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Arlington Launches ‘Car-Free Diet Show’

by ARLnow.com January 5, 2012 at 3:03 pm 6,095 173 Comments

Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) is bolstering its “Car-Free Diet” campaign with a new 4-5 minute long sketch comedy show.

Billed as the “#1 rated… sketch comedy show devoted to the Car-Free Diet in all of Arlington,” the show stars “Car-Free Matt,” the winner of last year’s second-annual Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge. Also appearing on the show are the remaining three Car-Free contestants from the past two years — Kyle, Todd and Ross — and Car-Free Matt’s girlfriend, Dana.

The show features amusing segments intended to convince skeptical commuters of the virtues of biking, walking or taking the bus instead of driving. By convincing residents to ditch their cars, ACCS (which receives most of its funding from federal and state grants) is hoping to alleviate some of the area’s traffic congestion and vehicle exhaust pollution.

Episode 1 of the Car-Free Diet Show can be seen above or on the show’s web site.

  • novasteve


    Actually I would say the ad was mocking male cyclists, using shaming techniques. don’t think that would help the car free diet idea much.

    • CW

      Wow, nice link, I’d not seen that story before.

      Pretty stupid on GM’s part to mock a demographic that’s on a fixed and usually pretty low income. Also last time I checked you can’t drive your car across the quad at midnight and chain it up right outside the library. Well, not without getting in trouble.

      • drax

        Check out bike maker Giant’s response to that ad:


        • Zoning Victim

          That’s pretty funny, but having been hit by a truck while riding a bicycle, breaking bones and getting the worst concussion I’ve ever had, I’ll stick with my Silverado.

          • CW

            I’ve been hit by a car while riding my bike, hit by a bike while riding my bike, and hit by a car while driving my car and I still continue to both ride my bike and drive my car.

          • I’ve been hit by a walker while walking and I still walk.

          • drax

            Because nobody ever gets injured while riding in a Silverado.

            Seriously, I’ll bet a few people die of heart attacks in Silverados because they get no exercise.

          • MuteDND

            I bet a few people who ride bicycles die of heart attacks too.

          • Zoning Victim

            Ha-ha, that just might end up being me, but lets not sit around and try to liken crashes between to vehicles to crashes between a bicycle and a vehicle. A 30 MPH crash while belted into my Silverado will upset me; a 30 MPH crash from a Silverado while riding my bicycle will almost certainly prove fatal.

          • You could ride your bike, but use one of the fine trails this area has to offer instead of riding in traffic. That would minimize your risk and allow you to get some exercise.

          • Zoning Victim

            Yeah, true. I’m not saying “I’ll never ride a bike again,” but I won’t try to commute to work on one. I’m getting too old to rehab from major injuries and there is no way for me to commute to work without riding in traffic.

          • CW

            Riding IN traffic is pretty safe in my experience. It’s trying to act like a pedestrian and particularly using bike lanes that causes trouble. If you just ride like you’re a car, albeit a sometimes slower one, then in my experience you don’t have much trouble.

          • I see bicyclists ride at night fairly often, in traffic, with dark clothing and (what I would consider) not well lit. I ride a bike, on trails and in the road sometimes (but not regularly). When I ride at night, I am dressed to reflect and my bike has more than one tiny red light on it. This is the main time and condition I would think riding in the road is dangerous beyond the norm.

          • CW

            Oh yeah, at night, that’s altogether different. I hardly ever ride at night.

  • JamesE
  • firstworld problem: i want to go on a car free diet but the silver line isn’t built yet

    • JamesE

      I enjoy driving too much, I will never part with my car.

      • Lou

        Yeah. Sorry kid, my car is just way too much fun to give up.

        • CrystalMikey

          Same here.

    • OX4

      Actually, yes, over-consumption of oil is indeed a first-world problem.


    • Loocy

      You don’t need the silver line. There are buses to Tysons and there is a bus (5A) to Dulles Airport.

      I know you were joking, but when I had to do without a car for a while recently, I discovered more ways to get around than I had previously thought existed! The 5A bus is awesome. I took the bus to Rosslyn, transferred to the 5A, and it expressed us out the Toll Road to Herndon and then Dulles. I didn’t have a big bag so it worked very well; had I more luggage, I would have bussed out to West Falls Church and taken the airport bus.

