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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com November 16, 2011 at 9:26 am 3,657 55 Comments

Bullet Hit White House — Two bullets have been discovered on the White House grounds after Friday night’s shooting incident. Oscar Ramiro Ortega is wanted in connection with the shooting. The 21-year-old was stopped by Arlington County Police on the morning of the shooting for suspicious behavior, but ultimately he was photographed and released. Ortega might have been squatting in a vacant home in North Arlington. [NBC Washington]

County Board to Vote on Massage Regulation — The Arlington County Board is expected to vote over the weekend on whether to effectively deregulate the massage industry in Arlington. The industry was first regulated in the mid-20th century due to the use of massage parlors as a front for prostitution.

Police to Teach Teachers About Bullying — An Arlington County Police Department School Resource Officer will be educating teachers and staff at Yorktown High School about bullying today. Cpl. Jim Tuomey has developed a presentation on bullying and cyber-bullying that he hopes to eventually give at other schools around the county. [Arlington County Police]

Guas’ Favorite Cheap Eats — For its November issue, Southern Living magazine asked Bayou Bakery (1515 N. Courthouse Road) owner and chef David Guas what some of his favorite “cheap eats” are in and around Arlington. Guas picked Lebanese Taverna (4400 Old Dominion Drive), Uncle Julios’s (4301 N. Fairfax Drive), Lost Dog Cafe (5876 N. Washington Blvd), and Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant (6249 Seven Corners Center, Falls Church). [Southern Living]

Flickr pool photo by Mennyj

  • E-Ross

    There’s the food star I always wondered about, but the shopping center always looks sketchy to the point that I live nearby it, but have never been inside… anyone frequent it?

    • MC 703

      It’s fine for a quick run in for milk, bread cold cuts and guajillo chiles

    • abc

      Nothing sketchy about Food Star- Great for international foods.

    • G

      I’ve shopped there a few times. I’ve found their meat to be almost half the price of Giant or Harris Teeter and of the same quality. Their produce is also typically much larger than what you would find at another grocery store. Some friends of mine from N. Arlington regularly come to Food Star for the produce. They also have a great selection of Latin American foods. The only reason I don’t shop here regularly is because they don’t have a few things that I like to get. One time I spent more than $100 at checkout and the manager just handed me a free 2 liter bottle of soda. I’m not sure if they still do that or not.

      • Clarendon

        I spent a $100 at checkout at Whole Foods and they gave me a nice double layered paper bag to put it all in !

    • novasteve

      Coincidence, I was on Columbia Pike for the first time in about 2 years and saw that place.

    • NewsyMom

      Great fruits & vegetables – and lower priced than Giant/Harris Teeter.

    • slumming

      cheap lamb shanks and beef tongue. Many, many choices for Yerba Matte. And agree that the produce is cheaper, and often, pretty good. Doesn’t always smell great though. It will be interesting to see what happens to this place as the pike gentrifies. It definitely serves the low-income community in the apartments across the street.

    • Arlingtonian

      Food Star ROCKS! It is an Arlington institution that has stocked the best international food in the area. Giant and the other gorcers adding international foods to compete with the Arlington gem. You can’t beat their prices. Their produce is comparable to Whole Foods for half the price. If you are in the mood for Spanish food, this is the place where all the Hispanics go to get their ingredients. Their sour cream is amazing!

  • Juanita de Talmas

    Uncle Julio’s ain’t cheap.

    • FrenchyB

      It’s not that good either.

    • MC 703

      It’s also a giant chain with locations from Texas to Florida

      • Quoth the Raven

        I think it used to be pretty good (at least, I remember it being better) but now it’s just overpriced and pretty mediocre. I don’t understand how it gets on a “Cheap Eats” list!

        And I know a lot of people like it, but I’ve never had a decent meal at Lost Dog.

      • John Fontain

        What does that have to do with anything?

        • Quoth the Raven

          What does what have to do with what?

          • John Fontain

            The comment is in response to MC 703’s comment.

        • MC 703

          The article is titled “Arlington’s Best Cheap Eats.” The title makes me think “quality food, low prices, hidden gems that I as a local or a visitor to the area should know about.

          Uncle Julios’s isn’t something unique to Arlington. I looked at a few of the other Cheap Eats guides on the site and Atlanta, Raleigh, etc and those lists made me want to make some special trips.

          • John Fontain

            Ok, got it.

      • ArlingtonChick

        Yeah, it’s pretty sad when a local, small business owner is touting horrible, overpriced national chains as the best cheap eats. I mean, I get that we don’t have the best Mexican/Tex Mex food in the nation, but he could have at least said Taquiera Poblano, or something similar that’s local, cheaper than Uncle Julio’s, and better. Ugh.

        (I also agree that BB isn’t really that great, and is overpriced for what it is.)

        • Lou

          I actually appreciate that he was honest. That’s better than shilling for local business just for the sake of them being local. He gave a really good description of why he likes Uncle Julio’s. Why would you call that sad?

