told, by text message, that her services were no longer needed. No explanation, no phone call. Another server was fired for no apparent reason when his wife was 1 week from giving birth.

    Way over hyped, he’s a punk… I hope he goes out of business real soon

    • Sean

      I believe they are going to shut down Hellburger II, and I would be suprised if Hellburger I closes, too. I just hope the parking situation doesn’t get worse (not holding my breath).

      • brian

        parking?? everyone walks there during the day from work.

        it’s impossible to find a place to sit at lunch time.

        that’s probably when they rake in their money load

    • Tabby

      I worked in this town as a server for 7 years. For the most part, restaurant and bar owners are scumbags and managers are drug addicts or alkies. And I’ve never known a male manager NOT to cheat on his spouse.

      By the way, re: “less and less hours”; It’s fewer and fewer.

  • brian

    Do they have a Satan Burger with peas on the side?

    • Dan

      Hey now….give peas a chance !!!

  • OX4

    It’s about time they opened that space. Looks like Landrum has been using it for junk storage for about two years.

    • ArlForester

      He should have stored his ego there unless the space wasn’t quite big enough.

  • novasteve

    How long has Hell Burger beein business? i don’t recall it being there when I would go to Pho 75 in the mid 1990s for lunch.

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