      • You must not work in Tysons. Metrorail there is needed.

        • Loocy

          I don’t disagree. Metrorail would make a huge difference especially for commuters. But many people don’t realize that there are buses to take you there, at least for occasional visits when longer travel times aren’t such a big deal.

      • drax

        Yeah, took the 5A to the airport once. It was a breeze.

      • 4Arl

        I still wonder how they could double the bus fare to $6 while spending billions on the silver line.

  • Lee-n-Glebe

    I have kids. To say the car-free diet is impractical is an understatement of galactic proportions.

    • drax

      Then don’t do it. Nobody said it was for everyone, at every stage of life.

    • Car Free Matt

      Getting around without a car when you have kids is definitely tough. Galacticly tough even. It’s one of the things people talk to me about most actually. And honestly, like drax mentioned, it’s not for everyone, at every stage of life- but I suppose that’s just like anything else in life. But using your car less still isn’t a bad idea, and it also helps encourage your kids to get out and get some exercise in. Obviously though, car-free isn’t galactical practical for everyone. Arlington County doesn’t expect everyone to give up a car. If that happened, who would drive us to the Star Wars Convention?

      • TGEoA

        I don’t have a problem with car free, but how much taxpayer $$$ is being spent on these campaigns?

        • SeaKae

          An infinitesimal fraction of what is being spent on securing foreign sources of fossil fuel, subsidies to the auto industry, and infrastructure for roads and highways, to answer that question. PLEASE SPEND MORE!

        • drax

          Less than what it costs to build a new lane on a highway, most likely.

          • I would guess the cost of a new highway lane is cheaper per user-mile than the cost of a bike path.

  • Dude Where’s My Car

    Was sort of hoping Emily Litella would show up with an editorial reply. “What’s all this fuss I keep hearing about carb-free diets?”

    • Tabs

      That’s really funny.

      Ah, Gilda, we miss you.

      • Tabs

        Dude WMC, I fear we are alone in our early-SNL demographic.


        • PHD

          no. Not Alone!

  • ArLater

    Why are they encouraging bus usage but not metro usage?

    So much Metroism on here

  • ArligntonCountyTaxpayer

    oddly entertaining…
    but how much did this cost, because it is actually well edited.

    • YestoThis

      Why does that matter….it’s a great campaign. Funny, well-edited, entertaining, not in your face, quirky, and meaningful.

  • Looks like Matt is also on a razor-free diet. What’s that Dana doing with a guy who can’t pick her up for a date, anyway?

    • Tabs

      Sounds crazy, I know! But actually, (normal) women prefer cute, funny, and sweet men who love and care for them more than some stupid car.

      And no I don’t know these people.

      • Going out to dinner, to a friend’s house, a party, the store…whatever…. on a bike, bus, or walking gets really old when it is cold, rainy, windy, or otherwise unpleasant. Give the lady a few years and her comfort needs will kick the guy to the curb if he’s still unable to provide her quick and comfortable transporation to events and places she would like to go that are not right around the corner.

        • drax

          Millions of New Yorkers and millions more in other cities are living desperate, cold, miserable, wet lives and all wish they were in the suburbs with cars.

          • Who said anything about the suburbs? Not me.

          • drax

            So you think millions of New Yorkers should all drive in Manhattan?

          • I didn’t mention Manhattan either, you did. And, no, I don’t.

            If you live in a nice house in DC and want to shop in one of Virginia’s shopping malls or go to a dinner party in Fairfax, are you going to take a bus? Unlikely that most women would want you to take them to these kind of things on a bus most of the time. That’s pretty much what I said….not anything about living in the suburbs or driving in Manhattan.

          • Done and Done

            No, but it does explain why so many New Yorkers are such insufferable SOBs.

          • drax

            OB – you keep talking about what is, instead of what ought to be.

            If we’re going to grow, which we will, we can either build communities where its easy to take a bus to the mall, or we can sit in traffic jams on the way to the mall.

            I brought up Manhattan because you spewed nonsense about how horrible it is to not have a car in the rain.

