Columbia Pike Repair Work Expected Soon

by ARLnow.com September 28, 2011 at 12:31 pm 2,839 27 Comments

The bumpy and pothole-ridden stretch of Columbia Pike between George Mason Drive and Four Mile Run will be getting some much-needed repairs this fall, according to Arlington County officials.

“The excessive heat and rain this summer, combined with construction and regular bus traffic, have taken a toll on the Pike,” admitted county spokeswoman Shannon Whalen McDaniel.

“Road repairs will happen over the next few weeks as crews assess trouble spots, patch the road and make needed improvements,” she said. “There will not be full paving between George Mason Drive and Four Mile Run, however signficant patch work will be done in that area to the sub-grade level.”

Whalen McDaniel encouraged residents to report potholes or bad sections of road on the county website or via phone at 703-228-6570.

The repairs can’t come soon enough for some drivers, who have complained about the possibility of damage to their cars from the bumps and holes.

“Potholes, bumps, ridges, and giant mounds of destroyed asphalt along the sides of the road are far too common on the stretch of road,” said one tipster. “The conditions are daunting for most sedans to traverse. Perhaps the county should consider licensing the road to Land Rover as a test track for offroad performance testing.”

Further east on the Pike, meanwhile, more utility work is underway, between S. Quinn Street and S. Courthouse Road. One westbound lane has been blocked during the day as a result of the construction.

  • UnlimitedCustoms

    That double wide yellow is ripe for some neighborhood calming and a curbed center!

    • CurbsAbound

      That’s a terrible idea.

  • G

    They should just start putting in the streetcar tracks.

  • JamesE

    They need to repave all of Wilson west of glebe, it is like going off road. Also near N. Utah street going east on Washington that massive pothole has opened up again I had to pull off some F1 type maneuver to avoid it the other day.

    • UnlimitedCustoms

      Why don’t you call the number listed. I’m sure they’ll return your call right away.

    • charlie

      yeah what is with that — right after Stuart Street.
      year after year after year.
      it is like the 3000 block of Washington Blvd is also always coming up.

  • UnlimitedCustoms

    Does anyone buy the county spokesman’s lies? Columbia Pike has long been in disrepair, well before this summer’s heat and rain.

    • ArlingtonSouth

      Um, exactly!

    • Lou

      So true.

  • 22A Rider

    It’s about time. Every time our bus rides down that stretch, I have to mentally brace myself for the impact. A few times, we hit the potholes at just the “right” spot, and my fellow passengers have screamed (or cursed)…

    • Runaway Train

      22A rider here as well. If you sit in the back of the bus you can easily be launched a foot or higher in the air.

      • PikerGirl

        I ride the 16 bus every work day all the way from Pentagon to S Frederick. As we approach Buchanan St, sitting in the back of the bus it is like riding a “fun” ride especially if the bus driver does not slow down for the bumps. I always have to grab on to something tight as the sudden bouncing does a number on my damaged L5-S1 back disk.

        Lately there have been trucks and utility vehicles there along side the Pike near Buchanan that look like they are doing so more work. I hope they hurry up and do the planned work for the intersection of Columbia Pike and Four Mile Run. The bad road condition has been dragging on for a while. Anybody know what the planned schedule is on this?

  • DB

    I think the Pike has destroyed my car. The potholes get so big they’re impossible to avoid. And that middle section in the photo above is like driving on a washboard. I’d rather sit behind a bus than drive on that.

  • lyon park

    Totally agree with some of the above comments–that stretch of Columbia Pike has been a mess since well before this summer.

    There’s no way this would been allowed to go on this long in North Arlington.

    • david

      Williamsburg between Glebe and Old Dominion has been a complete mess for close to 2.5 years now.

      • Lou

        Umm, take out the decimal point. It’s been that long.

      • Josh S

        There’s no comparison. The Pike is in much worse condition and it’s a longer stretch of road that is affected.

  • When I read the County Spokeswoman’s explanation closely I have the impression that the County is attributing the Pike’s poor condition on man-made climate change because as we all know the excessive heat and rain this summer was a result of man-made climate change.

    In this view, the County should do nothing to improve the drivability of the Pike as part of implementing the County’s “Car-Free Diet” Program. After all why should the County spend funds to facilitate a behavior – driving autos – it does not favor.

    Of course, this only applies to the low-income workers and other common people who live on, near, or use the pike. If you are one of the special people who live in North Arlington you obviously have good reasons for using an auto that needs to be respected, like Al Gore’s use of private jets.

    • John K


  • charlie

    weren’t we promised that everything would be perfect once the County took over this road from the evil VDOT?

  • steve85

    Good my head won’t touch the ceiling when the buses hit the bumps anymore.

  • Zoning Victim

    I never go down that section of the pike, but good grief does that look terrible. I think the rhythm section of the last motocross race I watched was smoother than that.

  • Arlwhenver

    $20 million of transportation tax surcharges collected each being diverted to nubs, bumps, developer toys and Metro Stations upgrades — nothing left for good roads.

  • Mr. Bumpy

    I find it amazing that after installing curbs and sidewalks in the neighborhoods, they fully repave a decent road. But not when they do major utility trenching in the middle of a busy commuter route?

  • BW

    The only good part about the rough road on this particular park of Columbia Pike is that you’re so busy being tossed around, you don’t notice the coin laundry places, check cashing places, the sex shop, the good will, and other quaint, classy stores that adorn this beautiful section of roadway.

    • John K

      Wait a minute… there’s a sex shop in my neighborhood? Damn… how have I not noticed this!?!

  • BW

    John L- YUP! It’s called “Chica’s” and conveniently located next to a check cashing place and a “discount mattress” store. This is a real classy part of town. A real pleasure to bring out of town guests to…


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