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by ARLnow.com October 13, 2011 at 9:20 am 3,087 37 Comments

More on Possible Shirlington Walmart — Three months after ARLnow.com reported exclusively that Walmart was eying a site for a possible store in Shirlington, County Board Chairman Chris Zimmerman is acknowledging that the county is aware of Walmart’s interest in Shirlington. This weekend the County Board is expected to discuss changing the zoning ordinance in order to prevent “big box” stores like Walmart from being constructed without Board approval. When the ordinance change was first advertised, the word “Walmart” was never mentioned. [WTOP]

Fire Station Open Houses This Weekend — Arlington’s 10 fire stations will each be conducting an open house between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. The kid-friendly event is organized as part of Fire Prevention Week 2011. [Arlington County]

Turnaround at AWLA — There’s a turnaround underway at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, which had been criticized for its relatively high euthanasia rate for dogs and cats. The shelter’s euthanasia rate during fiscal year 2011 was down 60 percent compared to the year before. The “positive outcome” rate for sheltered dogs rose to 91 percent from 80 percent one year prior. [Sun Gazette]

F.C., Arlington Police Investigate Burglaries — Arlington and Falls Church police are investigating a series of ten residential burglaries since the beginning of fall. The burglaries have occurred in the City of Falls Church and in Arlington’s East Falls Church neighborhood. Stolen items include laptops, iPods, guns, passports, bank checks and jewelry. [Falls Church News-Press]

  • JimPB

    What’s the source for the adorable dog picture?

    For safety’s sake, hope the dog’s leash is secured to something inside the car other than the hand of the driver.

    • CW

      Shift knob.

  • BigSpender

    This “failure to notify” policy by Arlington County is sickening. It’s typical that they get all pissy when large projects by large companies don’t come to the attention of County Gov’t sooner. Or they may be aware of the project but wait until someone comes to them first pleading for permission. Then it gets stuck in a vicious cycle of red tape until nothing gets done and everyone has just wasted a bunch of time and money. Hot Lanes are another typical situation, look what happened there, now we get nothing!

    • BoredHouseWife

      And where would all those cars go after they bottleneck at bridge? 295 wasn’t getting HOT lanes. So all HOT lanes would do is increase the amount of pollution in Arlington County.

      • Steve

        Actually you are wrong, there is and has been a series of studies and activity by the federal government and regional planning task forces to add lanes across the river as part of the regional expansion of road infrastructure to meet population growth. It was even supported by Jim Moran.

        The most favored plan calls for adding either one or two reversible HOT/HOV/BRT lanes in the median of the Rochambeau span of the “14th Street Bridge” complex.

      • BigSpender

        Better to have the cars on the main roads rather than spill over to our local lanes. Furthermore, stagnation of transportation improvements will not grow Arlington, rather people will look elsewhere for housing, decreasing new developments because of our poor transportation system.

        Hot Lanes was supposed to bring improvements to our roads for a subsidized cost, a point grossly overlooked by many Arlingtonians that believe its sole purpose was to make our lives hell and increase traffic

    • arlcyclist

      And nothing is exactly what many Arlington residents along 395 wanted. No HOT lanes and no Walmart thank you very much.

  • G Clifford Prout

    Awe, Puppy Dog!

  • MC 703

    Please no Wal-Mart in Shirlington.

    I live very close to Shirlington and would not like to see a big-box. Maybe Bailey’s or PC would be more appropriate where there is already big-box presence.

    • Nah. Go to the Target instead.

    • bred

      What’s the problem with Wall-Mart at least considering the property in Shirlington? Most anything would look better than what is not there. Now for the county board to become involed in what may a “by right” development is an other matter.

      • asheryuki

        No trashy stores in Shirlington please.
        Wal – Mart – no –
        Wegman’s – yes

        I’ve been writing Wegmans for years to come to Shirlington. Wrote Room & Board too, but they chose DC.

        We can’t handle the traffic and don’t want that “type” of store there. Agree with MC703 that Bailey’s would be a better place for them.

        • Virginia^2

          You think that the traffic for a Wegmans would be considerably less than for a Wal-Mart? Have you ever been to the one in Fairfax?

  • MC

    The WTOP article has a great graphic from a professional engineering society showing how massive the traffic generated by a big box store is compared with other kinds of developments of comparable scale.