          • drax, if you want Manhattan then move there. This is DC and we will NEVER be Manhattan in our lifetime or probably our children’s lifetime. So, yeah, I talk about the way it is and the way to improve it as we build. I don’t talk about the way some think it should be because it isn’t and won’t be.

          • drax


            We will change into something though. You can’t stop growth. You can only manage it well. You can look to places that you’d rather be more like – NY – or places you’d rather not be like – LA – and choose.

          • Exactly!

      • Car Free Matt

        What’s up Tabs, my old friend!? Are we still on for pictionary at your place? Todd, Ross, and Kyle all said they could make it too. My mom says hi by the way and thanks for sticking up for me and she hopes you enjoyed the cookies she sent you for the holidays! Oh also, I got those pictures developed from the last time we hung out. I had a total blastarama.

        • Larry

          Who get pictures developed anymore? Oh that’s right, sock puppets.

          • Car Free Matt

            Oh Larry, you’re the best. I ALSO love sock puppets. But I bet conversations with you are super difficult, what with you asking questions and then answering them before anyone can chime in. Especially based on the answers you give to your own questions.

            Larry: Hey, what color are apples?
            Coworker: Well actually Larry, apples are-
            Larry:Oh that’s right, sock puppets.

            Larry: What’s the function of a ruler?
            Coworker: Historically, rulers were invented to-
            Larry: Oh that’s right, sock puppets.

            Larry: Is this coffee too hot to drink right now?
            Coworker: I don’t know, I havent-
            Larry: Oh that’s right, sock puppets.

          • Larry

            You’re a fabulous spokesperson for this campaign. I bet they are so proud of you.

          • Car Free Matt

            Thanks Larry! But it’s such a cool campaign. I’m more proud of them then they are of me I’m sure. But all the same, thank you!

          • drax

            Or maybe you guys last hung out in 1985. If you were born yet.

        • Sure. Take the ART 77.

    • 1957

      Hey, Bush, I want my outdated sexist attitude back!

    • Zipcar, dude!

      ‘Nuff said.

  • Ed

    Give Dana more lines

    • Josh S

      Forget lines, just more more in general would be fine….

    • BlueSkies

      What happened to Dana, anyway? I think by the end of the video, she’s out driving a Hummer.

      • drax

        Not touching the joke this post invites.

        • Or the Hummer owner is driving……..

          • Ten-foot pole

            I thought the main purpose of a hummer was so you didn’t have to drive…

          • drax

            Okay, somebody touched.

            Ever get a hummer driving a Hummer?

      • YestoThis

        Hm. Ignorant.

  • Laura

    I do not have a car – I have NEVER owned a car – I can not afford one – if you want a challenge try going car free for over 10 years. Last I read these people wanted a reward for going car free for what – 3 months or so? This is so dumb – there are more people out there that have not owned a car to give up in the first place.

    • Suburban Not Urban

      Sorry L your wrong – you are in the minority

    • CrystalMikey

      I think that’s the point, to reach out to drivers.

    • Tapster’s Patron

      Sorry Laura. Part of the hook for the car free diet folks is you have to be able to brag that it is a choice for you. It has to be based on an intellectual decision that you made, and you have to have a neckbeard. Hopefully you do not.

      • JamesE

        I award you bonus points for using neckbeard.

        • Tabs


    • wimmer201

      Being car-free is obviously not an option for everyone. But it works just fine for me – going on almost 9 years now. Between the metro, buses, zipcar, and now bike sharing I can get anywhere I need to. And saving a bundle on car insurance, car tax, maintenance, etc is a nice bonus.

    • Car Free Matt

      Tell me about it. It’s like, construction workers use cranes every day to pick up super huge objects. Then all these people go around, using arcade games with claws, wanting a reward. That’s so dumb.

      Man. And another thing that really breaks my yolk, when people sign up for contests where they have to create a poster or artwork in order to win a prize. I mean, come on, there are people out there doing graphic design every day. How dumb! Where’s their prize for living, right?! And what about the people who have never even DONE graphic design? There are more people who there that have not done graphic design in the first place.

      I could do this all day.

      As a side note, we only had to go 1 month without a car, not 3. But man, I totally feel you.

