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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com January 4, 2012 at 9:24 am 2,441 19 Comments

‘Bookhouse’ in Bluemont Profiled — The Washington Post profiles the Bookhouse, a rare book business in Bluemont run by Natalie Hughes, 80, and her husband Edward, 91. The couple say they plan to close the business — which features a collection of about 30,000 volumes — in a year or two. [Washington Post]

Board Declines to Appoint Tie-Breaker — The Arlington County Board, down to four members since Barbara Favola resigned on Dec. 31 to start her new career as a state Senator, has opted not to appoint a designated tie-breaker, as permitted by state law. Instead, measures that garner a 2-2 tie vote will simply fail. [Sun Gazette]

Sign Spinners Featured on News Broadcast — The sign spinners we photographed during a training session have been now been profiled by Fox 5. [MyFoxDC]

  • DarkHeart

    “I would use that excuse to call him at home to see if a woman ever answered. None ever did.”

    Crafty girl!

    • drax


  • Patrick

    I guess Advanced Towing will not be able to get another fee increase without Babs there to cast the deciding vote in favor.

  • Lou

    What exactly is Zimmerman complaining about in the Sun article? The quote seems to be lacking in context. Is he saying it is a bad idea that Virginia provides municipal governments with a temporary solution to avoid split votes?

  • Bluemontsince1961

    The Bookhouse on N. Emerson a half block south of Wilson Blvd has some great books. I’ve spent many a Saturday afternoon browsing and buying. I recommend any book-a-holics visit before they close. Their website lists the following as current:

    Bookhouse is located at:
    805 N. Emerson Street
    Arlington, Virginia 22205
    (703) 527-7797
    Retail store open from 1-6PM Wednesday through Sunday
    Email us at [email protected]

    • RosRes

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll be sure to go.

      • Bluemontsince1961


        Watch carefully after you turn left on N. Emerson from westbound Wilson Blvd (Safeway is on your right on Wilson and the 7-Eleven is on your left on Wilson). There is a narrow driveway on your left just past the crossing for the Bluemont Bike Trail that leads to the small parking area behind Bookhouse. It can be easy to miss. If you take the Orange line, it is about a 15 minute walk from the Ballston metro. Not a bad walk when the weather is nice.

    • Dia

      Actually, quoting the WP, “They anticipate closing up shop in the next year or two, or “when we fall apart,” says Natalie. They’ve stopped buying books. Their son is expanding their nearby residence on three sides to accommodate the eventual relocation of the inventory.”

      This tells me that they have not made any concrete plans to close….

  • JimPB

    Bravo to Natalie Hughes and husband Edward for modeling active and engaged senior years.

  • charlie

    bookhouse is one of those great little treasures that make arlington and is free of self-absorbed people.

    • DarkHeart

      It is also 2 blocks from Ballston Animal Hospital which is theoretically in Bluemont.

    • Suburban Not Urban

      And slowly on the wane- courtesy of your county board. They might as well post a sign – no mom and pops wanted.

  • Rick

    ““Why this was thought to be a good idea in Virginia, I have never understood, but you have to act on it,” County Board member Chris Zimmerman said.”

    Doesn’t it suck when people tell you what to do, Zimmerman?

    • charlie

      particularly when it makes sense. he hates that.

  • ArlingtonNative

    Hmm – grew up just 6-blocks from here and never knew it was there. Have probably driven past it 100+ times. Have to agree it is little treasures such as this that make “towns” what they are …and unfortunately are becoming a thing of the past.

    • Dia

      It seems too many people don’t take the time to take time to find out what is just a short distance away from where they live or in their own city.

      …”it is little treasures such as this that make “towns” what they are …and unfortunately are becoming a thing of the past.” REBUTTAL: The small locally owned businesses are alive, and they are still part of our present and future.

      Too many people are drawn to the big boxes because of the glitz and anticipated buyer “experience” sold to the consumer by advertising. Every day, small “mom and pop” businesses open with hopes of making it big.

      Too many don’t, and small business failure is quite often due to people just flying on past for one reason or another. One reason could be that people don’t want to have less than a desirable “experience”, something that advertising dwells on through advertising. Another reason is lack of funding for a small business… in the past, it was somewhat difficult to get bank funding, but now it is nearly impossible because of the way banks dole out their money.

      Please stop by and visit the Book House and other local businesses including other independent bookstores.

      An excellent New Year’s resolution could be to take time to stop (and buy) at an independent business (“mom and pop” at least once a week or even twice a week.

      This could help keep these “…little treasures such as this that make “towns” what they are…” open and making contributions to the community.

      Plus, at least 70 percent of the money spent at a local business, stays local. This also means taxes paid by these businesses go to improve the local infrastructure…

      Think about it.

  • Dave

    Why would you even need to worry about a tie-breaker when every vote is unanimous?

    • Bluemontsince1961

      Appearances…..they have to keep up appearances. Just in case someone might happen to have an off-day and decide to vote contrarian.

  • DarkHeart

    If you click the Black/Blue ARLNOW logo in the top left of the header, it toggles between 44 and 32 degrees.


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