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Rosslyn Road Closures Expected to Remain Through Rush Hour

by ARLnow.com August 8, 2011 at 11:20 am 5,984 30 Comments

Update at 7:35 a.m. on 8/9/11 — Clarendon Boulevard has reopened, but neighborhood streets in the area of the collapse remain closed.

Update at 5:55 p.m. — Clarendon Boulevard and 16th Street will both remained closed between N. Pierce Street and N. Oak Street through the morning rush, the county said this afternoon.

Update at 1:10 p.m. — The processes of shoring up the collapsed retaining wall could take up to 48 hours, according Arlington County Inspection Services Division Chief Shahriar Amiri. While some road closures will remain, Amiri said that Clarendon Boulevard may reopen as soon as tomorrow’s morning rush hour. “We are working hard at it,” he said.

The road closures related to last night’s construction site collapse are expected to remain in place through tonight’s evening rush hour. Heavy traffic is expected as a result.

Arlington’s Office of Emergency Management issued the following alert just after 10:30 this morning.

It is anticipated that both lanes of eastbound Clarendon Blvd (N. Pierce St. to Oak St.) will remain closed through the evening rush hour, related to the construction site collapse.

On northbound Rte 110, the Rosslyn exit (via Wilson Blvd) has also been closed to relieve congestion. Motorists are encouraged to continue onto westbound I-66 to the Lee Hwy exit.

Lee Hwy (Rte. 29) and Arlington Blvd (Rte. 50) are the suggested routes for getting to and around Rosslyn. Those with plans in Rosslyn should expect major traffic delays. Transit, pedestrian & bicycle routing will also be affected.

  • josie

    any idea if the HOV restrictions on 66W will be lifted since they are telling people to use that instead of wilson?

    • yequalsy

      Probably not as they’re telling people to take the Lee Hwy exit which is before the HOV restriction kicks in.

    • Sherman klump

      They want you to use the 66 so you can be ticketed and help pay for the mess.

    • normal

      You could always, like, find someone to carpool with.

      • Sherman klump

        But no one wants to ride with me

        • Buddy Love

          Probably too fat to carpool.HaHaHaHaHa.

  • Lou

    I don’t see how closing 110 to Wilson makes much difference.

    • steve85

      i think theis is my first time seeing you write something positive lol. That is true about closing 110. Doesn’t make a big difference to me either.

  • Tre

    In other news, Donaldson Run was swallowed into the 4th dimension after torrential downpours.

  • OX4

    Say wha? Why would you close the 110 exit to Wilson because Clarendon Blvd is closed?

    • Sam

      Because all the people trying to get around the closure from within Rosslyn don’t need a monsoon of cars entering Rosslyn and causing gridlock.

      It’s like when your toilet overflows and you turn off the water valve underneath. Sure, it doesn’t unclog the mess but it prevents additional water from coming into the clogged system.

      • steve85

        [This comment has been deleted. Please refrain from personal attacks.]

        • Josh S

          ^ Seriously, what is UP with this guy? ^

          • Sam

            Damn, I missed it.

          • steve85

            I didn’t say anything negative towards you Sam. I was referring about I didn’t think that you anology made sense. I don’t know why they removed the comment but everytime I see one I will comment about it being a persinal attack. I guess people are soft now

        • normal

          Okay, steve, but would you take 110 into Rosslyn today?

          • Laura

            Normal: I would actually take 110 into Rosslyn if I could today because I live in Rosslyn, I don’t really have a choice in avoiding the area. Closing the 110 just means that I have to go out of the way to get home.

          • normal

            It’s quite possible that the 110 exit would be jammed today, that’s the point.

          • Lou

            Yeah, people still need/want to go into Rosslyn while this whole cleanup is going on. Closing Wilson from 110 just puts more pressure on the intersection where the cyclist was hit earlier, and Fort Myer Drive. I predict gridlock around Gateway Park during rush hour.

          • steve85

            The accident happen om Clarendon Blvd not Wilson. Of course I would its not that serious

        • steve85

          I didn’t say anything that would be considered a personal attack. All of these other comments that’s are “personal attacks” that are written everyday and you decide to remove mines. I don’t get this blog. You might as well do that to all the comments

        • steve85

          GreaterGreater Washington is the best

    • Charlie

      Closing the northbound exit from 110 into Rosslyn does not make sense to you? Really?


    I passed the Wilson Blvd. exit off 110 about 90 minutes ago and it was open.

  • rc

    Does this mean that the construction noise will be constant for the next 48 hrs? Normally construction noise starts at 7am per Arlington regs, but today it started at 5am.

  • sb

    Only 5am? I feel like they were making noise all night, and their lights were shining directly into my bedroom window

  • rc

    That’s when I first noticed it anyway. There was some noise from the idling trucks and the lights as you mentioned, but I only heard the backhoes and stuff from 5am. Also, it’s a pity they had to cut down more of the few old trees on that site.

    • sb

      ugh, I know. I felt sick when I saw that this morning

    • Cathy

      I’d been wondering about that tree save area anyway. My educated guess, based on observing other construction sites over several years, is that it was far too small for any but a very few trees in the center to survive anyway, especially given the enormous excavation nearby (trees that have grown up in the middle of a forested area often don’t do very well when they find themselves on the perimeter instead, nor do they appreciate changes in water flow etc.). But if the trees are still standing at the end of construction, even if they’re predictably stressed and dying, I guess it counts as tree “save.”

  • Lou

    Looks like they opened 110 to Wilson because traffic was lighter than they expected. That made no sense to me in the first place.


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