          • Clarendude

            I agree, honesty is good. I used to work in the Rio Grande building and ate there a lot. Fortune isn’t even in Arlington though. Seems like he could have named another restaurant in Arlington for “Arlington’s Cheap Eats”.

          • Lou

            I have no problem with the food at Uncle Julio’s. They make a pretty decent stuffed poblano. Actually the things I don’t care for there are what Guas likes, namely the loud room, kids running around and the general fast pace of the dining experience. Too each his own.

            I think you hit on the more valid criticism from all of his choices, namely going outside of the geographic restriction posed in the original question.

        • drax

          Perhaps – just perhaps – he simply likes Julio’s better and said so. How dare he!

          • Vicente Fox

            But why would he call something overpriced “cheap eats” just because he likes it?

      • drax

        Oh no, a chain!

    • DarkHeart

      Neither is Lebanese Taverna, and LDC is borderline cheap eats. Pedro and Vinny’s burritos and District Taco are solid good eatin’ cheap food. And for anyone who has spent time in Ann Arbor– Blimpy Burger is cheaper than food.

      • yequalsy

        From the address he meant the Lebanese Taverna market, not the restaurant.

    • Smoke_Jaguar4

      Neither is Lebanese Taverna, nor is Bayou Bakery. My wife is from NOLA and she wasn’t impressed with BB; we have yet to find a decent Cajun place in NoVA. Any suggestions?

      • yequalsy

        It’s not cheap and not in NoVA but Acadiana in the District is fine as long as you face up to the reality that you’re not (or she’s not) in Louisiana anymore. (Same problem I have with Tex-Mex and Texas-style BBQ; I ain’t in Texas anymore.)

        • Also a Texan

          Check out Guapo’s in Shirlington. Very good Tex-Mex. Be warned, though: There are waits during peak times.

          My only complaint is that with fajitas, they skimp on the onions and peppers, and they don’t cook either one long enough. But otherwise, pretty good.

          • DarkHeart

            El Paso Cafe on Glebe

        • Smoke_Jaguar4

          The best BBQ I’ve had in this area is at the Famous Dave’s in Woodbridge (don’t laugh…) Yes, I know it’s a chain but with BBQ you always get a lot of variation. We ate there last week, the quality is good and the prices were reasonable.

          Lord, what I wouldn’t do for a Rudy’s anywhere east of the Mississippi…

          • Famous D

            Did you know Famous Dave’s recently opened in Falls Church?

            In the space the Pancake House use to be in, in the Black ‘n Decker.. er.. Chipotle/Starbucks strip on 7.

      • drax

        Try RT’s Restaurant in Alexandria.

      • ArlingtonNative

        For some decent NOLA food, try Bayou (2519 Penn Ave NW).
        Again, not in NoVa, but its only about 10-min walk from Foggy Bottom metro. Good Gumbo, catfish, alligator, Abita’s …
        Best I’ve found in the area so far and reasonably priced. They also do lots of specials and show the Saints on TV whenever they’re playing.

        • drax

          You misspelled “Aints.”

      • damian

        Have you tried RT’s in Alexandria?

  • MC 703

    I love Food & stuff. It’s where I buy all of my food. And most of my stuff

  • johnQpublic

    Its good to see the police and schools working together on bullying before a problem comes up.

  • TGEoA

    I hope the board doesn’t deregulate massage. We don’t need a bunch of handjob joints popping up staffed by slaves.

    • AllenB

      Afraid it will draw business away from you?

    • Punster

      glad to see the board is going to reach around the old regulations to achieve a happy ending.

      • GC

        I see what you did there!

        • Punster


          I support the effort to lift the veil of bureaucracy from the throbbing heart of entrepreneurship.

  • Clarendude

    Has the Earls Fish and Chip addition been reported on here ?

    Clarendon culture has a link to the WP article

    This is a very nice development 🙂

    • DarkHeart

      That location has been at least two different sandwich shops in the last 5-7 years.

      • Clarendude

        Earl’s opened in 2005. I like the pork sandwich with the fries on top and I think I’ll like the Fish & Chips.

    • John Fontain

      Thanks for the info. I’ll be checking it out soon.

  • Brittany

    Seeing the Food Star pic i was hoping there was news of it being demolished! One can only wish…

    • bringmetheyuppies

      Me too! Wondered in there once and all I can say is ew! Place was filthy and meat was rancid. Ideal location for a trader joes except for the clientel of course.

  • novasteve


    Interesting how it goes from a Arlnow story, maybe also WTOP to being international headlines.

  • PikerGirl

    Food Star does have lower prices on produce, but several times i have gone there especially for advertised sale items and then the store did not have the items. Also my peeve is that they close at 9 pm- too early for this late night shopper.

  • novasteve

    Breaking: They caught the suspect.

  • charlie

    totally digging the picture.
    at first I didn’t even think it was Arlington.
    but it is my favorite store on Columbia Pike.

  • I against I

    Food Star, good place to get products from Peru and all over latin america.


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