    • YestoThis

      It’s not dumb considering the majority of folks in Arlington DO own a car. This is incentive to contribute less to emissions, improve your own health, and try something new.

  • Bender

    If the Arlington Politburo genuinely wanted to “alleviate some of the area’s traffic congestion and vehicle exhaust pollution,” then they would stop implementing policies that are specifically designed to obstruct and impede the flow of traffic.

    If the traffic lights were properly timed and the streets properly designed and constructed, then all this traffic would move out, rather than being perpetually stuck here. Like it or not, Arlington is in-between D.C. and the rest of Virginia. Anyone who wants to go to the District has to go through Arlington. Folks from Manassas or Fairfax sure as hell ain’t going to walk to get to D.C., they are going to drive. And having a policy of slowing them down and obstructing them, as some kind of deluded plan to coerce people out of driving, only makes things worse.

    • Bender

      And before any maroons start criticizing the idea of actually improving the flow of traffic, note that I too went without a car for over ten years. And I currently drive less than 3000 miles per year. Which I am certain is far less than the folks in Arlington government, who are “green” only in the sense that they are in the pocket of developers (and, yeah, stop this insane policy of hyper-density, stop putting more and more and more and more and more people in this small area, then you will do more to reduce the number of motor vehicles here than anything else).

      • BlueSkies

        Maroons? How about magentas?

        • Car Free Matt


      • OX4

        The insane policy of….huh? Please read this:


      • Zoning Victim

        Why should we pay for new roads for more people to come through here from the rest of VA? I don’t care how long those people sit in traffic, and if they want to get to work faster, then let them pay for that themselves.

        As for car traffic that’s actually in Arlington, I don’t really see the problem outside of a few intersections.

        • Why should the rest of the country pay for roads for you to get anywhere else but down the street on your bicycle? Like going to visit your family in PA? Too bad. You didn’t pay for the roads.

          Stupid question.

          • Zoning Victim

            Actually, it’s just a stupid answer since I obviously help to pay for those roads and interstate highways have nothing to do with building more and more roads to get from NOVA to DC. We’ve never been able to pave enough earth to effectively get all of the people who want to work in DC to drive there without having to sit in traffic. I’ve lived in this area for about 30 years, and I’ve seen us build road after expensive road while traffic gets worse and worse. So you tell me, how much of the earth should we pave so that people who made a conscious choice to live further out and commute in knowing the traffic situation can save a tiny amount of time commuting? Everybody wants a big, cheap, new house with a lot of land and a 30 minute drive to work, but it’s just not reasonable to expect that to happen. It’s certainly not reasonable to expect the people who suck it up and pay the exorbitant property prices for a tiny, old house that’s 16′ from the house next door because they don’t want to rot in traffic to pay for those improvements.

          • drax

            Okay, now you’ve got a point. A great one, inf fact.

          • Good point, but a good portion of the commuters every day are NOT going into DC. There are tons of jobs all over Northern VA that people who live in Northern VA commute to.

          • drax

            And that’s why, a little too late, you’ve got things like Metro to Tyson’s happening.

          • And it seems too NEVER too LATE for rail lines that connect the burb business centers. A wheel to Metro’s spoke lines would be ideal.

          • drax

            Yes, and then we can build up the business centers more.

          • Done and Done

            Which business “center” is FBI moving to? The Prince George’s one or the Loudoun one? Until the government figures out that they are much of the problem and plans better, the transportation infrastructure is always going to lag and be inadequate.

            More roads, more metro, more bus lines, or a new trolley aren’t going to help when the primary customer can’t afford to stay put and has to migrate out to where the cheaper real estate is. ZV’s telecommuting option only helps that so much because there are still requirements for physical locations. Even Arlington is hard-pressed to have all of its facilities quickly accessible to public transportation (Sequoia, Shirlington). BRAC is moving a bunch of jobs from metro-accessible to mostly road-only accessible.

          • “Yes, and then we can build up the business centers more.”

            You can’t have it both ways, drax. If you want dense development, you have to put in the transportation infrastructure so people can live/work. If you want Nova to be NYC eventually, you need those rail lines so the density can come. Which way do you want it?

        • drax

          You’d have a point if Arlingtonians paid 100% for their own roads and also never left the county to drive on other roads.