  • DarkHeart

    Puppy dog not subject to laws that prevent children that size and larger from being in the front seat? I passed a woman yesterday who was driving with a dog in her lap.

    • I’ve seen dirtbags drive around with a dog in the back of a pickup truck while the front seat was empty. No laws apparently.

      • m

        we call that Alabama

      • yequalsy

        When I was growing up in Texas the dog got to ride in the front seat and the wife rode in the bed. The women’s lib movement changed that.

        /with apologies to Hondo Crouch

  • Burger

    Interesting that the WMATA police are involved in the break-ins…I would guess that means there is strong link between the break-ins and thefts/robberies on WMATA and/or using buses/trains to get to the locations.

  • Back in the day I used to go to the Best in Shirlington. I’m not sure a WalMart is a fit there now. It would bring a lot of traffic to the small roads in that area. WalMart also seems to bring ….uh, how do I say this in a politically correct manner…… a lower level of society out of the woodwork.

    • John Fontain

      I think I remember that Best. Wasn’t it situated to the immediate left of the movie theatre (where there is currently an intersection?

  • JimPB

    The break-in robberies near EFC Metro are worrisome in number AND because at least one occurred when residents were home.

    Any home owner and/or police surveillance videos that might identify the perps?

  • Lee-n-Glebe

    I assume that if there were updates on the weapons dump found at the I-66 Patrick Henry overpass that those updates would be prominent on ArlNow. So far the details have been pretty thin – for example is this some sort of modern weaponry or some collector’s stash? “Machine gun” is pretty ambiguous.

    Again, I’m sure the details are thin because the authorities have not shared them – just a note to let you know I (and probably others) are eagerly looking for more info.

  • Richard Cranium

    Here we go again. “WalMart enslaves people! WalMart causes cancer! WalMart cheats at poker! WalMart kicked my puppy!!”


    • drax

      Bet you wouldn’t want to live next to one though.

  • novasteve

    What is with the antiwalmart people? I’ve only seen one in my entire life, Outside of Philly. I used to believe it was just a myth. It was as bad as I heard.

    • asheryuki

      I’ve heard 2 people say (separately) that they won’t go to Walmart cause they are tired of watching people beat their kids – and not in a normal / disciplinary way . . .

  • Westover

    Blocking Walmart setting up in Del Ray or Clarendon would make sense. Blocking them from a part of industrial Shirlington where there is no retail competition for them to be unfairly targeting is ridiculous.

    • D’oh


    • Novanglus

      This move doesn’t block Wal-Mart. It forces them to deal with the traffic and land use issues that would accompany their store.

      A traditional car-oriented Wal-Mart would be a disaster for that location — it would dump lots of traffic from all over the region on an intersection that’s already got too much going on. http://g.co/maps/w4bbd

      A mixed-use development with a Wal-Mart anchor (http://www.tysonswest.com/media/JBG_TW_Promenade.pdf) could be a great addition to Shirlington, but it can only be successful if the industrial areas between the two are developed first.

  • Arlingtonian

    No Walmart, please. Especially not in Shirlington. Shirlington is a nice place to go out to dine/drink. Placing a Walmart is just creating chaos.

  • Rick

    The funny thing about this Wal Mart is Fairfax City already has a set of rules for things like big box. The new Wal Mart on Lee Highway (which is the same style the company would build, the same style as the new one on Route 1, mostly grocery) did NOT have to go through the county because they were using an existing retail space (Expo Design Center) and it was below the SF limit, but if they wanted to buy out the adjoining bloom, they would have to go through the zoning procedures etc.

    All these snap-no NIMBY’s should visit the Wal Mart on Route 1 (across from Krispy Kreme) to see the type of store they are interested in building. It’s great, and it’s probably as close to a Wegmans as we’ll ever get here.

    • Hmm

      Did you really just compare Walmart to Wegmans?

      • Rick

        If a Wegmans opens up in Arlington I will eat my words but I can’t see them ever opening in Shirlington, or willing to pay North Arlington real estate prices for a 3 story food emporium. These new styles of Wal-Mart’s are full service grocery stores with basics from every other segment included (a couple aisles of tennis/golf/cardio stuff, mens clothes, womens clothes, garden stuff, gadgets etc), and the new one in Fairfax has a place to eat. They won’t put anyone in Shirlington Village out of business, and may force Harris Teeter to lower their prices.


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