          • Zoning Victim

            See my post to OB, I don’t have a problem with paying to maintain roads; I have a problem with trying to pave the entire earth so people can commute to DC from NOVA suburbs faster. It’ll never be enough, and frankly, living a long distance from where you work and burning tons of fuel to commute should be painful.

          • Then you shouldn’t have a problem with abandoning the Interstate Highway system? It gets you to your family in Nebraska faster than the old side roads and it was paved right through Mr. Owing’s farm.

            Any city has varying density from the core (or in our case, several cores) to the outer burbs and country. It is ridiculous to believe that everyone is going to fit into your mold of living highly dense housing with your job within walking distance. What is realistic is that we develop all kinds of transporation infrastructure appropriate to the development we have done, and are planning to do. That is where the DC area fails.

          • drax

            Nobody – I repeat, nobody – said that EVERYONE has to fit in a certain mold or use only a certain mode of transportation.

            That is the failure in the first place – the idea that everyone has to use cars.

            We need a good mix of transportation options, and living options to match them.

          • drax, we actually agree. Everyone doesn’t use cars. But, with a limited rail system that only has lines going into the city, those working and living in the burbs have to choose from a bus, bike, or car. With any distance, that is a bus or car choice. Given commute times and the value of time, it puts most in a car. It is just practicality. And we do need to give more choices. But, some don’t want to pay for improvements to all modes of transportation. Hell, we can’t even seem to fill potholes.

          • Zoning Victim

            I’m not going to bother with your straw man argument about the interstate highway system.

            I don’t know where you get the idea that it’s my idea that everyone should live within walking distance to work. What I would like to see would be to get all business leaders, IT workers, and anyone else whose proximity problems can be solved by technology (video conferencing, virtual private networks, collaboration software and etcetera) to work from home or small regional offices instead of all driving to work in three or four small locations in the DC area. It will work and is already being done on a small scale all over the planet; it will save gas and reduce our need for foreign oil; it will cut down on traffic, without any investment in new infrastructure; it will reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution; it will give people more choice with regards to where they live. Traffic reduction and better planning on where we place the businesses that people must drive to so we can better utilize the roads we have seems like a more effective strategy than trying to pave vast chunks of the planet between the outer lying burbs and the cities so that people can move a little faster during the six or seven hours a day of high road utilization. If we are to pave those vast chunks of land for regional travel from new land development, then let the people driving on those roads pay for it through tolls, or, better yet, let the rich landowners that are getting richer by developing that land pay for it.

    • John K.

      Sorry, this is not pravda and must be supressed with all other tendentious counter-revolutionary trash.

  • Ed

    Hard to believe there are so many negative comments on arlnow . . . Anyway, I like it. Matt’s good in front of the camera. Well done.

    • Car Free Matt

      Thanks Ed! We appreciate the support.

      • YestoThis

        Yes, Matt – well done! You make a great car free ambassador and I am in full support of the cause.

      • Tabs

        Just one question, Matt–does the carpet match the drapes?

  • jim

    It is things like this that make Arlington County government such a laughing stock. I’ll drive my car for an extra half hour around Arlington today just to give these a-holes the finger………….

    • CW

      And you’ll get like, what, 2 miles maybe?

      • Tabs

        I’ve said it before (rant alert) and I’ll say it again:

        Go Car-Free, Arlington County Parking Ticket Givers!!

    • drax

      Who is the laughingstock, the guy who is free from cars or the guy with anger issues who drives around just for spite?

      • I think he’d have anger issues with or without a car.

    • D’oh

      Can you just run your car in your garage with the door shut instead?

  • Tre

    Is there a link between the ACCS “Car-Free Diet” campaign and these spontaneous car combustion incidents by the GMU law school???

  • Zelora

    Sprain an ankle, have a stroke, or just get old and see how well the “car-free” lifestyle works for you. I sometimes think the County Board wants disabled retirees to get out of Dodge – whoops, Arlington – and move to Florida or Arizona.

    • drax

      Get vision or balance or neurological or muscular problems, sprain your RIGHT (gas pedal) ankle, have a stroke (you drive after a major stroke? I don’t think so) or just too old to drive safely and see how it works out.

      Plenty of elderly and disabled people are car-free because they just can’t drive. Good thing the county provides lots of options for them.

    • Josh S

      I sometimes see ads on tv for adult diapers. I don’t automatically assume the ad is intended for me.

      • If you live long enough you’ll remember the ad and need the product.

        • drax

          Yep, the world’s full of old people in daipers who can’t drive any more.

    • OX4

      +1 for the original conspiracy theory. I haven’t seen the “let’s get rid of all the old people by encouraging people to walk, bike, ride-share, take the subway, or take the bus” theory before.

      • drax

        And the stupidest part of it is that old people are just as likely to depend on alternatives to driving as anyone else.

        • Zoning Victim

          If not more so as you’ve already pointed out.

        • They likely depend on alternatives to driving themselves, but those alternatives are different. They likely are not going to walk appreciable distances or bike as often (or if at all), for example. But, having a transportation system that is elderly-friendly would give them a great alternative to the suicide of driving around here when your reflexes begin to slow considerably.

          • Larry

            The alternatives for the elderly often involve someone else driving them, particularly their children. So it still involves a car.

          • OX4

            Check it. If you’re old and in a city, you’ll be old for a long time. And the best part is, you don’t have to own a car.


          • Larry

            I thought we were talking about Arlington and the DC area.

          • Larry, we are. The fact is, it would be a royal pain to have a car in NYC as your mode of transportation around the island. Some folks like to bring Manhattan up as a model, but DC/Nova will NEVER be that way in our lifetime.

          • OX4

            Larry, that loud sound at 30,000 feet above your head was my point. It just went flying by you.

          • Larry

            @OX4, you can continue to make all kinds of points that have nothing to do with the conversation at hand.

            Enjoy the view from 30000ft. We’re having a conversation down here.

          • SonofElderly

            With people living so long, it is highly likely they lose the ability to drive due to eyesight or minor mental issues but while they still have a lot of life in them. I have a 94 year old aunt in NY that never drove (but wouldn’t be able to now anyway) and still is mostly independent because she can walk to her coffee shop and movie and grocery if she wants. Mentally she is sharp as ever. In the suburbs if you don’t have access to willing drivers, you usually end up getting warehoused in assisted living before you probably need to. Although some like it I suppose.

          • Karen

            Most people go into assisted living facilities because if becomes dangerous for them to be alone at home in case a medical situation or fall would incapacitate them. Like if your aunt fell in the tub and broke her hip, it would not matter if she lived in the city or in the suburbs, she would still be stuck in the tub with a broke hip.

            When you get that old that you can not physically care for yourself 24-7 is when you need elder care. It has nothing to do with driving yourself to the movie theater. Ever heard of Netflix? There are also many in-home care services that allow people to remain in their homes and not have to move.

          • OX4

            Alright Larry, guess I’ll have to make it more simple for you. Connections between ideas can be tough, I know. NYC is a city. It’s very dense. It has a lot of stuff on every city block. Like grocery stores and hospitals, to help people eat and stay healthy. That means senior citizens don’t have to get into cars to visit those places. They can walk. Walking also promotes health. Arlington, VA, wants to be a dense urban environment. Someday, if Arlington keeps implementing these sorts of car-free campaigns, and keeps promoting dense development, citizens will live longer and healthier lives. NYC is an example that dense urban development works. Therefore, if you live in the suburbs, you are killing everything and everybody.

          • Larry

            I live in 22207, Chain Bridge Forest to be exact. How long until my part of Arlington is dense enough for your completely unrelated train of thought to apply to this discussion?

            Will I live to see it, or is my life expectancy so poor because I live in north Arlington that I am doomed to die too young to experience your Utopian implementation of Manhattan in NOVA?

          • “Therefore, if you live in the suburbs, you are killing everything and everybody.”

            Yeah, right.

          • drax

            Larry – sometimes the elderly go by car driven by someone else. Sometimes by bus, or taxi, or Metro.

            Same goes for the disabled of any age.

            Options for everyone.

  • ArlAHORA

    Next episode can we loose matt and have his GF host instead (how’d he land that hotty? )

    this crap just encourages the arlington is full of white brown filp flop wearing douches, next episode, how to ride your bike with brown flip flops in any season…..

    • Car Free Matt

      I’m not sure ArlAHORA…at first she wasn’t into me, but then I was all “hey hotty, you encourages the Matt is going to wear my white brown flip flops more often to impress you”. Then I bought a bike, tossed on my flip flops (the ones you can see me wearing in all of the videos I post) and away the two of us went. However, if you’re interested, she said to give her a ring. She’s totally into guys encourages the her to like them.

      • SeaKae

        Hehehe. Why is it the saying of words is always most agressive from thems who don’t make the grammar correctly?

  • CrystalMikey

    I did LOL at yoga guy hitting the DC-plated car.

    • ArlAHORA

      Yes but wtf, joga instructor on the bike lane, that constantly ticks me off joggers and the jogis.

      Matt, will hit her up on the facebooks. thanks for the tip, you da man.

      • OX4

        That was the first thing I noticed in the video — get yer damn yoga outta my bike lane.

      • YestoThis

        It’s a joke! It’s comedy! Laugh a little! Geez Louise!

    • Car Free Todd

      Thanks! I do all my own stunts! Fun fact. We had to wait around a long time in order for a car with DC plates to finally park in that spot!!

  • Carro Free PEDRO

    O’rale matt, una question, why you still so chonky men? how many pounds you loose in 30 days? you recommend we mix and match car free diet with the primal diet?

    • Car Free Matt

      Great question Carro Free PEDRO. For starters, I should explain that it’s a known fact the camera adds 10 pounds. And unfortunately, we were using Sony X25PoundsCam which adds more weight than a traditional Cam might.

      In thirty days, I lost 5 pounds. Which isn’t much compared to someone watching what they eat closely. I didn’t change my eating routine at all, just used my bike more and walked more.

      I googled primal diet to decide how to answer that question and all I could find was a description of a raw-food diet. So, I don’t think I can personally recommend that approach since it’s not something I do. But if you like sushi and vegetables, then yes, I say give ‘er a whirl.

      And don’t call me chonky.

      • drax

        Prolly 7 pounds of that is just neckbeard.

  • Tabs

    Mr. Hamilton’s tie is shiny and long.

  • R. Griffon

    Fun piece, and well executed. Kudos to all involved.

    I wish I could go car free, but a combination of kids and regular work trips to Fairfax preclude it for now. But we’d like to get down to one car as a family, and probably an EV at that.

    There has been great progress in Europe in establishing car-free (or heavily restricted) areas in major cities, with a measurable increase in quality of life for those communities. Can’t wait until more of that starts catching on here.

  • Nick

    Love it. I am car free and care free. Sure it’s not for everyone but there is no better way to get around the city. Parking? No problem. Exercise? Check. Speed? I have yet to get anywhere in the city after someone in a car who leaves the same spot at the same time. Cost? No more gas, no more insurance, no more repairs. It is a fact that DC has the worst traffic in the country! I think we could do with a few more car free diets. Long live BikeShare. See ya in the bike lanes.

  • Philippe

    I had the opening song stuck in my head so I flushed my car keys down the toilet. I feel much better.

    Great video. Looking forward to more episodes.

  • YestoThis

    We should want to follow the lead of Portland, OR, Seattle, WA and….Amsterdam – where there are more bike lanes than car lanes.

    Great piece of work, fellows! I think this is an incredibly effective campaign – and pretty darn funny too! And I agree with Nick – biking everywhere is not for every one… but if you care about your health and about the environment, it wouldn’t hurt to drop the car for a few days and pick up your bike. Clearly, Arlington County cares about health and you all should be proud to be living in a place that 1) fosters health in the community and 2) supports the work of innovative advertising and 3) invokes change.


    • ArlingtonWay

      Portland? Is there a city with more self absorbed hipster douches in the whole nation? I mean, including even Ann Arbor and Austin? Christ, save us all.

      • YestoThis

        Totally unrelated comeback…

        Aside from your opinion, fact is….Portland is considered one of top healthiest cities in the US.

      • YestoThis

        The point is that you missed the point.

      • drax

        Yes, hipster douches with a far superior transportation system.

        • Larry

          Nothing is more superior than being able to get in my car and go somewhere whenever I want instead of consulting a public transportation schedule that is never accurate or calling a taxi and waiting around 30 minutes grooming my neckbeard.

          • Baquettes

            and that is what is wrong with America….Larry, you done said it! Chances are you don’t recycle either, am I right? This is a campaign about getting off your lazy butt and trying something new/ contributing to a more green county.

          • Larry

            I recycle because the county requires it.

            Fortunately they can not make it illegal for me to drive, so they just have to deal with it. I bet that bothers them too. Which I find funny.

          • Baquettes


          • Car Free Matt

            Larry I’m with you. Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to recycle? Oh that’s right, sock puppets.

          • Larry

            You’ve almost hit them all dude. Just a few more to go. Come on…

          • Plunkitt of Clarendon Blvd

            “something new/ contributing to a more green county.”

            Seems to me that if the county board has its way the whole county will be covered border to border in 30 story buildings….not very green in my book.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            Ain’t that the truth, Plunkitt! But that’s the “Arlington Way”, talk a lot of “green” stuff and then allow even more big buildings and McMansions. The developers must know whose palms to grease with backsheesh.

          • Please, for our health, no smoking.

        • ArlingtonWay

          The Rose City. LOL. Relax, pal. Take the Max down to the bar and play a few rounds of video poker. No ones attacking your precious grey drizzly Utopia.

  • JB

    I thought this video is a great way to encourage less usage of cars. It’s sometimes hard to think of life without a car, but it costs a fraction, reduces roadrage deaths, pollution, lines at gas stations, drive by shootings, road kill, littering, traffic congestion, parking fines, texting while driving injuries… it also makes people less fat.

    I love the car-free diet.

    • Larry

      You just need to make a commitment to shrink your life down to a smaller size.

      • R. Griffon

        Which is AWESOME. Less stuff – more health and enjoyment. As a great man once said – “The things you own end up owning you.”

    • SPPDRT

      I’m sure there are so many more road rage deaths in DC than there are bicycle fatalities.

  • Baquettes

    Really great job. And those of you who oppose…well, you’re probably pretty chonky yourself and definitely lazy.

    • Shirley

      Or we have real jobs where we have to be ther on time; or aren’t plush government jobs at a metro station.

  • Kemper

    Sorry, but my boys need to have a car just for starters. LOL.

  • Just Saying

    If a County Board candidate touts deciding to be “car-free’ but in reality that candidate went car free when unemployed, on the public dole, and facing repossession of the car, is that candidate being honest?

    Also, for the few fans of this candidate, how often does that candidate mooch rides? Constantly mooching rides from others (to go to meetings, stores, drives home late at night, etc.) is not being car-free, but instead is being a major mooch! I have seen this candidate mooch rides for years and years and years.

  • kpack

    Great show! Thanks to all the fine folks in Arlington County working to improve pedestrian and bicycle conditions…and making car-free living easier than ever. Your efforts to keep expanding Capitol Bikeshare will continue to make biking more accessible to residents and visitors alike. Keep it up!

  • Car Free Matt

    As a final thought, I wanted to let you guys know that everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with from Arlington has been fantastic. I’ve lived in a few other cities, and have never been to any that impressed me as much as Arlington. It’s clean here, it’s safe here, and it’s easy to get around here WITH or WITHOUT a car.

    I’ve only lived in Arlington a few years, and I’m far from being a talking head for the county. Prior to being part of the Car-Free Diet, I didn’t know much about Arlington or the people who live here. But it’s been a fantastic opportunity for me to get out and see everything and everyone that Arlington has to offer.

    I know everyone has their opinion, and everyone’s story is different, but for my part, I truly appreciate the effort by the county to push initiatives like the Car-Free Diet which is why I signed up to be part. And just as much, I (and all of us who have helped work on the campaign) appreciate the support from the community!

  • Great video. I’m car-free in DC and couldn’t be happier about it. I’m thrashing chunky red bike share bikes all over this piece and the honnies are all like… “damn, that’s chunky.”

  • Really?

    Good for the CFD homies and AC–lots of good laughs Those who can take something away from this just might. For those who can’t, they’ll just leave nasty messages here like always (with a few thoughtful ones there to dispel the rule).


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